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Billionaire Needs A Nany – Episode 29

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Nuella’s POV

I ran out of the forest heading straight to the road… A car stopped for me and I got in.


“Ma’am you seem a little distressed”. The driver asked. “You don’t have passengers, do you?”. I asked.

“No, I’m actually going to banana’s square to take my family, they’re having fun there”. He said and I nodded.

“Please sir, I’ll go with you”. I replied Raymond’s POV

“Angela”. I about as I entered the house. The house was extremely quiet like nobody lived in it. Angela came with a plate in her hand. “Welcome back sir, I was about calling Davis to eat”. She said and I nodded.

“I know I could count on you”. He said. “Thanks Mr Raymond”. She replied. “Where’s Davis?”. I asked.

“He should be in his room, let me go and call him”. She said and left. I removed my suit and put it on the chair.

I gulped down a glass of water and sighed. I should probably spend sometime with Davis, I know he needs me a lot.. He’s never gotten love and affection as a son from I or Jeanne and I knew it hurt him alot.

He was such a brilliant kid, he didn’t deserve this punishment. Angela came out of Davis room panting and restless.

“What happened?”. I asked noticing the confused expression on her face. “It’s Davis”. She said.

“And what about him?”. I asked standing up. “He’s being rude again, you know it’s not actually his fault,hemisses “.

Angela cut in.

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“He’s not in his room”. She said and I trembled.

“You’re joking right?”. I asked and ran to his room. “Davis”. I called his name but there was no response, I opened his bathroom door but he wasn’t there.

“Where did you take my son?”. I asked her as she looked at me in confusion. “You’re a criminal and I’m calling the cops right now”. I said and she pleaded. “I didn’t do anything”. She begged.

“Nuella would never be careless on Davis, he was her everything, she cared for him and loved him like her son”. I shouted on her.

“Sir, I really don’t know what happened”. She said and I nodded.

“Get out of my house right now or I’ll be forced to call the cops”. I said. “But sir?”. I cut in angrily.

“Get out”. I screamed at her as she ran outside.


My eyes became teary, I had been a bad father, Davis probably ran away from home but I don’t know where..

“Oh Lord, help me”. I muttered and went to Davis room. I could find a clue on where’s he headed to… I ransacked his clothes and didn’t see anything, I checked his luggage, I couldn’t find anything except his toys.

I checked the wardrobe and a book fell, I closed the wardrobe and picked the book up. It was a diary… I sat on his bed and flipped out though the pages, I started to cry… Davis expressed his sadness freely in the diary since he couldn’t tell me.

What have I done? Oh poor Davis, my pride had engulfed me.

I flipped the page and something caught my attention. It was a big hold letter. “Banana’s Square”.

I checked the writings under it.

“If I would leave home, I’ll run to banana’s island I’ve always longed to go there…

I pray I don’t go there anyway Because I want to have a loving father Who will care forme

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And I want to have Nuella by his side To help him decide in his hard times”

I closed the diary with tears and ran to my car. Starting the car’s engine, I drove off with my car…

Almet’s POV

I poured water on jeanne’s head and she woke up with pains.

I had already tied her with a strong rope, she wouldn’t escape…

“Jeanne love, we’ll would have been perfect together but unfortunately we can’t because I’m giving all my wealth to Nuella, I’m going to make her marry your husband and take care of Davis and I’ve released my dad”. I said and she looked at me with an evil grin.

“I’m going to make my Zehra wealthy”. I said and chuckled loudly.

“Raymond can never marry her, he doesn’t believe in marriages”. She said and I laughed.

“I’m going to banana’s square”. I said. “Nuella would be there now”. I added and she laughed.

“And how do you know where Nuella would be?”. She asked.

“I knew you would want to kill her so I already prepared an empty bus who will take her to banana’s square and fortunately for me, the bus carried her as soonas she came out of this forest”. I said and shefrowned.


“I trusted you”. Jeanne said

“Trust is meant for the foolish, wise people don’t trust”. I said and laughed. “Are you mocking me?”. She asked.

“Of course not, I’m not”. I said and left the house to go and get Nuella… Davis’s POV

The man’s car pulled to a stop at the entrance gate of the Playhouse and I came out of his car and smiled to him.

“Thanks sir”. I said and he nodded.

“Don’t worry kid, make sure you don’t trouble anyone”. He said and I nodded, then he drove off.

I stood at the gate of the Playhouse, the description wrote. “No child is allowed except with the permission of an elderly person”.

I winked. “I didn’t expect that”. I muttered. “Who’s going to help me?”. I asked myself.

“Please sir, I really need to enter and have fun”. I begged the security man and he frowned.

“I believe you’re still in school, read the description and look for someone to help you get in”. He said and I sighed dejectedly.

“But ”

“He’s my son and we came to have fun, I just got ice cream for him”. I heard a familiar voice behind me and I turned and saw dad.

“Dad”. I muttered.

To be continued

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