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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 27

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Episode 27


A strong hand grabbed her by the neck and dipped her head inside the water. She struggled for breathe but the hand kept her head still in the water. She had almost drown when her head was eventually brought out. She coughed heavily trying to get rid of the water in her lungs.


“I won’t ask you again Lara, where have you kept it? ” Don demanded.


“I swear on my father’s grave, I don’t have …” She didn’t finish her sentence before her head was being pushed back into the water. The force holding her neck held it still until he realized she had given up the struggle.


“Noooooo” David screamed from where he hide watching the whole scenario.


“You are next. ” Don said pointing his finger at him.


He was about running when he opened his eyes and realized it was all a dream. “What a terrifying dream. ” He thought as he switched on the light to check the time.


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It was a few minutes before six. He picked up his phone and dialed Lara’s number but she didn’t pick up.


David kept trying Lara’s number but still he got no response. After he realized everyone had gone out, he dressed up and went out. Instead of taking a car in the compound, he boarded a taxi to convene him to Lara’s house. As soon as he got there, he knocked the door and it was opened by Lara’s mother. “Good afternoon ma. ” He greeted.


“My dear, how are you doing? ” She replied.


“Am fine, please is Lara in? ” He asked.


“Oh no, she went out a few hours ago. ” She said.


“I have something very important to tell and she has not been picking her calls. ” David complained.


“Maybe she dropped her phone somewhere while you were calling her. ” “Alright. ” David rose up to leave.


“I will be taking my leave now, please help me tell her I come and that she should please pick my call. Good bye ma. ” He said before taking his leave.


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The moment David left, Omolara came out of the bathroom where she had hidden .


“Thanks so much mom. ” She said.


“I can’t just understand why you are doing all these to this nice guy. ” Her mom said.


“Mom he isn’t all what you think he is. ” She replied.


“Omolara but I thought you like him, what happened between you two?” Her mom asked.


“He did something very bad to me and for that I don’t ever want to have anything to do with him. ” Omolara lied.


“What did he do? Tell me.” Her mom demanded.


“Mom please drop this issue, I pains me whenever I remember what he did. ” She said before going inside.


David was convinced beyond any doubt that Omolara was inside while her mom said she was out. He kept wondering why she was showing such attitude. He should be the one trying to avoid her if he had considered what her boss threatened to do to his family. All he wanted to do was to tell her to be more careful. Ever since he had the dream, his instinct had been telling him that she is in danger. He promised to try her number later in the day as he waited by the road side for the bus home.


An idea suddenly jumped into his mind, even though he knew how risky it was, he made up his mind to pay Tina’s mother a visit before heading home. He stopped a bike and mounted it.


The bike stopped opposite the house, David came down and pay the rider before proceeding cautiously to the house. When he got to the house he realized the door had been locked from inside so he knocked on the door. Ten minutes later he was still knocking, he would have thought no one was home if not owning for the fact that he heard movement in the house. He knocked once again and fortunately he got a response.


“Who is that fellow that want to break my door? ” Someone shouted from inside. Very soon the door was opened and David found the old lady looking a little angry.


“Excuse me ma, I was the guy who came with Lara the other day.” He said and immediately the woman heard him, she banged the door.


“Go back to where ever you come from, I have no business with you. ” The woman shouted.


“But am not here to hurt you. ” He said.


“Am in enough trouble because of you two already.” She said and David was surprised. He was about to leave when she opened the door and invited David in. “Few hours after you people left that day, that evil man came here again with his boys. They turned the whole house upside down and murdered my pet cat. They



threatened to kill me If I ever tell anyone but I wasn’t scared. He was too foolish to have believed he could threaten me with death. ” The woman laughed. “Am so sorry about what happened ma. ” David said.


“Don’t worry my son. Please help me with that clock on the TV. ” She said and he picked up the dead clock and handed it over to her.


The moment she got the clock, she opened the battery compartment and brought out something.


“Young man take this. ” She handed David a flash drive.


“What is this? ” David asked.


“My daughter kept it there before she was murdered. I think it has something to do with that evil man. ” The woman said.


“Something tells me you are a good man, please help me get justice for what he did


to my daughter.” She added.



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