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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 28

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Chapter 28
Lower East Side and it’s pourin’ out Don’t you look right at me now Is it you or are the lights Gettin’ brighter in the night? Let’s get coffee at a vibey spot We can sit around, I talk a lot But you’re so chill, you keep it cool I am not, I’m such a fool
Damn, you’re so beautiful
And don’t you know it?
Don’t you? Don’t you?
Don’t you? Don’t you?
Damn, you’re so beautiful
And don’t you know it?
Don’t you? Don’t you?
I think you do
Walkin’ along but not sayin’ a thing
Let’s sit down and think of what we could be
If you wanted to say something
You would say it, promise me
Walkin’ lightly to my surprise
Fallin’ over the fear of looking in your eyes
But now I am questioning
I caught you lookin’ at me
My heart leaped at his words.
I couldn’t say anything.
He placed me on the kitchen counter.
“What do you wish to eat.” He beamed.
And I frowned.
“Are you trying to kill me, let it be I will make us breakfast.”
“Hey! I’m not that bad.” He defended.
“Who is Aunty Marisa to you?.” I have been curious.
“She’s my mom’s friend when I ran out of the orphanage, I lived in the streets hustling.”
My heart ached, tears threatening to fall. How can he bear so much at a young age?
“She recognized me and took me under her wings, she really a nice person and she has a daughter, Tiana.” He explained.
“It’s okay, now let put me down.” I didn’t want to hear more his story pains me.
“Let me do it, I want you to get well.”
I eyed him.
“Okay fine but I will direct you,” I said.
“Deal, happy now.” He snorted.
I giggled.
We made breakfast bacon, eggs, sausage, and bread.
He did try not bad for a first learner.
I was so sleepy, yesterday he really killed me. I blushed.
“Are you sleepy?.” He asked.
And I nodded.
“Go ahead.”
He put me to bed, he is so good. Too good to me.
It’s not bad just so overwhelming.
His phone suddenly rang.
But I was too sleepy and lazy to wake up.
“I will be back.” He kissed my forehead before going out and my eyes closed finally.
I strolled at the back of the house, to the lake.
And there she was sitting on the swing.
“Come sit here.” She pats the side beside her.
“I missed you so much, but you forgot about me.” She pouted.
“Hey! How can I forget a cutey like you?”
She grinned.
“So you really don’t want to come back to us.” She pouted.
I shook my head.
“No, not happening,” I said with finality.
“But we are family.”
“You are my family, not them, only two women are important in my life, the other one she’s sleeping and the other one is sitting right beside me.”
She beamed and peck my cheek.
“If it wasn’t that you’re my cousin, I would date you.” She said shamelessly.
“Yuck! So shameless.” I snickered.
“Like you’re better.” She laughed.
“Listen, Beauty I’m not like you.”
“You should be thanking me for saving your ass.”
I squealed at her words.
“You won’t change will you.” I shook my head.
“Zac, I think it’s time to leave dad and is planning to harm those are close to you.”
Her words hit me.
“I should be spying on you but, I can’t do that you’re my beautiful cousin and you deserve Justice, I know that I’m not the only one who is spying on you. They have their eyes in each move you make, Alexandra, Tiana, and Marisa, they are not safe.”
She said as tears roll down.
“It’s okay Beauty, I guess I will have to leave then, but once everything is over I will be back for her.”
I bit my lip parting ways with her it pricks.
“What will you do then, when everything is over?.”
She shrugged. Nothing, fly away from anything and start afresh.
“Do you want to leave me behind?.” I was getting pissed.
“What’s there for me?.” She laughed sadly.
“I will help you avenge everything that my dad did to uncle and aunt and you too, you will take what’s yours.”
“Then after that, you decide to leave? It not done, you will stay with me and. fulfill your dreams.”
“Will you find me a husband?.” She teased.
“Yeah, I will, a good husband for you.” I pulled her in my arms and she burst her cries come falling down.
It’s not easy and it won’t be easy for her betraying her dad, I know that she’s doing this because her dad is not treating her mom well.
“It’s okay will be fine.”

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