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Heavenly Fight – Episode 32

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Episode 32








Lisa’s pov




What are we going to do now??” Goddess of love asked


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The god of war should assign it soliders to block her at the entrance” god of death instructed




Now the two rulers are gone and no one has the power to stop nemesis apart from them” love said




We just have to stall her for the time being until she is tired” Liam suggested




You think she would get tired easily” death said


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Then what should we do” I asked




Use the secret technique to hold her back for now” death said




Love lead the first group


Lisa you lead the second group


god of war will lead the soldiers


Liam go and announce to the superior gods and goddesses about the war


I will be with the third group ” death superior announced as we all separated




Lisa will you be ok” Liam asked


What?? ” I asked




Your mum” he said




Yes, I disowned her, she would have to pay for what she did” I said as he hugged me




Call me if you face any difficulties ” he said and left




There is nothing you can do to me ” nemesis superior said as her voice echoed around




Your hopes are gone and they will never come back” she said again




You should stop ” I said




Nemesis sweetie, mommy missed you” she said as she came closer to me




We will take over the world and nothing can stop us, come to mummy ” she said




Can you just stop it” I yelled




Am not your daughter, I don’t know you ” I said




What!!! ” she exclaimed




It’s over now, we don’t have any relationship




Thankfully I got my memories back, I realized you are nothing but I pest” I said




You don’t dare talk to me like that am your superior and your mother” she yelled




You are not my mother and you can, and will never be my mother” I yelled back at her as I felt a sting on my cheeks , she slapped me



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We are supposed to be in this together, we will own the world to our selves. Why are you been so senseless and stupid ” she yelled at me




I guess you still don’t know who is senseless and stupid between us” I said to her




Attack ” she yelled to her comrades




The war started we were having the upper hand until nemesis soldiers increased we started losing




Lisa, Liam protect Ashley and Archie’s chambers no matter what no one should enter there Death superiors mindlinked us



The only way to destroy her should not fall to her hands” love said




I and Liam went towards their chambers so as to block out anyone trying to get in there




I wonder why they are protecting something only Ashley or Archie can handle




Retreat” death superior ordered everyone


Love use the secret technique and hold the boundaries ” he said as everyone retreated




Are you running away because there is no one to save you ” nemesis said




Almighty death and love are afraid ” she said as she fought her way through trying to break the boundaries


It won’t be long before she breaks through the boundaries ” love announced




Group one in a triangular shape


Group two in a circular shape


Group three square shape




The superior should form the three shape,


We must hold the boundary ” death superior announced


Don’t be distracted




Death superior we need help here in Archie’s chambers” Liam announced




Batch 4 go to Archie’s chambers ” he announced


When a rumbling sound came




The boundary has been broken through ” love announced


Everyone be at alert




More soldiers should be sent to the chambers” love said




Hahaha ” nemesis laughed as she came inside




You all are so weak” she said as she came towards the chambers




Peace(liam), nemesis (Lisa) don’t go anywhere I and love will distract her” death superior said As the attacked nemesis superior but unfortunately she won against them too



Liam what are we going to do now” I asked Liam as I busy fighting off the ones that attacked me



Take love and death superior to their chambers, they would wake up after the regain their strength ” he said as I carried the two heavy elders to there chambers.




I went back to meet with Liam and saw he was already fighting with nemesis superior, I joined in attacking her as we fired and exchanged powers




The fight went on until I and Liam were thrown to a far distance and chained there as we struggled to free ourselves but to no avail




I told you all you are no match for me” she said as she went into the chambers




You won’t gain anything in doing this” I said




Why didn’t you join me when I asked you to, and I will gain a lot ” she said as she laughed and tried entering the chambers




NOT TO FAST SWEETIE” we heard a voice as we turned







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