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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 46

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Chapter Forty Six


Theme: Right where I want you to.












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Date: 28, September, 2029.


Time: 6:23pm


Location: Jason’s Hideout.


Cara’s Pov:


I stand on my room balcony and enjoy the fresh evening breeze, I call this the calm before the storm.


“Cara.” Jason calls and I turn around immediately, my breath hitched as i take in his appearance in a white sleeve shirt, that’s opened halfway and black jeans trouser, he looks so devilishly handsome.


“Hey.” I reply smiling warmly at him, he smiles back at me before joining me on the balcony.


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“You look beautiful Cara.” He says his voice sounding rough, he tucks away a few strand of hair in my face after doing that his hands still remains on my face, his eyes travels down to my lips and I bit it unconsciously.


“Kiss me.” I request hoarsely and he grants my requests.


Kissing Jason feels so good that I never want to stop, he bit my lips asking for entrance and I let him, the same way I let him in my heart.


18+ read at your own risk.



His hands roams around my body, touching, feeling every part of it and my body asks for more. His lips leaves mine and trails kisses on my shoulder, taking away every tension in my body.


He push me back against the wall and an eager grin comes across my lips, he begins to pulls down my zipper while I tug at the belt on his trouser, soon all that’s left on him, is his grey boxer, with me on bra and panties.


“This is not the right place for this.” He whispers and carries me up in his arm and head straight to the room, he throws me down gently on the bed and climbs on top of me, lust evident in his eyes.


“Cara tell me you don’t want this and I’ll stop.” Jason says staring into my eyes and I could tell that’s the last thing on his mind. “I don’t want you to stop, Jason.” I said truthfully.


Jason grins at me widely before taking off my bra and panties and I return the favour by helping him out of his boxer.


He kiss down the curve of my chest, teasingly, nipping at each sensitive spot he finds. His hands slide down my body pressing it between my tigh and into my abode. “Ohhhh.” I moan out in pleasure, in complete ecstasy.


My moan encourages him to speed up his pace, caressing me enough to stoke the heat the heat buliding within me, but not quite as much as I needed to climax. “Jason.” I groaned out in frustration.


“Yes babe.” He answers cockily.


“Quit teasing and fu.ck me.” I growl at him.


“As you please ma.” Jason says grinning and lowers his manly self into me.


“Ohhhhhh.” I moan, not able to hold myself back, I clutch at his back holding him as he rocks against me, my back slides against the white bedsheet.



Every movements, every stroke, sends pleasure spiralling through me and I clutch him harder, making Jason to groan. I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him more closer as he moves with my rhythm.


A sudden shift of his hips heightens every sensation in my body, the pleasure of each movement building until it’s almost more than I could bear.


“Ohhhhhh Cara.” Jason groans out against my ear and together we both cried out, at once, heat flooding through me in an ecstatic rush.




The ringing of my phone, woke me up in the middle of the night and I wondered


who would be calling me by this time of the night. I carefully unwrap myself from


Jason and stood up, I take my phone from on top the side drawer next to the bed.


Henry displays boldly on it.


Why is he calling me??


With a heavy sigh I press the green button and walked over to the balcony far from Jason.


“I thought you’ll never pick up.” Henry says.


“What do you want.” I asked annoyed at his disturbance.


“Oh Cara you shouldn’t use that tone on me if you want to see your dear Mrs Helen again.” He says, taunting me and I gasp in surprise. How could I have forgotten her, how could I have left her with that beast. I hope she’s alright.


“Henry don’t you dare do anything to her.” I warned.


“I’ll try not to, if you could grace me with your presence.” Henry says surprising me.


“What!!” I exclaim.


“Two hours Cara, or she dies.” Henry warns and cut the call. My heart constricts, as fear envelopes me. I have to go save her, I have to go face Henry.



I put on my clothes and sneak out of Jason house undetected and drove speedily to Henry house.


“I see you made it right on time.” Henry says charmingly and I glare at him.


“Where is she, Henry.” I demand.


“Aren’t we impatient today, but nevertheless I’ll lead the way.” Henry says and leads me to the basement.


“There she is.” He says pointing at Mrs Helen who’s strapped to a chair, I rush over to her side hastily, hoping she isn’t dead.


“Mrs Helen, I’m so sorry.” I apologise and try to free her but then I noticed she wasn’t moving, her eyes were wide open staring straight at the ceiling blankly, with a look of horror I checked her pulse, no pulse. Oh my God, she’s dead. He killed her.


“You….. You killed her.” I said barely audible, still in shock.


“Yeah I know that.” Henry replies simply, I could hear the smugness in his voice, then I felt something stabbed me on my neck, I use my hands to pull it out, it’s some kind of pin, then I started feeling drowsy and with a look of disbelief I fell to the floor not without hearing Henry’s say. “Right where I want you.”







A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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