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Separated – Season 2 Episode 38

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I was so angry the moment that girl called Anastasia asked after Elvin, Who is she and how the hell did he know about Elvin I asked myself.


Just then


Victor walked in with Jasper and the so called Anastasia suddenly become furious.


” Were is Elvin ???…..”


Anastasia asked directing the question to Victor in particular and my mood changed who she to ask after Elvin?????

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Just immediately Elvin walked in with a lady beside him


Elvin arrived and unfortunately she were with someone Sonia


Just immediately Anastasia noticed the presence of Elvin she ran to him and gave him a hug if not that Elvin were standing strong he would have failed out of the hug.


” Easy baby girl…..”


Elvin said and Anastasia looked at Sonia who is holding Elvin’s and her smiling mood changed to that of an angry idoit.


Sonia on the other hand wasn’t smiling at all.


” Who is this thing with you Elvin…..”


The girl asked pointing at Sonia as the so called thing and Sonia anger grow up and her mood changed from frown to something else…


And the hell are you ???……” Sonia asked back.


Are you kind of crazy ???


Elvin I asked who is bitch that’s flocking around you ???


Who is she……”


She asked again.



You are the bitch here if you must know.. Sonia said.


What the hell ???….”


Anastasia said.


” Can you girls just shut up and keep quiet let me say something…..”


Elvin finally spoke out for the first time and I found myself smile….sorry it really fun watching the drama


that is happening here.


Me, Kester, Victor and Jasper we just stood and watch the drama the bitches are exbitting….


” Okay fine I will keep calm


So talk who is this bitch and what is she doing around you….”


Anastasia asked.


” No you are the bitch here


You are more than a bitch, you are a slut ,


How just run over a guy you don’t know.


Huh !!!!???…..”


Sonia asked.


Do this girls want to kill Elvin for me


What’s their problem Huh !!! ????


I look at Elvin, he don’t even know what to say again


He seem like standing in between should I says lion and elephant.


He wasn’t allowed to say anything


This is gonna be fun instead because they are beginning to advance towards each other


Elvin were just surprised looking at the both of them


While Elvin stand between them not to hit themselves.


” Can you girls just keep calm and allow Elvin do the introduction here…..”


My brother spoke out and the two idoit send and dangerous graze at each other before allowing Elvin to say something.


” Are you both crazy huh


You can’t even let me say something…”


He said looking at the both of them.


The other girl called Anastasia wanted to say something but she look at my brother and kept calm.



I was just laughing out my ass out because Elvin wasn’t even showing any care and Kester on the other hand were not finding it funny at all, Victor as well was just laughing while the other girl that said am her model was just seated watching and Jasper was folding his hand watching as well.


Sonia meet Anastasia form South Africa the daughter to a very successful business man, And Anastasia meet Sonia the president daughter……..”


He said looking at each other while the two bitch we’re still sending dead graze at each other.


So what’s is she doing here because here doesn’t look like her father’s damn house ….”


Anastasia spoke out.


No you should be the one to be asked such question…. What the hell are you doing in my country


??????….. ” Sonia spoke back.


This girls are really crazy


” If you must know


Elvin is my boyfriend so stay far away from him and I mean far far away form him or less you want to get


deeply hurt….”


Sonia said.


Sonia !!! Is like your madness has gotten into your head How dare her referred to Elvin as her boyfriend??? Be become angry at the statement.


And what if she us Elvin’s girlfriend what’s gonna happen, are you dating Elvin??…” My conscious asked.


Well Elvin didn’t introduce her now as his girlfriend so probably she isn’t Elvin’s girlfriend…..” I said to myself.


You are just ranting…


I wonder were you picked your dirty self from … Look you stay clear


Am warning you…..”


Anastasia said pointing at her.


” Haay can you guys just stop it….”


Kester said and I could see his heart is bleeding…


I wonder how it feeling loving someone that loves another . Yeah I know my brother lives her


I have seen his chat with her countless number of times whenever am assessing his phones.



Now look at what my cute and handsome Elvin has done … I guess is a crime to be so cute and handsome….”


I said as I smiled the more.


You girls are so irritating…..”


Elvin said and walked to the stare without looking at me.


You better watch your back Stay far away form him


He is mine and for only me….” Anastasia said walking closer to Sonia.


You are a bitch am gonna put you in your place…..” Sonia said.


Anastasia !!! getting inside now …..”


The girl that called me her model spoke out for the first time and the bitch send a dead graze at Sonia before walking up to the stairs the same direction Elvin took.


Sonia on the other hand turned and left in anger and I hiss and walked up as well


You bitches are gonna sure back off from Elvin….” I said.


I walked up to my room after I took at Kester he has this unhappy expression and then to the other girl…


I don’t really know her name


She looks angry.


” Wow !!!!


I said as I got into my room.


I really enjoy the whole drama


Gosh this girls are crazy fighting over someone that they just admire not even that he is dating any of them…..”


I said to myself.


Sonia should be ashamed of her


Yeah the stupid bitch called Anastasia started it all but she could have maintain her calmness knowing


the daughter of who she is….


Is what I want to get myself into





” You know your are gonna clact more crazy than they just did if you were to be in their shoes ……”


My conscious mind said.


Oh no I can’t act this crazy not for any man in this world, I can’t even find myself in the shoes they are low life without manners and class…..”


I said to myself.






Indeed the drama they put up their is not a funny one at all, feels something for Anastasia but look at what she doing to my feelings.


She can’t even respect the fact am presently at that spot.


Now I understand how hurt one feels when he love someone and the person couldn’t return the love….I


even thought that her visit to Luxembourg is gonna creat a wonderful moment for the both if us.


She knows I have feelings for her


I wonder why she choose Elvin over me why??


I really love you Anastasia but look at the way she is hurting my feelings, watching the way she fight for Elvin.


I walked into my room Immediately and I felt like crying, I really feels hurt.








I was just laughing at all the whole thing


I know it gonna be a total crash immediately I saw the way Anastasia hugged Elvin…


Kester is gonna be feeling betrayed by Elvin, I mean he told how much he love this girl and he wanted to ask her out her visit here but look at the way the whole thing become a mess.


I notice that Stephannie were laughing all through the whole drama, yeah truth me told it kind of funny but I know my two brother’s isn’t finding it as one.


After the incident that just happened few minutes.i walked up into my room changes into something simple and I walked up to Elvin’s room not I found his door locked the same the Kester’s own.


I know the both are in the middle of this whole thing, Elvin doesn’t even like any of the two I wonder if they are too blinded with their so called love that they couldn’t see it.


I pray this doesn’t creat a problem between Elvin and Kester… Just praying so



I return back to my room I think am the only one left out though the room seems bored I stayed and chatted with my friends from school.






Are you crazy Anastasia


What’s wrong with you, Have you got nut???


No answer what is that seen you created there all about….”


I asked my stupid sister.


I didn’t creat any scene there


I couldn’t have think of letting that girl go with warming her to stay far away form Elvin She said.


Are you that stupid.


Can’t you just use your head for once, you are fighting the president daughter over a guy that didn’t


introduce you to her as his girlfriend…..


What manner of girl are you Anastasia


I asked holding back so much anger in me.


Am sorry Vanessa but I can’t picture Elvin with any girl other than me, I just can’t


Am sorry I acted stupid but I couldn’t hold back the jealousy


She said.


Can you listening to yourself Anastasia


Okay now you have done this you have list the fu.cking chance of winning Elvin’s heart I said to her and she was calm.


” Am sorry Vanessa,


You shouldn’t be blaming me I acting out of the inference of jealousy but I promise to fix it…..”


she said


Why am I even so angry.


She were right jealousy is something that can make you do the unthinkable, Am so worried about Kester….


It quit unfortunate that we have the same fate to share…


I love him but she loves my sister and my sister loves Elvin


What a live of rotation.


I said to myself








I Stayed in room and it was becoming so boring so I decided to something that it has been long I tried it out.


I took out my phone and I scroll down my gallery and I got someone’s picture to draw.


Yeah I can draw very well but it has quite been long I drew.


I picked the one I like most


He is on his sweeter and on eyeglasses as well looking so cute.


I smiled at the picture and then I set my thing and ready to start drawing.


I took out a deep breath and set them massive board gathered my pencil and zoom the picture a little and I started drawing whatever am seeing.


I was drawing without control and I smiled At the amazing image of the person I have here.


Wow…. So cute I said to my self and I move to the painting aspect.


I did a wonderful and my best painting and I was decorating the background when I heard someone’s voice form behind.


Wow he look so cute….” Mirabel said.


Wait Stephannie, why would you be drawing my crush without taking permission from me???? ….” Mirabel asked


She doesn’t even know this is not his so called crazy crush


” So what’s up baby girl…”


I said to her as we walk out form my study room to my bedroom.


Am pretty good just feel the heat of loneliness……” She said and I chuckled.


Like seriously..


What happened to your boyfriend??..


call him to keep you company…..”


I asked.


” That one .


I don’t need to get hurt by his words or character.. can you imagine that that fool is cheating on me and even when I confront him ..


He nearly slapped me….”


She said.



Oh !!! let him go and thank his stars that he didn’t dare to because if he had this story will be said in another way ..


I told you that that guys is a player ..


What do you even see in him that you loves him this much …..” I asked her.


Their is nothing I can do Steph telling him to go is just hurting my feeling .. I don’t even know if I can live without him ..


I thinks of him every single minute He is all over me Stephanie…..”


I said.


Love is indeed a crazy thing making my strong act so stupid but even if you do.. You should tell him the daughter of who you are.. Maybe is because you are hiding your real personality that why he is acting that why…..”


I said


Come on am not acting stupid.


I can’t tell him now because if I do he will probably go just like others because of the gayest of my




She said


” You are acting crazy if you don’t know ..


I can’t even picture myself killing myself over a Worth less idoit who is cheating with me with a bitch out there….”


You are even gonna act more crazy if you were to be me Stephanie so spare me all that …..” She said.


You are passing through all this and you still advise me a date someone huh ….”


Look Stephanie my relationship might not be working out because I haven’t found my soul mate.. we both mustn’t pass the same pain .. yours might work out if you finds the one that really love you ……” She said


Maybe she is right


Love is a crazy stuff




” Oh ” you can lecture about love tips ..


Maybe I will consider employing you be me my special adviser in relationship stuff ……”


I said and she laugh.



You better stop all this you attitude toward guys .. You never can tell when you use your own hand to chase way your man ….”


She said.


Go on am enjoying it ……”


I said walk over to the bar and pick up some drinks.


What about my cousin How is he doing …”


I asked .


Very fine ..


One day new will get to you that I have killed him …”


She said and I laughed


What has he done this time??…”


That boy is a headeche ..


He doesn’t stay one place..


How is wish my auty will just come and take him with them to Iceland……”


She said.


You know that will never give in to that…” I said


I will sure make him do so


must oh !!!……” She said.


So how are you coping with the new student in your institution.. How they are as good as we thought….”


She asked.


Well they are none of my headeche


I don’t have any business with them but as for the guy that took first, he is doing great….”


” That’s reminds me


I saw kester with someone the other day and he said he is the guy that won the scholarship. I mean the


guy that got the First Class scholarship??? ……”


She asked


” Yeah !!! ..


He happens to be the one that saved Kester when he was kidnapped years back he thought helping him get back the award is best he can do for him….”


She said.


So he helped him to here in Europe…..” I explained.


Wow !!! that’s cool.


I guess he is the one that took first in the competition right ???……”


” Yeah ”


” He must be really intelligent


I wonder his method of reading that made him out smart even the almighty Maya’s college




She said.


” Well the results shows he did though if I should judge he is indeed the one, but


He will still undergo some belief examination from some of the high class professors in my institution before he will be fully allow to study with us t ha rather institution facilities.


” I know he will scale through


If he had won it in the first place he is surely a smart guy……”


She said.


” Off course he can…


He is too smart and intelligent….”


So how he even coping with the school environment???……” She asked.


And how is that my business….”


I asked back as if I don’t care.


” Just asking ..


You guys are in the same field of studies


So you should know….”


She said.


That’s none of my business. Anyways he is doing good.


The institution has experience another brain box ……” I said to her.


He is handsome though….”


She said.



Who told you that???……” I asked


I saw him when kester came to say hi to me in school though I didn’t get to see his face …he kind of covered it……”


She said.


Oh !!!..and you just conclude that he handsome ???? Well is better you didn’t get to see his face….” I asked and she nod off course


Can you ever change???…”


That’s if only I have any reason to ……”


She said and laughed..


A Message pooped into my phone It reads


My Sweetheart From kester


I just smiled.


Your sister is bored here because you decided to lock up yourself in your room all day





I texted back using emoji to show that am angry



” Am so Sorry Sweetheart


Am out now. You can come over here let have some fun together


He texted.






” Wow !!! Okay am coming right way .. Mirabel is even here with me I texted him back






” Mirabel Kester is outside


He said we should come and have fun with him ….”


I said to her and she jumb off form her bed .


I forget to tell you that Mirabel is Kester’s favorite.. they are fun of each other and if you must know Kester loves her more than me her blood sister.


We both walk down from my room to the stair


” Were are you ??


Are you guys still coming???…”


He texted


Yes, Where are you??……” I texted him.


We are at the swimming pool…” He texted back.


We ?????


How many of you ???…”


I asked him.


” Me, Elvin and Victor ……”


He texted and I felt like staying back




Inside of me were happy that am gonna see his cute face before I sleep today


Why invite me when you are with some people…” I texted him


Elvin is feeling lonely here that’s why he said I should call you over. See if you are not coming just tell Mirabel that am here…….”


He texted.


What made you think am not gonna come see my cute and handsome Elvin????


And what made you think am going to do that ????….” I texted



” Because I know you are not going to come and that’s Because you are shy around Elvin He texted.




” What !!! that’s a lie ..


I can’t, am not shy ….”



I texted him back and the next thing was pictures of Elvin and a text followed .


Just use the picture to keep your self company.. I don’t want my sister to die of loneliness


I no just his photo is more than enough…”


He texted and I used am emoji to show him that am angry.


” Kester !!!


Am going to kill you if I get you……”


I texted him but the pictures are very cute.


He looks so handsome in them.


This boy isn’t a human, he is too cute and that’s why he is causing so much confusion in all this bitches.


” One way to prove that you are not shy..


Just walk down from your room to this spot…..”


He texted


” Off course


You are so dead because am already down….. I will so much deal with you….”




I look and saw them sitting comfortably beside the swimming pool.


They are over there I said to Mirabel and we walk more closer.



” Oh my God !! Mirabel screamed.




” What’s the problem?……”



I asked her with a frightening face.


” Is that not Alvin ???


You didn’t inform me that he is around…”


She asked and I felt like chucking her head till she passes out.


I don’t see that a reason to shout …..”


Off course his presence is enough to make someone go crazy …


He looks so cute as ever.


I can’t wait to take pictures with him….” She said touching her clothes in adjustment.


Well we both use to school with Alvin when we were still in Iceland before Dad decided to bring me back here because he believes that no one can take care of me more than him ..


Mirabel was crushing on him then but he is not a type that frock around with girls .


He really look like Elvin… So won’t blame anybody that mistook each for the other.


Well Elvin is more cute than Alvin if you must know anyway she will be so disappointed to find out that this is not his crush ..


” Hello Favorite……”


Kester said to Mirabel immediately we got to the spot they were drinking.


Victor was busy with phone as well drinking and chatting with my brother while Elvin was just focused on what he is doing with a laptop.


Elvin didn’t even look at us the time we came .. he was fully focused in what he is doing on the laptop or is he still angry over what happened in the afternoon because Anastasia was sitting at a little far range from where they are ..


I guess the bitch is pleading for forgiveness but Elvin seem to be giving her silent treatment.


She wasn’t even smiling at all..


” Hey cute Alvin…..”


My sister greeted but he didn’t look at her none say anything in response.. he was just focused on the laptop he was operating.


” What’s even his problem????


What is he even doing on the laptop that he couldn’t hear that someone is greeting him. He is always focused …..”


I asked myself but kester touched him and he looks up and remove the ear phone in his ears ..


” Oh I thought as much ..


He smiled Mirabel before looking at my direction …..”


” How are you doing??……”


He asked still putting on that golden smile.


” Am fine


They both shuck hands together and stare at each other like lost twins that it took year to find….”


” Elvin that’s Mirabel my cousin..


The girl I told you about the other day .


Mirabel that’s Elvin my friend from Nigeria……”


Kester introduce and Mirabel were surprised.


That’s because she made a wrong guess .


” You mean this is not Alvin??……”


She asked and Elvin look at her again and this time they went into a long stare while we just stood watching them.. my sister started brushing


” Stephannie !!!


He is not the guy you were drawing back there in your room ???….”


She asked I because shy instantly.



” No that’s not him ..


I was drawing Alvin not him……”


I lied I have to cover up …


” No !!!


The person you drew looks more like him


She said pointing at Elvin.


Alvin doesn’t have dark hair and ocean blue eyes……”


She said.


” Oh my God What’s wrong with this girl?


Why can’t she keep quite and mind her business???……”


I asked myself…


This girl is a talkative.


I don’t even know what else to say.


I look at Elvin and he was smiling.


Wow he smiles… Well he as been moody towards everyone for a while now.


So can we see the drawing you made…” Kester asked putting more salt to the injury…..


It must sure be really cute.


I will love to but what you made…”


Elvin said smiling I began to cough immediately In pretend just not to answer the question and Tessia got me a water to drink immediately..


Are you Okay???…” Kester asked


I think I should……”


I said while Elvin shift a seat for me to sit on ..


” Thanks …”


I said calmly to him and he smiled again.


We were discussing and Elvin though he wasn’t really contributing to the conversation but I kept on stealing grazed from him and he caught me several times but just smiled.


” I started feeling dizzy..


All my body became so weak and I got no strength to move again….”


” Stephanie !!!…”


My brother called ..


” Are you Okay????…”


He asked touching but I was too weak to speak out ..


I was saying something but they couldn’t hear because I was already too weak to speak out for them to hear.


I tried saying something but my mouth became so heavy to voice out a word.


I guess kester noticed what the problem was and stood up and advance towards me.


I felt someone’s arms around me


I felt peace and comfortable in it


It seem like I have been in the arms before and I don’t mind staying there forever.


And I went into a deep slumb in his arm.


I don’t even know who the person is but I think here is comfortable for me to pass my night.













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