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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 18

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Episode eighteen
Alexa’s pov
I got to where dad was sitting, he was already shivering from the cold. I know i said i didn’t want to meetup but i wasn’t that cruel,he was still my father.
My dad stood up immediately he saw me. “Alexa!!” dad called, “thanks for coming” he said again.
“I dont need your thanks, i only came to make things clear, stay away from me, you’re no longer my father cos my father died the day he left my mother” i said.
“Alexa i’m sorry, ok if you dont want to forgive md then accept min ah as your elder sister” dad said with tears pouring out of his eyes.
“I dont have any elder sister apart from mia and i’ll never even accept that witch as my sister, just go home and let your new family take care of you” i said and handed him a thick jacket walking off.
#Next morning
“Hey kid sis” min ah said patting my back.
Wow is she your sister!! a bong soon asked
“Yep she’s my kid sis” min ah replied smiling.
“Well i’m not her kid sis her mom gave birth to her out of wedlock” i replied staring at min ah.
“Well daddy came running to my mum because he couldn’t get enough of your mom” min ah said pouting and the class chuckled.
“Aren’t you supposed to be ashamed of being in the same class with your kid sis” i asked
“You know brains runs in the family cos dad, my sis, my mom and i are intelligent, so were did you get your brains from,your mom” i asked smiling.
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“Or maybe your mom was banged by another person and he rejected you” i added and the class laughed.
“Geez she killed you” kyung seok said and the class laughed again leaving min ah speechless.
“How dare you” min ah said raising her hand to slap me but i held it.
“Dont you even dare cos i’ll remove yorr teeths and if you call your mummy here i’ll beat her to pulp too” i said and stormed out of the class. *
I turned on the tv wanting to watch a movie and a news caught my eyes.
The headlines read: korean sweetheart kyung seok was pushed down the stairs by a black girl making him break his leg in the process.
I turned to see kyung seok shocked too and looking at the tv intensely.
“Please dont give my that face cos i wont buy it, why would you do such a thing” i asked angrily, here i was thinking he wanted to be in good terms with me cos he supported me earlier but i never knew it was all a game.
“I didn’t do it please believe me” kyung seok said.
“Just stop lying” i yelled at him
“If i did it then why would i be scared to admit it” he said staring at me.
He was kinda right though, then if he didn’t do it who did i asked myself.
“I’ll just call my manager” kyung seok said and walked off.

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