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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 8

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chapter eight



Vivian pov


“I don’t like u,” he said without blinking.


“What? But d kiss then why did u kissed me?” I asked.


“I guess I wasn’t in my right senses,” he said.


“Oh I see,” I said.


“I……. will……. get……. going then,” I said with a shaken voice.

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“Ok,” he said.


He opens d door for me.


“Ok,” I said as a drops of tears fell down my face.


“Are u alright? ” he asked.


“Am all right,” I said.


“Good bye then,” I said and got out of his room.


I felt heartbroken, they say love is a sweet feeling, a feeling dat is meant to be cherished then why am I always getting hurt.


Do I fall in love with d wrong guys or what?

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Why do I always regret loving anyone, when will I be loved back by d ones I love.


Nanny was wrong, the word love is probably not meant for me.


“Vivian,” Vincent called.


“Why are u crying?” He asked.


I hugged him and cried on his arm. I just need someone to console me.


For once I just want to be happy.



Ryan pov


Did I make d right choice.


I wanted to say yes, I really wanted to say yes but I couldn’t, not after what Vincent told me.


He seems to like her so much, and they are also getting married soon.


I really wanted to say yes, dat I liked her a lot even though it’s only been a little while since we’ve known each other, and d kiss was d best one I ever had, I wished it never end.



But I can’t bring myself to tell her knowing dat her fiance likes her and there are many chances of not being together with her.


( A week later )


After I told Vivian I didn’t like her, she has been cold to me.


She has hardly spoken to me since that day, it was like I did something wrong and she want me to know what I did wrong, it was like I was being punished


My phone rings and I picked it.


“Hello,” I said.


“Hi,” the person said.


“Who is dis?” I asked.


“Didn’t u save my number, dat is quite disappointing,” the person said.


“Linda?” I asked feeling down.


“Yep, I called bcos of the party I told u about,” she said.


“I thought I made it clear, am not coming” I said.


“Really dat is bad, I just want u to know I have d video of what Vivian did d other day, she almost broke a bottle of wine on my head.” “What will happen if d public found out and also if I happened to have an accident who do u think they’d suspect?” She said.


“What do u want?” I asked.


“Meet me at d cafe we met earlier let get u ready for d party,” she said and hung up.


Vivian pov



“Are u also going to d party,” my nanny asked.


“Yes,” I answered.


“Do u have to go?” She asked.


“Yes, dad wants me to,” I said.


“Are u alright? u look pale,” she said.


“Am fine,” I said.


“Ok,” she said.


“I am almost ready to go, vin is probably outside waiting for me,” I said.


“Are u not going with Ryan?” she asked.


“We are using vin’s car,” I said.


“And pls don’t talk about him pls,” I said.


“Ok,” she said and left.


I pick up a simple pink gown from my wardrobe and put it on, not really feeling the zeal to dress up so I opted for a simple look.


I applied a light make up on my face and pack my hair into a desirable style.


I put on my heels and pick my pink purse.


I head outside and met Vincent waiting for me in front of his car.


“Wow,” he said when he saw me.



“I can’t believe am going to get married to dis beautiful Angel here,” he said while I smiled lightly.


“Thank u,” I said.


He was putting on a black smart suit and black Gucci shoe with a golden watch, definitely over dressed for the party or maybe that was my gloomy self talking.


But he looked good.


“Let’s go,” I said.


Ok, he said and opened d door for me while I entered.


He also entered and drove us to d party.






We arrived at d party, I had vin excuse me to greet his friends I was in a foul mood surely not up for pleasantries of any sort.


The party was in a friend’s house, precisely in the garden behind the house. So there was nothing much to describe.


But it looked beautiful and well arranged, there was some bright and beautiful flowers that beautified the place, also some flowers decorated the table.


I saw Maggie and Lola, they used to be my friend before they turned against me and became Linda’s friends.


That means Linda must be here too.


I look around trying to find her.


“Linda,” Maggie called and turned to where Linda was.


I sight her but she was with Ryan.


They locked hands like they were dating.


I felt dis rage and anger burning inside me.


Dat stupid bitch was smiling, she even pretend to slip but Ryan caught her by her waist while she smiled.


She even pecked him


Ok I can’t stand dis anymore.


I went to them.


“Vivian?” Ryan called surprised.


“Look who is here,” Linda said.


I picked up a wine cup from a table and slyly poured a bit of the content on Linda “Oh my god I didn’t mean to,” I said sheepishly. “Oh shit,” Linda said angry.


“Vivian!” Ryan yelled.


“What!” I yelled back.


He used his hand to rub his face putting his face on his palm.


“Am sorry,” he said to Linda.


“U are coming with me,” he said and took my hand and dragged me out.


“U are hurting me,” I said when we were a bit further from d party.


“Let me go,” I said.


“U are hurting me,” I winced in pain and he stopped.


“My hand,” I said and he let go of my hand.


“What d hell is wrong with u?” He asked.


“Why?” I asked.


“Bcos I pour a wine on ur gf’s dress?” I asked.


“She is not my gf,” he said.


“Why do u like acting bitchy,” he said.


“What, then what about u? Is it bcos of her dat u said u don’t like me,” I said.


“What is special about her?” I asked.


“What is d difference between us,” I asked.


“I already told u, she isn’t my gf,” he said.


“Then why? Why did u reject me?. Everytime I think of it I feel hurt,” I said crying.


“The two of us can’t be together,” he said.


“Why?” I asked shouting.


“I already told u, I don’t like u,” he said.


“I don’t like people who act like dis. To me they are most stupid and frustrating people on earth,” he said and I slapped him.


“Frustrating? u are a jerk,” I said crying.



“Is it a sin to like someone like u, for once I just I just want to feel loved too,” I said.


“I guess dis is it,” he said.


“What do u mean?” I asked.


“Am leaving,” he said.


“Leaving? Where are u going?” I asked.


“Am resigning,” he said.


“What?” I asked shocked.


“Why will u resign?” I asked.


“Is it bcos of my attitude, am sorry about what I said or did”.


“I will change, I can change so don’t leave me,” I pleaded.


“Am leaving and nothing is going to change dat,” he said.


“I have already told ur dad about it,” he said.


“I told u am sorry pls don’t leave me,” I said holding his hand.


He took my hand off his gently.


“I have to,” he said.


“Then what should I do, I like u,” I said crying heavily.


“Am sorry,” he said and left.


I fell on the ground crying my eyes out.



“Am sorry,” I said crying.


“Pls don’t leave me,” I said crying.


( Two weeks later )



Ryan pov



( in his office working, when one of his unit members Lucas barged in) “What is d meaning of this?” I asked. “Sir,” he said breathing heavily.



‘He probably ran here’ I thought.


“What is dis about?” I asked.


“Captain, the ……. general’s…… daughter,” he stopped.


“What is going on, can’t u talk,” I asked angry.


“The general daughter has been kidnapped,” he said.


“What?” I said and stood up from the chair.




Ok what is going on? Who kidnapped Vivian?


Love u guys .

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