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Wild Obsession – Episode 7

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While the leader gasped for breath, one of them jumped through the window but before the other could follow suit, Chief had already slit the leader’s throat, then attacked him as well but he got his own share of stabbing on the stomach not throat. There was so much blood on the ground and it scared Gina to death. She



made to shout but chief covered her mouth with his palm and cleaned the blood stained knife on the boxer of the first man he killed.


“Please, don’t kill me,” Gina pleaded with quivered lips


“I won’t,” chief said and pulled her up, then picked up the torch he had thrown down earlier and hid the knife back in his agbada. “But baba will,” he added and dragged her out.


Meanwhile, Ken, inspector Lukas and the five policemen had dispersed into different directions and one of the police men had seen a figure jump down the window as they were already very close to the building. He alerted the others to be vigilant through a walkie-talkie, then resorted to crawling.


Inspector Lukas was the first to get into the building, followed by Ken and the policeman who first saw the figure from the window. Others lay ambush, waiting for orders.


Chief didn’t see it coming but he felt he was being followed, then he turned to look but as he turned and made to switch on the torch, he felt a stab from behind and in pain, he groaned to the floor, releasing his grip on Gina.

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Gina smelt the cigarette and knew at once the person that stabbed chief was no order than one of the three men and a strange fear overshadowed her.


“Let go of me,” she said, rather loudly.


The guy held her neck and shoved a knife in her face, “Keep quiet,” he ordered and stabbed chief twice more just to make sure he died completely

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Gina kept mute and just then, a ray of light shine from the window and she was able to located a big stone at the corner. All of a sudden, she heard a stainless steel drop on the ground, then felt the guy’s stout body push and pin her to the rough wall. She struggled but was no match for him. Forcefully, he kissed her and tore her dress while she kept sliding down, so she could shift to the corner she saw the stone.



Unable to get the stone and already feeling pains on her nipples due to the rough way the man sucked and handled her, she bit his lips hard which him release her mouth for a second to take it in the pain. She then seized that chance to scream on top of her voice


Ken felt shivers run down his spine as he heard Gina’s voice from the room next to the one he was. Quickly, he turned back and tiptoed towards there. On getting there, he flashed his light, causing the man to turn and quickly bent to pick up the knife he dropped earlier but Gina, seeing and opportunity pushed him down, then picking up the stone from the corner, she smashed it on his head while Ken finished it up with a gunshot on his forehead.


“Who are you?” Gina asked shifting backwards to the wall. Ken let a smile creep on his face and as pointed the light on his face. “Oh my God! How did you find me?’ Gina asked in surprise excitement and in a jiffy, she was on Ken, hugging him very tight. Ken felt his heart beat very fast as threw down the flashlight reciprocated the hug. Her open breast caressed his shirt


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“Thanks for saving me,” Gina breathed but just when Ken was about replying, Gina felt a movement by her feet and looking down to check, a gun shot sent her crashing down from Ken’s arm


“Gina,” Ken screamed and fell beside her, just then, inspector Lukas arrived. The guy on the ground was about stabbing Ken who was lost in Gina’s body but the inspector smartly weakened his hands forever by firing twice


“I don’t want to loose her, please,” Ken pleaded as he shook Gina who was already foaming blood from her mouth. Inspector Lukas quickly put the walkie-talkie over his mouth and said few words.


In few minutes, Gina’s body was being carried out of the building and rushed to the car. One of the police men was asked to drive Ken to a nearby hospital while others helped the inspector finish up the task.


Soon, the car sped off and the worried people inside forgot all about Richie who still hid in the boot



Meanwhile, Chiefs’ lifeless and bloodstained body was found including the two men he killed and the one the inspector killed. All were bundled out while the inspector alerted the D.P.O, requesting for a police van.




Ken and the police man arrived the hospital an hour later and Gina was carried out for immediate treatment


While the policeman made a report to the nurse at the counter in the reception, Ken paced restlessly around the hospital, praying that Gina’s life be spared…




Mrs. Albert was dead worried as she walked around the sitting room. It was 11:03pm but yet, she heard no news and knew not the fate of her daughter and those that went to rescue her. All the numbers she tried were either not available or switched off, so she resorted to praying and singing…




Ken glanced at the hospital’s wall clock and it read 11:20pm. It was almost thirty minutes since Gina was brought in. Soon, the doctor emerged from the long corridor that seemed like road to hell, wiping off sweats from his forehead.


Ken, on seeing him moved closer, expectantly.


The doctor sighed deeply and took off his glasses. The kind of sigh that one produced before breaking a bad news, the kind that could shatter hearts. He requested that Ken or the police man followed him to his office but they insisted he spilled the beans right there


“I’m sorry but I don’t think she can make it. The shot was really deep and she lost a lot of blood while some flowed into her brain. Right now, she’s in a coma and her pulse, 25% running…” he paused, then as an afterthought added, “Please inform her close relative in case she doesn’t make it through the night because I



doubt she will. You can go see her, anyways. Fifth ward, left wing,” he concluded and walked out…




Meanwhile, Inspector Lukas and his team were able to successfully complete their task. They had used flashlight to take videos and pictures of the scene and at about 11:30pm, they were already on their way to the station but 30minutes into the drive, their car and the police van stopped in the middle of the road. Alighting the car to check what went wrong, the inspector was more than dumfounded to find Chief, sitting upright inside the van and using his shoe to beat the lifeless bodies beside me


“This must be a joke,” the inspector said in a raised voice. He had always heard of powerful people not dying completely even if they’re killed over and over


Chief raised his head to look at him, then smiled. His mouth was full of blood as he spoke, “I will not go down alone. Someone must go with me or many others. No one will enjoy my wealth, all involved must die and me, I will never die cos even death cannot kill me,” he said, just then, thunder stroke and the inspector despite his courage and braveness, shook with fright. What he didn’t know was that Chief wasn’t just ordinary, he possessed some evil powers which were meant to forever keep him alive and only one thing could kill him…








To be continued

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