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Heavenly Fight – Episode 27

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Episode 27






Lisa’s pov


We packed out with our things as the trip has already come to end, Everyone gathered at the halls as the medals were been given out


I kind of felt sorry for other schools cos they weren’t able to go with any medal thanks to Archie and Ashley who cheated using their powers in almost every game, making other schools lose


Hey” I heard as I turned


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Where have you been, I ve been searching for you ” Liam said


I didn’t go anywhere” I told him as he sneaked his hand around my waist


Did I tell you that you are beautiful ” he said


I have a mirror ” I said hiding my red face


You are too mean” he said


I should go look for Ashley ” I said as I left him there

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Annabella’s pov


This is the worst school trip ever, nothing went according to my wish and Ashley is really getting on my nerves

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Anna” isa called me


Yes” I answered


Go get your luggage in the hostel ” she said


Ok” I will be right back


I got into the room as I saw clothes moving and folding on there own, I looked further and saw Ashley


I brought out my phone as I recorded what was happening including her now I have found an evidence against her


The school is going to hate her and Archie will leave her and come begging me She thinks she smart too bad she met the wrong person



Ashley’s pov


I got home as I perceived a nice aroma


I didn’t make a mistake to come and stay with them for some days since it was summer Break Dad” I called as I hugged him as I saw him in the kitchen What about mom” I asked


Didn’t you see her at the sitting room” he said


No” I answered


Oh no where the hell did that pregnant woman go to” dad asked


I don’t know ” Leo said from his room when we heard a dog bark


We turned to see mom with a dog


Oh not again” dad said


By the way why haven’t I seen pearl anywhere” I said


Emmmm” my dad muttered


Pearl, pearl” I called waiting to hear her bark or see her wagging her tail running to me but I didn’t see or hear anything apart from mum’s dog bark


Where is pearl” I asked Dad again


Ask your mum ” he said


Mum!???” I called looking at her


I didn’t do anything ” she said innocently


Then can someone tell me where pearl is ” I said angrily


Pearl is dead” Leo said as he came down


What” I exclaimed


Mum wanted to try dog meat like Africans and pearl Was The unfortunate dog ” he said as he stuffed the fries into his mouth


What” I exclaimed again


She carved for dog meat and my dog was killed, why didn’t you go and buy another dog and kill” I yelled angrily


She wanted pearl specifically, I wanted killing another dog but she won’t agree” dad said


Mom?? ” I yelled angrily


What you are shouting at me because of a dog ” she said


Everyone here knows how precious that dog is to me, it was my first friend. You knew it then why did you insist to kill it, so that was why you asked me to send the dog over ” I yelled at her


Ashley ” Dad called


Dad leave her, if anyone don’t talk to mom she would end up carving human meat and you would kill your precious children and feed just to save that little brat in there ” Leo said


My baby is not a brat ” dad said


That’s why I brought another dog for you, mummy is sorry ” she said


So did she eat the dog meat ” I asked


No, she said it was irritating ” Leo said


And I fed the meat to this cute puppy ” mom said smiling


Oh someone should hold me before I freeze the heart of that child inside her


You fed my pearl my eighteen years old pearl to a puppy and you are telling me is a gift” I said


Coming here was a very bad idea,” I said as I went into my room


Sweetie won’t you eat ” dad asked


I lost my appetite ” I said


Honey I also lost my appetite so would you buy pizza for me Shut the fu.ck up mom” I yelled angrily from my room Ashley no swear words in this house ” mom warned Whatever


And another announcements we are going for a summer holiday trip with my friend’s family” I said Yes, am going for a trip but Ashley when did you start making friends ” mom asked


I think you should concentrate more on your unborn child ” I said


When is trip” dad asked


Weekend ” I said


Later on dad came to my room with a tray


You just came back from school trip no need to skip meal” he said And am sorry for the dog ” he said


You should be, after all you kept her in that state ” I said Here is the favorite ” he said as I took it smiling he really knows how to cheer up my mode




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