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Hope For Tomorrow – Episode 2

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Episode 2




Fred decided to conceal his feelings for Miss Sofia.


On the other hand, Sofia was a successful woman who thrived in anything she puts her mind to. She was a perfect example of an independent, smart and fierce woman. Her standards were so high that any man who wants to be in her life, needed to climb a ladder in order to reach them, She was so wealthy and these scare good men away while the bad ones were more interested in her money, she had given up on getting married or finding true love. She was classy and carried herself with so much confidence.




Due to Sofia’s accomplishments and standards, good men didn’t want to come too close because they felt she was too much of a woman for them to handle. Sofia knew why men ran away from her, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing success even harder. She was the CEO of Lawal Oil company, a company she established immediately she graduated from the university with the help of her late father.




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Just like Fred, Sofia’s mother was always on her neck to settle down, she was 39 years old and she is the only female child of her family, her father Donald Lawal, was a public figure, he was a retired Judge before he died.


“My daughter, you will be 40 years old in four months time, aren’t you planning on settling down anytime soon?” Sofia’s mother often asked but Sofia always gave deaf ears to her mother’s words .



Sofia usually tried to convince herself that she was doing just fine being single and didn’t need any man, but deep down, Sofia knew she was deceiving and lying to herself. There was just this void in her heart that neither money nor any accomplishment of hers could fill.




But she was too shy to admit that she needed a man probably a husband but there’s no man in her life, oftentimes she wished that her father was still alive, “My dad, was the only one that understood me, I wish he was here, Mom, he would had stopped you from pressurizing me, Marriage is not an accomplishment and it’s not every woman that will get married, what do you want me to do? I can’t woo men or throw myself at any man to marry me” Sofia always told her mother.




Twelve months later, Fred’s promotion had been rapid in the oil company, he was always working hard, Soon He became the chief geologist and Miss Sofia had grown so fond of him.


She had never regretted getting him into the company like she did on the day of the interview.

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Sofia was also caught up in Fred’s handsomeness and gentle approach. As time goes by the fondness grew into likeness and then into feelings of love.


She was impressed with the way he talks and the confidence he displays each time, he comes to her office. “No man has ever been so bold around me, because they feel I am the boss, others barely express themselves around me unlike Fred, he is not scared to confront me in any matter” she thought to herself” More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App




As these thoughts kept playing in her mind, she still tried to act cool around Fred, most times, she wondered if he was in any relationship or taken as he had all the good qualities, she wants in a man.



“I think I like Fred, but I can’t woo him, never! as I don’t know what he will think of me, I don’t want to lose my dignity and respect!” she added. For a second, she felt powerless as she couldn’t think of a way to express how she felt for him without losing her self respect and dignity. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.


Sofia always get extremely excited whenever Fred comes in to her office for work related issues, She secretly admired him and instantly had goosebumps when he smiled at her.




One day Fred did not turn up to work, Sofia was beyond shocked as she couldn’t believe she was missing Fred.


She sat in her office, her mind wasn’t with her but with Fred, She thought about him all through and couldn’t get her mind off him, she wondered why she had not seen him all day. Sofia occasionally peeped through her window to see if he was around but could not sight Fred anywhere.




After about 3 hours, Sofia’s secretary came to inform her that Fred did not show up to work because of his health “Ma’am, I just got a call from Mr. Fred, he said I should inform you that he is ill and he won’t show up to work for few days because of his health as he is hospitalized” her secretary said.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




Sofia couldn’t help but worry “hospitalized?” She curiously asked and her secretary nodded “Yes”. Sofia instructed her secretary to call Fred and find out the name of the hospital where he was admitted, “Someone from this organization, needs to go the hospital and find out the situation of things, Fred is a good man and a hard worker” She added and then she volunteered to go visit Fred at the hospital.






To be continued



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