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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 24

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Leon looked at Rose in surprise.


“Sir this is Rose……”


“What are you doing here?” Leon asked.


“Oh you two know each other?” the man asked.


“Yes we are old friends” said Rose. Seeing Leon’s dark aura the man excuse himself out of the office.


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“Rose why are you here?” he asked


“Leonel or should I say Boss…..

am your new personal secretary…….



I thought I made it cl……




“Let’s be friends……

am here for friendship…

nothing more” she said


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“Mr. Leonel Mavis….

let’s put the past behind….I look forward to working with you” she said extending her


hands for a hand shake and Leon smiled and accept it.



“Let’s be good friends” he said.




I was walking to and fro the mansion.




“He will never forgive me……

what do I do….

his not picking his calls….

I only did that so I can get Jolene to tell


me about my parents……”





“Madam calm down”





“No Susan……I can’t calm down….his phone is not connecting and……



“Sir is at the office….he’ll be working overnight from today and… won’t get to see him” she said


“For how long?” I asked


“I don’t know”





“But I have to talk to him…

it’s urgent….I……

oh God……”



go eat lunch first……



“Am not hungry……I have to go somewhere…..



were are you going….

” Noah walked in. He has been leaning on the door.


“Nevermind am going alone……

” I said



“No am coming with you…..

I’d only let you go alone if you want Mr. Leon to kill me” he said.


“Ok….fine …..

but put on something simple…

I don’t want you to look like a guard” I said and he nodded and



ran upstairs.


“Madam were are you going?”


“To the hospital” I said


“What?, are you hurt???” she asked but I didn’t answer.


Noah drove me to a old hospital.


“We are here” he said. I got down from the car. I hold the file tight on my chest and took a deep.


“I have to find my parents….” I said and walk into the building with Noah.


We saw a nurse.


“Ehmm ….. excuse me…..can……”


“Am sorry am busy…..” she said and left. I kept running towards many nurses and doctors but they gave me no




“Madam, allow me” Noah said.


Noah walk up to a nurse.




“Sorry am really…..”


“Shhh…..” he place his hands on her lips and smiled. “A beautiful woman like you don’t have to be busy….you


don’t have time for a ugly boy like me” he said and the girl chuckled.


“Look young man am really busy…..I”


“I can kidnap you now and tie you up in my room …..l….” he lip drew closer to her and kissed her. I was




“That’s my sister over there” he said pointing at me I quickly waved “We need to know about a DNA test which was run about 19 years ago or so” he said


“Oh then you have to go to ******** hospital all our experience doctors from years ago now work there……so….can I have your number?” she asked.


“I thought you were busy?” Noah asked


“Well….not busy if it’s you” she said.


“Sorry but I have girls who are easy to get… goodbye miss busy nurse” he said and walk up to me. “After you madam” he said.


“How could you play with someone like that??” I yelled


“Madam…..I was only trying to get information from her!” he said


“By playing her…… that’s not right…’s bad to play with someone feelings like that!” I said.


“Maybe you should say that to your husband!!!!” he yelled but quickly said “am sorry madam….I was out of


control……am sorry” he said.


“How dare you?” I said


“I know you’re clinging unto Leonel because of his identity….but Gem if you dare use him and live like rose did,


I promise I’ll find you and end you” he said and I landed a slap on his cheeks. His face was really strong. my hands hurt because of the slap.


“You disgust me!!!” I said and walk away

……I could hear him calling me but I hauled a taxi. He was driving


behind me. I got to the hospital in no time. Only famous and rich people has what it takes to attend the


hospital for a treatment or check up.




Noah walk up to me





“You can live now…..I don’t need you” I said and his face was sad….

really sad….


“Am diagnosed for a mental illness……I….

I don’t have anger control

….am sorry…..but Leon suffered too much


because of that Rose and I put the anger on you….I…..”



“It’s okay…….

I understand….

am sorry too for hitting you…..I….”



“No madam I deserve it…..

am truly sorry” he said.



“Let’s go in…..

” I said and he nodded.





We walked into the big hospital towards the checkpoint.


“Good evening” I greeted the lady at the desk


“Yes???” she said rudely.


“Am here to……”


“You appointment?” she didn’t even let me finish.


“uhm…. appointment?, I only want to….”


“Please if you don’t have one you can get lost” she said


“Miss… please….let me….”


“Don’t let me call the guards on you…..get lost….” she yelled.


“How dare you yelled at her?” Noah stormed. Just then countless bodyguards surround us with guns pointing at us.


Leon came home that evening, his heart couldn’t bare to stay away from his kitten. He was holding a baguette of flowers.


“Sir you’re back early” said Susan


“Yes… my wife?” he asked immediately.


“She’s not home” she said


“Where did she go?” he asked.


“She went to the hospital”


“WHAT!!!!, what happened to her was she hurt, did she get hurt in the set…..why didn’t you call me!!!???” he




“Am sorry sir….but your phone was turned off” she shiver in fear. Leon slam his hands on the wall.


“And Noah?”


“He left with her”


“Good….track there were about ….and send it to me in 1 minutes” he said and Susan nodded.


Leon entered his car, took the wheel as he drive out of the compound in full speed, countless of cars ran after his.


“Sir I track them down….she’s in ******** hospital, with Noah”


Leon wanted to just disappear to her side. Was she that hurt to be taken to one of his best hospital???,


“Damn Leonel….look what you temper caused you …..” he yelled at himself……………



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