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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 30

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I was inside a taxi when a thought bump into my head.


‘Why should I be the one to go meet him?, what does he take me for?, Mr Mavis you’re really taking me granted.’


“Driver please turn the car around…..” I said


I’ll go stay with Ruth, when he sees am not coming to him he’ll be the one to panick, useless so called husband’.


Already Leon’s men has gone to the building and captured the group of men.


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Sasha saw that the tracker has changed location.


“Sir….you have to see this!” she yelled and rush to Leon. “The tracker is changing location….do you think they


already captured her?”


“What direction is it heading?” he asked.


“Honey Villa” she said.


“She’s going to Ruth, prepare my car” Leon said.


“Mr Mavis you can drive your health…..”


“Just shut up and do as I say!!!” he yelled, his eyes spark in anger.


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I got to Ruth apartment. I narrated everything to her.


“So if Leon should come here and ask of you I should tell him you’re not here?” she asked and I nodded, “I can’t!!”


“Why?” I asked


“Because am scared of him….his face is scary, I can’t bring myself to lie to him…I mean he is Leonel Mavis” she


said and a car drove into her compound.


“That must be him…..Ruth you can do this….don’t let him in….tell him am not here….tell him you didn’t see


me at all…..go….”


“Gem…I can’t he’s too scary…… please I can’t….”


“Ruth he’s not scary at all……he’s an ass…..go go….” I push her towards the door and ran to the kitchen.


Leon knock at the door twice and Ruth took a deep breath and opened the door. She immediately lock the door and came outside.


“Hi….I mean good evening…..Mr…..”


“Were is Gem?” he asked in a cold voice sending shiver into Ruth’s body.


“She’s….she’s….not….she said I should tell you she’s not here….but she’s inside….” she quickly said opened the


door for Leon.


I heard the door opened from the kitchen. I took a glass of water and step out of the kitchen


“Ruth did he left already???, I told you he…….” when I saw Leon I drop the glass in shock and glass shattered


on the floor.


“Kitten….. don’t move an inch….” he said and rush towards me and carried me in his hands away from the


broken glass.


“Kitten are you okay?, did you get hurt??” he asked looking at my body. I really missed that name, I really want to hug him tight, kiss him hard and just hold him to myself but I felt something pulling me back.


“Why are you here?” I asked.


“Kitten….I……am sorry…..”


“Three weeks and a half Leon….did you even think of me?” I asked.


“I know I messed up….am sorry….let me make it up to you……..”


“Leon who am I to you?” I asked


“Gem you’re my wife!” he said and I showed him my leg fingers….. showing him I wasn’t wearing a wedding




“Am not married Leon. Leon….what do you really want. Me or Rose……”


“Gem it’s……”


“Don’t answer me yet Leon…..go think about it. When you were gone for a few weeks I thought of this….when are you telling me about your new assistant?……”


“Gem…I….I was going to tell……”


“Mr Mavis let me finish” Leon heart ache when he heard her calling him Mr Mavis not Leon. “Leon…I know you can’t let go of her….I know you can’t let go of me….so I’ve decided to let us have a break”


“Gem no…..I don’t want to leave you….” he said as tears gather in his eyes.


“Then why the hell are you still keeping her close?, you still love her!”


“I don’t!!!!!!”


“You love her!!!” I yelled


“I said I don’t……I swear what I feel for you is special …..I can’t explain…love I love you too much just too much


that it’s killing me……Gem…Rose….she’s just someone I really own my life to….she saved my life years ago….”




“Gem let’s go home” he said holding me.


“I am home….and am not going anywhere with you!” I said and tears fall from his eyes.


“Please come home with me” he said.


“I won’t….I can’t….” I cried. I step back. “Please leon I think you’d have to leave….am tired….I need….”


“Gem……Gem….don’t do this……I really love you”


“Then prove it Leon. How can you say you’re in love when you have not sacrifice anything, show me you love me…..” I said and went upstairs.


I cried myself to sleep. I woke up the next morning, after taking my bath I went downstairs.


“Gem… have to see this” Ruth said and I walk up to her only to see Leon still outside…. inside his car.


“He didn’t go home?” I asked


“No…., Gem stop this…he loves you….”


“But he doesn’t know…..he still have that Rose in his heart, I know” I said. Just then my phone rang.


The third day Leon finally left the compound. He went home and started smoking and drinking. He break glasses and vessels everywhere. He cried, yell, he refused to eat.


Doctor Chen had to call grandmother.


“He came home like this two days ago after saying he was going to bring Gem back which was fives days ago, we waited for him for three days only for him to come back and be like this”.


Grandma entered the room and saw smoke everywhere.


“Gosh Leonel what have gotten into you!!!!” she yelled.


“She hates me now…..i was foolish…..I ruined everything…..” he started crying.


“What do you mean you fool. So choose now is it Gem or Rosemary!!!!” she yelled.


“Rose……” he said


“What?, Leon are you stupid, you’re really choosing Rose?” she yelled.


“No grandma……can you bring her to me…..I want to make things clear”.


Leon took his bath and went into another room as the maids clear his room.


Rose walk into the house and the servant directed her to the room Leon was.


“Hi Leon……” Rose was surprised as Leon drag her and pulled her in for a kiss……….



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