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Shades Of Lust – Season 2 Episode 29

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Season 2 Episode 29&30



I silently stared at Jessica for some seconds while she keenly waited for my reply. Leaving town was surely a good idea but leaving with her was something I just wasn’t ready for. I needed a little privacy. I needed to be on my own for a while to put my body and soul in order. Yes I owed her some favors but I never bargained on leaving the city and starting a new life with her in another city.


‘’listen jess dear, I know you have good intentions for me but for now I’m just not thinking straight. I badly need to rest and relax’’ I stammered softly. She shook her head, unconvinced with my reply.


‘’I know you have an answer already in your heart. It clearly shows in your eyes. Don’t beat around the bush and tell me what you feel about my suggestion?’’ she asked seriously, leaving me with no choice than to be honest with her.



‘’I really want to leave town but not with you. I just need a little vacation alone to clear my head and plan for my future’’ I explained slowly. She drew back, observing me suspiciously.


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‘’how about me?, I hope you are not thinking of abandoning me and your baby here to die of depression?. How about our wedding plans?, don’t tell me you have also forgotten about it?’’ she asked quickly. I shook my head.


‘’you are a big girl. You can perfectly take care of yourself till I return. Forget about the wedding stuff for now. I just want to be alone. Thank you for getting me home’’’ I answered, smiling to put down my point while she stood up with great disappointment and disbelief.


‘’why are you so wicked?, why are you so cold?, why are you so heartless?. Have I ever done anything bad to you?. You only think about yourself but forget that I’m now a part of you. How do you expect me to live with pregnancy outside marriage at my age?. Come on please this is so unfair’’ she cried desperately. I swallowed hard and looked away. I just wasn’t ready to wed her. I had to be with a clear mind before going through that path again.


‘’but it’s not as if we aren’t married. Haven’t we done our traditional marriage?’’ I asked defensively. She sighed.


‘’thank you for everything. I thought my happiness was with you but I was mistaken. I still can’t imagine the reason you showed up in my life in the first place’’ she muttered angrily, shook her head and headed back to my bedroom where she cried her heart out. I couldn’t get myself to continue with the meal after such an emotional discussion moreover she cried so loud that my conscience began to hurt me.


I was forced to join her at the bedroom to see if I could come into an agreement with her. It really was the first time I was seeing Jessica cry so emotionally and yes it touched me because it showed that she was still a woman no matter her tough character unless of course she was faking it.




[Jude’s side of the story continues]


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[8pm, Jude’s hostel]


I was in my room, thinking about the new strategy to use on Tracy as my stomach growled once again, biting me at the same time. I drank two bottles of malt with five slices of bread in the afternoon plus a plate of Indomie an hour ago yet it was just as if nothing had entered my stomach all day.


I really felt like eating something solid like soup, garri or even beans. The kind of stuff only found in Tracy’s pot. The girl really knew I couldn’t survive a week without her and was just using everything to punish me. I really had hoped that since she said we were still cool as friends that I would have the luxury of eating from her pot but I was badly mistaken. She was all out to injure me where it hurt the most.


I was busy thinking about Tracy when I perceived a sweet aroma coming from a neighbor’s room. I quickly sat upright as I salivated, thinking of doing something most guys in my hostel were fond of doing which I used to frown on. Yes the aroma of fried plantain coming from Beauty’s room was too strong to be ignored and before I even knew what I was doing, I was at her door for the first time in my life.


You can’t imagine the surprise on Beauty’s face the moment she opened her door to see me smiling politely. As a big boy I knew the last thing she suspected was that I was in her room out of hunger.


‘’hmmmm Jude am I safe or are you here on Tracy’s behalf?’’ she asked guardedly while I blushed.


‘’no I’m here to keep you company. I have been alone all day in my room’’ I answered while she stared at me suspiciously, totally unconvinced with my reply.


‘’Tracy no longer talks to me. We broke up last Xmas and it really hurts’’ I explained weakly. Her eyes quickly lit up with interest or probably out of curiosity.



‘’oh come in then and gist me how it all happened. You know you guys were too close for something like that to happen?’’ she giggled, letting me into her room as she eagerly awaited my story while I swallowed hard as my eyes fell on a plate filled with fried plantain.


To be continued below





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