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Patricia – Episode 7

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In the next day, Patricia arrives at the hospital and she heard the nurses gossiping. “You know what girls, I just can’t help myself from thinking. Doctor Ronato has all the qualities of a man. He is cute, hardworking, intelligent, nice and fun to be with. He is a kind of person whom every woman would always wanted. But because he is a womaniser, he ruined everything about his personality “said Laurette. “You are absolutely right Laurette. I just feel pity for doctor Domingo. I hope she doesn’t fall for his charming ways “said Delia as Patricia walk towards them angrily. “Enough of the gossips! Don’t you guys have something relevant to do? “said Patricia. “We are sorry doctor “they chorused, then Patricia walk away. “Did she heard us? “Lucia asked. “Seems like it “Delia replied. “It isn’t a secret anymore. Everyone knows about it. She also have the right to know “said Laurette. “I guess you are right “Christina added.





Alfredo P. O. V.

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In his office, busying with his laptop, trying to figure some things out. Then Kamila enters “Hi Alfredo “said Kamila. “Oh it’s you Kamila. How are you? “he asked, but still focusing on his laptop. “Aren’t you going to look into my eyes? “Kamila asked. “I’m sorry Kamila. I’m really busy right now “said Alfredo as Kamila walk towards him and shut down the laptop. “Oh no Kamila. What have you done? What’s up with you? “he said Kamila. “I’m really sorry Alfredo. But what can I do? It’s obvious you are trying to avoid me “said Kamila. “It’s Okay……


So what brings you here? “he asked. “Can’t I come here to visit my friend? “said Kamila. “Sure you can. I don’t mean it that way “said Alfredo and Kamila sit. “So tell me, how do I look in my outfit? “she asked. “As always, you look good “he



replied. “That’s all? Just good? Is that all you can say about me? Oh common Alfredo, just say something else “said Kamila as she stands again, walking towards Alfredo, turning around over and over again. Then Alfredo realises she is wearing ‘SHOW ME YOUR BACK ‘dress. “So now, I’ll do I look? “said Kamila, smiling. “Em, Em, you, you, you look great. You look perfect “he stammered. Then Kamila bent to Alfredo’s level in order to place her lips to his. But Alfredo pushed her away immediately, then he stand up, trying to get her from falling. “I’m really sorry Kamila but you are getting too fast. We’ve talked about this before, haven’t we? We are just friends and that’s all “said Alfredo as Kamila starts to cry. “Ever since till now, you have always refused my love for you. But I don’t get angry at you in any way because I always believe that one day, you would find a place in your heart for me to let in. Despite the way I dressed this way all because of you. I guess I was wrong. I was wrong by believing on something like that “said Kamila. “But I didn’t ask you to dress this way for me……… I’m really sorry Kamila but I suggest you should leave now “said Alfredo who isn’t even looking at her ‘Eye to Eye’.

Then Kamila left in fury and tears.





Patricia P. O. V.


(Walking around) She is still thinking about what she heard about Ronato from the nurses. Then she suddenly heard someone voiced out her name loudly from behind. She turned back and the person turns out to be Ronato. Then Ronato run towards her. “Hi Patricia “said Ronato. “Hi “she replied. “I’ve been looking all over for you since yesterday but I was told you already left. Actually, I just want to say sorry to you, that’s all. You see, things didn’t go well between us yesterday because of what happened the other day. That’s why I came here to apologise “said Ronato. “Same here. I was also looking for you to say sorry on how rudely I behaved towards you yesterday. I’m really sorry about that “said Patricia.(Join Group) More stories @ “It’s Okay. Let’s leave that. It’s in the past now. We should be looking forward to our future now. I mean we should start new beginnings “said Ronato as he moved one step closer to Patricia. “Meaning? “Patricia asked, even if she knows what he is getting at. “What I meant is that we didn’t introduce ourselves fully to each other. So I suggest we should start all over again……… By the way, you can call me Ronato “said Ronato as he


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stretches his hand forward to Patricia. “Call me doctor Domingo “said Patricia as she received the handshake. “Doctor Domingo? But why that? Why not Patricia? “he asked. “Because that is the only polite way I could think of for us not to cross



any lines “she replied. “Lines? As in boundaries? “he asked again, making sure. “You are absolutely correct, doctor “she replied. “Hold on, what are you trying to insinuate? “he asked. “I’m just trying to tell you the kind of women you are actually interested in, which I am absolutely not one of them “she replied. “What! “he got shocked. “Yes doctor. So henceforth, it would be strictly professional between us, doctor Gomez “said Patricia as she walked out on him. “Hold on a second, could that means she has known everything me? But how? “he asked himself.


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Antonio & Sabrina P. O. V.


They both have a cup of coffee on the table in front of them. “You know what Sabrina, I’m really proud of your daughters especially Patricia. She’s such a brilliant girl. You have given birth to such a great woman. And you know what, she really took after you. Both with her intelligence and of course her beauty “said Antonio. “Thanks for the compliment Antonio “said Sabrina as she smiles. “Speaking of your daughters, I haven’t seen Innocencia anywhere around. Where is she? “he asked. “I sent her on an errand “she replied. “Okay then…….. Actually I


just want to ask her about the school she would love to attend so that I can enroll her into it as soon as possible. I hope you don’t mind “said Antonio as Sabrina got excited. “Of course I don’t. Innocencia will be so extremely happy to hear this. Thank you so much Antonio “said Sabrina as she hug Antonio all of a sudden, which caught him by surprise. But after a while, he got used to it and he smile.




Patricia & Alicia P. O. V.


In the library (a place where all doctors read and take a break for a while before resuming back to their position)……Here, Patricia and Alicia are the only one in the


library, having a conversation. “I’m really glad we happened to finish half of our rounds at the same time. I really want to talk to you “said Alicia. “Yes what is it? “Patricia asked. “Nothing serious. Just wanna ask about Ronato “Alicia replied.


“Well we’ve talked. And we’ve settled our differences “said Patricia. “And? “Alicia asked curiously. “What do you mean? “Patricia asked. “Well I just want to know if you guys are friends now “Alicia replied. “Well no. We aren’t friends, nor are we enemies “Patricia replied. “But why? “Alicia asked. “I think it would be best if things between doctor Gomez and I just remain professional from now on. I mean,



how can I be friends with a womaniser “Patricia replied as Alicia started feeling guilty. “I also knew about it. And I’m really sorry if I didn’t tell you earlier. I just don’t want it to come straight from me. I believed that when the time comes, you will also know about it “Alicia pleaded. “You don’t need to ask for forgiveness on that small matter. I understand you completely Alicia. So don’t worry about it anymore “said Patricia. “So what are you planning on doing now? “Alicia asked. “Just like I said before, things would only remain profession between us, nothing more. I can’t make friends with a womaniser. Most especially not him “she replied. “Just from the way you talked, it’s like you don’t want to make friends with him because he is a womaniser. So what if he is not like that, would you still make friends with him “Alicia asked again. “Of course not. He’s not even my type of man I can make friends with “said Patricia, smiling. “Alright if you say so “said Alicia as the both smile at each other.







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