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My Crazy And Erotic Romance – Episode 16

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chapter 16






“Calm down family he is my PA, dad mom this is davis king monteiro my personal assistant” she said


I felt somehow but I just maintained a smiling face


“I believe the name monteiro ring a bell right dad” she said


“Omg this can be! What a coincidence, you mean this cute PA of yours is the son to bald head monteiro? ” her dad said in superise


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I was forced to laugh. Truly my dad is bald am just surprise mr gray knows my dad.


“Please marry me ” scarlet screamed


She is really crazy


I turn to look at sky who glared at her sis


“What is it freak!!! He is your PA not your boyfriend so stop being over protective


of him” scarlet said as she stuck out her tongue at sky


I chuckle quietly, this family is something else


“Nice to meet you hotty now let’s get you settled down ” her mom said with a wink


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Did she just flirt with me??


oh please let’s get married in Dubai today ” scarlet said with a squeak What kind of witch is this


“I trust you will enjoy your stay in here” their dad said gesturing his hands


What a nice man.


“Welcome to Paris monsieur davis” her said with a warm smile I felt at home.


“Thank You so much mr and Mrs gray am honoured to be at your home.


I never expected this family to be this nice tho ****””***””


Its been hours since we had settled in, my room was superb with a king sized bed and a exclusive bathroom.


Have taken a cool bath in the tub to ease my muscles


Woow what a life.


Was lying comfortablely on my bed texting some random girls on Facebook


When that scarlet witch burst into my room without knocking


Gush what did I ever do to deserve a witch as my disturber.


“Hey hotty, ” she said standing at the door post like a soldier


” scarlet ” I said sarcastically



“Dinner is served mom said I should call you ” she winked at me


Can this day get any crazier


I followed her do wnstairs where all the family members were seated comfortably waiting for me, and a strange guy too I wonder who he is He was seated close to sky.


“Davis dear have your seat let’s have dinner ” Mrs gray said and signal the maids to start serving



Mr gray gestured me to a seat beside him which I took


“Baby is he your assistant?” The dude said


I was forced to look at him, then back to sky. I gave her a look that says explain yourself






Me and my dad was busy talking about business while davis was upstairs in his room


I wonder what he is doing right now.


We were still talking when kelvin my childhood friend came looking for me


Kelvin has always had a big crush on me since 4th grade, he is handsome too but not as handsome as my davis


Aishh did I just call him my davis


He decided to stay for dinner with us


scarlet had gone to call davis who Came shortly looking dangerously handsome Swears ion mind having him right now on this table.


“Baby is he your assistant ” Kelvin asked making davis look at me immediately “erm sorry mind my manners, kelvin meet my assistant davis meet my.. “My fiancee ” kelvin concluded with a smirk


Huh what is he talking about


Davis almost choked on his drink


‘”Huh no actually Kelvin is just my friend ” I tried to explain



“No my child am afraid not, we were gonna explain everything to you soonest Kelvin here is your bethrothed he is your fiancee ” dad said


“What!! Dad what are you talking about ” I asked getting angry


“Exactly what you thinking my dear kelvin is your fiancee sooner or later you gonna get married and have cute babies” mum said with a smile


“But what if ion dont want any of this” I said


All this while kelvin and davis keep glaring at each other


“Yes please get married soon freak!! Davis lets get married too and have cute babies cuter than theirs ” scarlet said


“Table manners please ” I murmured so scarlet would stop talking


She is the freak not me


“Thanks mr and Mrs gray for the dinner I would like to go back to my room now that’s if you don’t mind” Davis said with a slight bow and Walked away


I know he must b


e angry,


Gotta go after him and clear up the air.


“Dad, mum I will right back ” I said and stood up quietly




“Oh so its now a stand up show right scarlet said sarcastically


okay me too am gonna stand up too”



I rolled my eyes at her


“Babe are you okay? ” kelvin asked



“Stop calling me that will you” I growled at him






I got to my room and slammed the door close Finally some peace and quiet


So that ugly punk is gonna be the one have skyler?? Not on my watch. The idiot is just rich but has no class


I know he is jealous of my handsomeness. I chuckled t my own statement.


A knock came on the door


“Come in the door ain’t locked” I Murmured


It opened and behold it was ice queen bride to punk king


“What do you want now madame boss lady ” I said sarcastically


“Chill davis can we talk” she said softly


“Yeah sure ” I said and usher her to my bed She sat on the edge looking me But I still maintained a straight face


I just wanna kiss her


“Am sorry about what happened down there, kelvin has been my friend for a long time, I knew he had a crush on me since 4th grade but I never expected him to go as far as involving my family “she said quietly


This time I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her as I drew her close and placed my lips on hers tenderly


Her lips felt so warm, she rapped her arms around my neck firmly While I made her seat on me



I nibble on her lower lips and bit em softly while she moaned into my mouth


Gush have missed this


I planted kisses on her neck down to her b***bs I took them outta the shirt she is wearing and took one of her cute n****ples into my mouth and sucked while smooching the other one


She moaned like someone short of air. I know every last of my touch has a crazy effect on her body


I took time to suck her hard till she is dripping wet


I used my index finger and teased her p*”**”*y entrance making her shiver with pleasure


“Please f****k me Davis I can’t take it anymore ” she pleaded with her eyes closed


I lifted her gown and inserted my finger into her honey pot as her p****y juice we’re dripping on my hand


I finger f****ked her in a slow way this time around while I earned a moan from her


I removed my hand and held onto the edges of her pant as I ripped it off again and dumped it at a corner


She trailed her spotless hand around my belt and pulled it it off after taking off my shirt


She dragged down my denim jeans and brought out my beast which was hard like a rock.


She squats before and took it into her warm mouth sucking me real good She licked and bit the tip making me moan in pleasure


She took my scrotum in her mouth and sucked em wet.


Jeez this feel so good



I dragged her up and made her sat on my her honey pot welcomed my d****k as she closed her eyes and started flipping her *ss up and down my d**k like a pro She is really good it this, I held on to her waist as we made love, she kept moaning sweetly into my ears



I made her kneel on her fours as I thrust deep into her from behind making her shiver


I was f***king her not too fast and too slow.


We were both enjoying it


When someone barged in on us


Making me stop


“What the heck is going on here “???


Uhh ohh




Who barged in on them????



my crazy and erotic romance

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