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His New Secretary – Episode 13

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Episode 13





Asher’s POV


I can’t believe you can be this scared ” I said and laughed humorously . Yeah like I said I must retaliate for what he did to my young daughter and Nora too. Even if I can’t find them yet , I’m gonna find them soon. I kept myself anonymous so people won’t find out it’s me especially this Emmett here who almost killed me and yeah we used to be best of friends but not anymore. Thou that should be a story for another day .


I’m really sorry for everything I have caused, I was being manipulated please forgive me ” he begged while I smirked.


Forgive you you say? You must be a joker, it’s all because of your stupidity that all this happened. You made me rape an innocent woman for nothing you and now I’m very sure she hates me more than she does to you huh? You think you can be in power forever?” I yelled angrily. He threatened to set me ablaze if I don’t rape


Nora, my own friend! How pathetic .

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I’m already a changed person Asher and my lunatic wife is gone, I was being used also please believe me and don’t kill me” he said


What’s my business with him being used or not ..


You should say that some other times, boys ! ” I shouted while they rushed in immediately.


Yes boss ”


Take him away and give him the torture of his life and as for his wife ? Get her anywhere , you know what to do with her” I ordered and they dragged that fool away..I’m going to kill him slowly if possible.


He did this to me .




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23years back


Give me another Champaign ” I said to the waitress


So Asher what did you say you want to discuss with me ?” Emmett asked


Uhhm I…I ..”


When did you start stammering, talk to me now will you?” He said and chuckled seeing how tensed I looked


I think I’m in love with Nora ” I said and shook my head. I know it’s gonna be tough here


Wow! That’s a good news Asher have finally falling in love but wait which Nora




Uhhm the one working in your mansion” I said while he choke on his drink


What ? Have you gone crazy?” He asked which I shook my head negatively



I’m not crazy Emmett, I can’t hide it anymore” I said pleadingly. I don’t know why he hates the girl so much because of what her father did to their family way before the innocent girl was given birth to . He derives joy in seeing her suffer that’s why he purposely brought her into the mansion. I mean he has succeeded in murdering her family then why not leave her alone ?


You can’t fall for her , not her ” he yelled and hit the table


Please Emmett , she’s not the one that wronged you! You’ve killed her family then what else did you want ?” I snapped


You want to know? I want to see her suffer . Yes I believe her father will be seeing her from the hell he is ” he yelled back while I sighed ..


Please leave her for the sake of me” I pleaded while he glared at me before standing up and left muttering incoherent words..








I’m planning on confessing my love for Nora today if I get to Emmett mansion


even if he’s against it I don’t care. I mean , I can’t let my happiness die because of


his hard heart.


Yeah I live alone in my father’s mini house he left for me before he died .


When I was done, I left for there and in no time I arrived but Emmett was home. I went to him to give him our normal brotherly hug but he shunned me ..


What’s up bro ” I said taking a sit beside me which he stopped me


I’m not your bro you fool” he said and sip his drink


What’s the problem Emmett” I asked


You are the problem Asher, I want you to take advantage of of Nora” he said leaving me confused.


” What did you mean ”


I said rape her , don’t you get it ?” He spat freely


I can now agree that you have gone nuts , I will never do that to an innocent girl ” I said and stood up to leave.


I give you 4hours else I will set you ablaze ” he said coldly while I freeze at my very spot





{End flashback


Present! I was so foolish then but I couldn’t choose death either . He’s evil and doesn’t deserve any forgiveness.




Ella’s POV


” Wake up Elle you will get late for work ” mum said .


We are still in the hospital because the money hasn’t been completed and my salary will be paid in the next few days or so.


Morning mum” I said and stretched myself lazily on the bed


Morning princess, you need to go home and get ready for work ” she said


I will but will prepare something for you anf bring it before going to work okay ” I said coming out of the bed ..


Alright and stop lazing around” she said and chuckled while I nodded and dashed out of the ward .









Good morning sir” I greeted Mr boss while I dropped his coffee. He stared at me for a while before nodding his head . Wait ! Did he still remember what I did to him the other day? Oh my ! I’m doomed .


How was the surgery, I guess it was a success” he asked when I was about turning the door knob to leave


Yes it was and thanks for asking” I said . I’m not surprised how he knew about me thou he’s a rich man and has anything he wants anyways..


And why’s he being cool today? I wanted asking him of the Harley girl but is it any of my concern?


Ms Carter” he called while I paused


Your remaining salary will be transferred to you so you can pay the hospital bills




Wow ! Is this really the rude boss ? Maybe he has a motive


Thank you sir thank you so much ” I said and jumped up in joy before going out of the office..


Reed’s POV


I saw how happy she looks and smirked .


I didn’t just decided to pay her the money, i mean when have I become that kind?

I did that so her mum could be discharged soon and I will use that opportunity to


pay her a surprise visit which I know might get her angry .


That’s what I want .. I’m sure she will be discharged this evening then I will go


there after work tomorrow evening m


Yeah very perfect!


I can’t wait to see the look that she will hold on her face .. .





He won’t seem to amaze me .


His New Secretary

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