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The Lost Princess – Episode 41

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Chappie forty one




“I should have killed her along with her parents when I had the chance” Eze seeths.


“What are you talking about dad” Unice scoffs. “you did have the chance but you failed, she should have died along with her parents”.


“Yes she should, cgn you imagine her being alive is threatening now she’s I just don’t know”.


“Do we stick to plan dad?” Unice asked.


“Yes and we will have a back up plan”.


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“Then I will have to employ mt action mode”.


“Yes o”.


“Unice,dad what are you guys planning this time? Dad haven’t you done enough it’s better that she hates us what else do you want? Can’t you see the throne can never be yours” Adanna Unice’s younger sister said walking into the room where Unice and her dad were whispering to each other.


“Meshonu! Who asked you to talk?” Unice yelled.


“Unice I don’t know how you could be so blind not to know that dad is using you for his selfish interest,Max is meant for Marie from the beginning”.


“Shut up Adanna” Unice yelled landing a slap on her sister’s face.


“Hmmm” Adanna scoffs “I know you won’t repent just so you know, both of you are walking on destructive path, you want to wage war against someone that have God with her, you are both playing with fire and it’s going to burn you both trust me” She said and walked out of the room.



“Am out of here” Unice said leaving her father inside the room.

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“Please Amaka let me see the Princess please I beg of you” Jessica begged frantically.


“Am sorry Jesse the Princess said she didn’t want to see any of you”.


“Please Marietta please let me see you” she yelled.


“Jessica please stop shouting you are disturbing the Princess’s peace”.


“I won’t stop until she heard me, Ada please year me out” she yelled again.


“Amaka let her in” Ann said finally after some minutes.


Immediately Jessica entered she went to sit on Ann’s leg.


“What is the meaning of This?” Ann asked bemused.


“What does it look like, don’t you remember how you use to carry me on your laps, Mum said you love carrying me that you always cried that you don’t have a sister” Jessica replied.


“Oh that was then, I have a sister am in love with now”.


“Yes I know” Jessica replied sadly “but am still your sister”.


“Hmm” Ann snorts.


“Please Ada forgive me, am not even interested in the throne and Max is too old for me, am just twenty I was talked into doing it we thought you weren’t coming back please forgive me no amount of excuses can justify what I did” Jessi cried.


“Hmm” she smiled. “Have forgiven you” she smiled sincerely at her.



“Are you for real? Thank you, thank you” Jessica replied as she laid her head on her laps.


“So you are off Max’s back” Ann teased while they were conversing.


“Nah Max is too old for me besides, I have my own boyfriend”.


“Uhhh” she cooed. “What’s his name?.


“His name is Julius don’t worry we will both pay you a visit one day”.


“No problem dear” she laughed.




“Ann why are you here?” Granny asked.


“Granny you are so funny so I can’t greet my grandmother again?”.


“No daughter, come inside what should I offer you?”.


“Hmm do you have oha soup?”.


“Thank you” she said clapping her hands happily “those maids in the palace they don’t know how to cook”.


“Hmmm so you miss my cookings”.


“Mama please can you teach me how to cook all these dishes, I want to surprise Max when I go to Lagos”.


“Oh I will come to the palace to teach you there”.


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“Princess how many days are you going to spend here?”.



“Mama I will stay as long as I want, am lonely in the palace no one to talk to and my father’s family are screaming enemy anytime I see them”.


“It’s well my child”.


“So am staying here as long as I want to, palace responsibilities can wait, I miss everyone am just lonely there”.


“No problem go drop your clothes in your former room”.


“Clothes Mama I didn’t pack any cloth before leaving here, don’t worry let me go change my clothes I will be right back”.




“How are you my favorite sis?” Ann said to the phone.


“Sis how are you? How you doing?”.


“Am fine, am cool” she smiled.


“Gwed Ann I missed you so much”.


“Me too, what of mum and Dad?”.


“They are here we are all at home”.


“My regards to them, I have something to tell you” Ann said.


“What?” She exclaimed “did Max break up with you?”.


“Nope idiot he can’t break up with me he is struck with me”.


“What is it?”.


“I learnt some tricks and magic in the palace”.


“Hmm tell me”.


“I will perform a magic now, come to the door , you will see the gift I have for you “.


“Ok it better worth my time”.


“Just go out and get the gift , you whine too much”she said.


“Ok your highness”.



To be continued







What Happened In Anambra

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