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Loving My Lifesaver – Episode 8

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Episode eight





“Ricky, aren’t we wasting much time?, Eva is not dead yet and we know that, why are we wasting time?, We should kill her” I said


“I know, but there’s someone I want us to kill first” he answered


“Who’s that?” I asked


“Benson Bills” he answered and my eyes widened


“You mean he’s still in this country?” I asked

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“Absolutely yes” he answered and I snapped my fingers


“Then let’s get rid of him first” I said and gave her the girl


“Take her back to the room and make sure you tie her very well, we’ll kill her the day we kill her sister” I said, grinning evily…


Eva Anderson



I can’t help but keep thinking of Danny, why am I feeling like this?, Why this new feeling?, Is this concern or worry?, No, this is totally different…


“Hello Eva” Tony said, interrupting my thoughts, it’s actually 8pm, Danny is on night shift today so I and Tony are the only ones at home…


“You’re such a pain” I yelled


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“For interrupting your thought about Danny?” He said and I jerked up


“How in the world did you know I was thinking about him?” I asked curiously


“I’m still the brilliant guy you know and I know when someone is in love” he answered


“What are you talking about?” I asked


“I always see how you stare at him and steal glances at him, how you smile when he smiles and how worried you get when he’s unhappy” he said and I nodded


“So?” I asked


“Answer my questions, you always think about him?” He asked


“Yes” I answered


“You miss him when he’s not around?”




“And you wish you were always with him?”




“Just answer my question” he said


“Ok yes” I answered



“Then case closed, no doubt you’re in love with him” he said and I admitted it “But why didn’t I feel this way for Ricky my first love?” I asked


“Maybe because it wasn’t love you felt for him, it’s infatuation” he said and I nodded


“Come here, let’s watch what he’s doing in the hospital right now” he said and zoomed his computer to Danny’s office, he’s not there


“Zoom it to the operating room” I said and he did There he is, performing a surgery on a patient


“My brother is so cute while performing surgery” he exclaimed and I smiled. “I know right?, He’s always cute” I answered


“You know I have a crush in your hospital, I always see both of you together in the camera, she’s so beautiful” he said and I stood up


“You mean Laura!!!” I asked


“Yes, I always hear you call her that” he answered


“Laura is one hell of a phsyco” I said as the doorbell rang and we both spranged to our feet


“Are you expecting someone?” We asked simultaneously “No” we said simultaneously and my heart skipped a beat “Hope it’s not what I’m thinking” he said, obviously trembling


We both tiptoed to the door and checked the door camera, I saw Laura



“My God, what is she doing here, she must not know I live here” I said “Who’s it?” Tony asked, taking a look at the camera


“My crush!!!” He exclaimed and opened the door before I can stop him


“Eva!!!” Laura exclaimed


“I can explain” I said


“Nothing to explain, you know I have sharp wits, I knew it, so you live with the chief doctor” she said..


“Em…em, yes” I wishpered


“Don’t be ashamed to say it, it’s actually a good thing that my Bestie is dating the chief doctor” she said and my eyes widened


“No, it’s not like that, I just live with him and nothing more” I said and she smiled


“I actually came to know the doctor’s house, but I found the lights on, that’s why I got curious and rang the doorbell, and here you are” she rushed…


“I thought you were also on night shift” I said…


“Em yes, but I lied that I’m sick and chief doctor Daniel let me go” she replied “Oh, Tony,meet my best friend, doctor Laura” I said and Tony smiled.. “Laura,meet my Tony,my kid Tony” I said and saw him grimace…


“How could you be calling a hot guy like this a kid” Laura wishpered “He’s just twenty” I said and Tony squinted


“What about me?, I’m twenty one” Laura answered



“You know I never asked, so Tony is twenty, you’re twenty one, I’m twenty two and Daniel is twenty three” I said and we all laughed..


Let’s have some fun but let’s take it slow cos doctor Daniel will be back in the morning” I said and we ordered some liquor since Danny doesn’t keep it at home


It was brought in a jiffy and we started drinking…


“I love you” Tony said to Laura drunkenly


“I love you too” Laura replied, drunk as well


“My God, these two are bad drinkers” I said as I recorded their video…


After a short while, we all slept off…


In the late hours of the morning, I woke up and found Laura and Tony still sleeping


I woke them up…


“I can’t believe I actually slept here” Laura said, yawning loudly


“First time I’ll ever drink” Tony said, standing up


“You two are bad drinkers, can you imagine what you both said to each other when you were drunk last night?” I asked and showed them the video


Tony:I love you


Laura: I love you too


I looked at them both after showing them


“I didn’t mean that!!!” They both said simultaneously, eyes widened like shocked frogs…



“What do you all think you’re doing right now!!!” Someone yelled and we turned back to see Danny, standing by the kitchen door…


My eyes widened


“Doctor Daniel” I said unbelievably


“Chief doctor Daniel” Laura mumbled


“Brother, when did you get in?” Tony asked


“When you were all sleeping like logs when you should be at work, so you’ve turned this place to a bar, I thought I said liquor is prohibited here” he said, obviously angry


“We’re sorry” we all said


“Do you all even know what the time says?” He asked and I checked the time




“My God!!!” I exclaimed as I ran upstairs, Laura followed me and Tony ran to his room also


“You’ll borrow me one of your clothes, I still have a spare lab coat to put on when I get to the office” Laura said as we entered the bathroom…


“I’m so embarrassed” I wishpered












(She also wants him)



© Authoress Naomi



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