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Siren – Season 1 Episode 29

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#Chapter 29✓



Zeemah writes






“Why the hell did you shoot him!!!” I yelled but stopped when my eyes got clearer.


Darrel dodged the bullet!


“This house is already surrounded with cops, anymore move from you will implicate you further. Drop your gun!” Darrel said crouching with his pistol aimed at Anne.

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I turned to look at Anne who was shivering.




What am i gonna do?


“Mia are you okay?” Darrel asked and i nodded.


Anne should just use me as cover..


Darrel stood up slowly and started walking to her.


“Anne, use me as cover” I whispered in most tiniest voice but she didn’t hear me.



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“Drop your gun!” He said to her but she didn’t.


I’m very glad her mask is still on.


“I think I’ll need to shoot you now even though i made a promise not to kill you but bring you in alive” Darrel said and cocked his gun.


He’s damn serious this time!


Anne suddenly dragged me up and placed me in front of her pointing her gun at my temple.


She heard me!




“You come nearer and i blow off her skull” She said boldly.


I faked fear and started shivering.


Darrel sighed furiously,with his hand brisking through his hair.


“Leave her out of this and face me squarely” He said.


“Be ready to lose her then” Anne said and tightened her grip on my neck.


“Shift to the window” I whispered to her and she slowly did,still using me as cover.


“Please don’t kill me” I cried and saw Darrel’s eyes darkened.


“Do not hurt her!” He said.


“Then let me go” Anne said.


“I thought you always like to fight it out” Darrel said.


“Not today” she said and he laughed, raising up his head.


“Release your grip on my neck,you’re choking me” I quickly whispered to her before Darrel could bring down his head. “Sorry” she whispered, releasing her grip.


I sighed in relief and resumed my fake cry.


“You think I’m joking?” Anne asked and cocked her pistol.


Darrel’s eyes widened and he smiled.


I knew he has other plan in mind.


“Would it be nice to lose her just because you’re not letting me go” Anne said.


“You know what’s stopping me from killing you now?” Darrel asked.


Anne bit her lip giving me a ‘what-kind-of-man-is-this’ look.


I also dunno!


“I think you don’t like her,her life is a joke to you right?” She said.


“You really made a nice decision to use her as cover,else you would have been


long gone. Release her now” He said.


“I won’t”


Darrel thinned his eyes and shifted back,he glanced round my room.


“Anne,he won’t let you go,just push me and jump out of the window” I whispered to her.


She suddenly pushed me and i landed beside my stool hitting my arm in the






I glanced back and she was gone.




Darrel rushed to the window, placing his phone in front of his lips.


I wondered what he was doing until he spoke up.



She’s sliding down a rope now, she’ll get down soon. Make sure you capture her,I’ll come join you soon” He said into his phone.




He turned and rushed back to me.


“Are you okay?” He asked and i nodded.


“I’m so sorry for involving you in all this” He said.


“It’s fine” I said.


His breathing was fast as he brushed back my hair to look at my face.


My stomach coiled as i stared into his eyes.


I feel like i betrayed him when i didn’t.


“I’m sorry, i have to go now” He said and surprisingly he kissed me.


On the lips!


Other things erased from my mind at that moment.


It felt like something quickly connected deep inside me.


I was in shock and didn’t respond but i can’t deny that i like it anyway. Mia!


No, i don’t like it.


But he’s still kissing me and I’m not pushing him away.


Well … My arm is hurting so i can’t push him away.


He stopped kissing me and I’ve never felt so shy in my life,i couldn’t stare directly at his face.




We just kissed.


“I’m sorry i did that,i just couldn’t resist” He said and i stared at his moist lips


wondering how my lips will look like.


He kissed my forehead and i felt chills.


I nearly smiled but held myself.



“I’ll be back,i need to capture that assassin” He said and stood up.


He rushed out of my room and i sat there lingering in the sweetness of the kiss.


I smiled and ended up laughing..


I don’t think I’m normal, Darrel kissed me?


And i allowed him to?


The guy I’m gonna kill soon?






I was locking the drawer when I heard people yell in the living room.


I dropped the key and quickly stood up.


I slide into my footwear and walked out of my room.


Getting to the stairs,i knew it was Steve and Darrel yelling at each other.


I walked faster and i got to the living room.


Edwin and Luke stood back, watching Darrel and Steve exchange hot words.


“Why would you allow her go just because she was using a housekeeper as cover!” Steve yelled.


“You speak like she’s not human, if she had use anyone,i mean anyone,even a stranger i would have done the same too and point of correction,i didn’t let her go. She pushed Mia and escaped”


“I heard you’re a competent CIA Agent but you’re so weak! ” Steve said.


“If i wasn’t competent i wouldn’t have been transferred here to save the asses of fools like you” Darrel replied hotly and i nearly applauded him.


The exchanges were hot.


They are exchanging words just because of an assassin who’s right here with them.



“You’re just a spoilt brat who should have just stayed in your so called wealthy father’s arms” Steve said.


Darrel raised his hand and i quickly stopped him.


“Darrel you shouldn’t raise your hands on a frustrated bitch who’s so pained about you being here instead of him” I said loud and clear making Steve eyes pop out.

Luke and Edwin cleared their throats and asked Steve if he was okay.


“Thanks babe” Darrel smiled.


My cheeks flushed at the word ‘babe’


“Luke, Edwin you guys were outside, didn’t you see her escape?” Darrel asked.


“We did but she was too fast for us” Luke said and Darrel groaned.


“I captured her plate number” Edwin said.




I should warn Anne.


“Good!” Darrel said.


“Now,real work has started,you need to inform the CIA leader that i need an IT genius”


“Okay, you’ll get one tomorrow” Luke said.


“It’s very late,you guys can leave. We’ll discuss more tomorrow” Darrel said to them.


Steve didn’t utter a word again but he sent me daggers with his look.


I should have just killed him when i had the chance to.


“Goodnight agent D” Luke and Edwin chorused before walking to the door.


Steve sleazily walked after them.


“Goodnight” Darrel called.


They walked out of the door and i quickly went to bolt it.


I turned back to Darrel who was now seated on the couch.


He rested his head on his palms.



I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a chilled pack of juice from the fridge and a glass cup.


I walked back to the living room and placed it in front of him.


I uncapped the juice and poured some into the cup before handing it to him.


He collected it with a muttered ‘thanks’.


“I hope you’re fine?” I asked.


“I should ask you that, i hope she didn’t hurt you?” He asked i shook my head.


“I’m a weakling as Steve said”


“You’re not!”


“I am..I’ve turned a weakling Mia,i wasn’t this way. I succeed in every case handed to me. Why is this being difficult,so difficult that it has turned me to a weakling. I can’t even think straight anymore” He said with pain in his eyes.


I felt so bad knowing I’m the cause of all this.


“I’m sorry Darrel” I said.


“For?” He asked.


“For not making you apprehend that assassin tonight. I made her escape” I said. “No! You don’t have to blame yourself for anything,I’m glad she didn’t even shoot you” He said.


“If she hadn’t used me as cover,you would have captured her right?” “Of course” He said.


“Then I’m the cause,i should be blamed for all these. I’m so sorry” I sniffed.


“Com’on Mia. It’s fine” He sipped his juice.


“But i heard her called your name” He said. “Yeah,I’m also surprised she knows my name” “Well … i guess nothing is hard for her to detect”


“I was asleep when she just popped into my room from the window” “Wow! Didn’t you locked your window?” He asked. “Yeah”


“Why?” He asked.


“I..i i love to feel natural air while I’m asleep” I lied.



He sighed “You need to start locking it from now on,i actually wanted to go to my room but i heard some sounds when i passed your room. I thought you were watching a movie on your phone but i had a second thought, i opened the door and confirmed my fear. Thank goodness my pistol is always with me.”


“I’m glad you came around,i was scared to the bones” I said.


“I’m surprised she’s not putting on her ninja outfit but i noticed her body seems different,like she had shed off some weight” He said. “Really?”


“Yeah,her body was just like yours” He said staring at me.




He mustn’t suspect anything.


“Ohh, Really? Her body is just like mine?” I asked.


“Exactly” He smiled.


“I’m sorry for the kiss earlier” He added.


I nodded,my eyes surprisingly trailing to his lips.


I blinked twice before scolding myself.


“Wow! It’s freaking late already” He said.


“Yeah.. I’ll go to bed now” I said and stood up.


“Bed?” He asked.




“You mean the one in your room?” He asked.


“Yess” I said.


“Hell no! You’re sleeping in my room”





Next morning


Sunlight bursted through my closed eyes.


I shifted my head and yawned,this pillow seems softer.


i feel like sleeping more but i gotta work.


I opened my eyes slowly and noticed I’m in a not too familiar room. Something hard moved beneath my arm and i turned to my side to see I was resting my arm on Darrel’s opened chest .


Ohh … I slept in his room.


But he gat a nice chest though.


Se.xy and hot!


I resisted the urge to run my fingers across the curly black hair laced on his broad chest.


“I hope you like what you’re seeing?” He suddenly asked and i nearly screamed in fear.


He’s awake!






The beautiful killer



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