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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 3

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Reena POV


Mom and dad are at it again.


What is really wrong with those two?.


What will I do with them.


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They always have a misunderstanding.


Why did they get married to each other if they have different misunderstandings?.




Over a century, have been trying to make them stop misunderstanding each other.


This is getting to much.


And worst of all, Vanessa is involve, mom is really gonna be so angry at her.


I opened the door to ivy office.


“Hi sis”.


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I said.




I sat down on the sofa in her office.


“What’s up, why do you look sad”.


She asked.


“Well its mom and dad again”.


“Ha.. If its those two then I got nothing to say again, am tried of the both of them”.


She said.


I came close to her.


“Me too, but i have to get involve cause mom Vanessa is involve”.


I said.




She asked looking at me.








Mom Vanessa is involve, this is gonna be bad.


It will take a long time for mom to forgive dad.


“What did she do? “.


I asked.



“Well, she and mom had a misunderstanding and mom took it to the internet calling mom Vanessa a gold digger and that she is trying to steal dad”. She said.




Okay this is bad.


I stood up angry.


“What the heck? What is wrong with mom?”.


I asked.


I did not wait for an answer instead I took my phone and car key.


“Where are you going to? “.


She asked.


“Am going home, someone need to talk some sense to mom”.


I said and left.


“Gosh, hope you won’t cause another problem”


I heard Reena say both I left without saying anything.






Reena POV


I quickly ran after ivy.


She entered her car and drove out of the building.


I entered my car and followed her.


She stopped at the mansion and rushed inside.


I came down from my car.


“Take park my car”.


I said giving my key to our driver.


He bowed while I rush in too.


Ivy ran to mom.


“Mom we need to talk”


Oh no, I smell trouble.








“Why did you rush in like that? “.


Mom asked.


“Why did you do it mom”.


I asked.


“What? Why did I do what? And besides I asked you a question, why did you


rushed in like that? “.


She asked.




“Mom why did you do that to mom Vanessa”.


I asked.


“Vanessa? Why did I do what? “.


She said pretending not to know what I mean.


“Why did you took your fight to the internet”.


I asked.


She laughed.


“Did she told you to come and fight me?….. Well she deserve it…. “.


“Mom seriously……. When did it get to that? “.


I yelled.


She looked at me shocked.


“I never want to get involved in your quarrel between you and dad or you and mom Vanessa, but this have cross the line, mom you have cross the line today…. Isn’t this an issue to be tackled at home”.


I asked angrily.


“Wow, my daughter have never shouted at me, but because of that Vanessa, my


daughter shouted at me today”.


she said.


“Mom, this is so low of you? “.


“Wow, first it was my husband, now my daughter. Vanessa is really a devil”.


“Mom, please stop this, stop this please”


I begged.


She looked at me.


“You even left the hospital in your coat just to shout at me… Wow…. “.


She said and left.


“Gosh, this is so frustrating”


I said.


“Yes very frustrating”


Reena said.


“What are we going to do now? “.


Ivy asked.


“We should talk to dad, he will apologize and everything will go back the same


way it use to be”.


She said.



“But the last time this happened, it took mom three years to forgive him”.


I said.


Reena signed.


“Yeah, this might even take up to ten years cause mom Vanessa is involve”.


I stood up.


“I will do all I can to make them stop this permanently “.


“Then am in, I will help you”.


Reena said.






Vanessa POV


I won’t ever forgive Freda for what she did to me.


I will make sure she suffers for it, it will be so terrible for her.


For all she did to me.


She will pay for humiliating me.


Freda mark my words, you will suffer greatly for this humiliation and i promise


that to you.






Miso POV


Tody is such a great day.


Finally my one and only vampire friend is back am so happy.


I don’t know why but I really like her around.


She is really cool and I love her.


As a friend I mean.


Even though she is the tough type, I love her like that.


She is the only friend have got since 5 years ago.


Am really lucky especially when she is vampire.






Elias POV


I looked at the water smiling.


I came to the witches place for a consultion, but something made me to check on Rebecca, but I came across this friend of hers.


She is really cute and innocent, she is good for the job.


“Can you do me a favour?.


I asked the old witch who was singing a weird song.




She said.


“Can you make me appear in front of this girl”.


I said pointing at the innocent girl.


She looked at her and looked at me.




She said.


She stood up and came very close to me.






Miso POV


I smiled opening the room where we kept some documents.


No one is in the room right now.


I need to search for a file.


I began searching for it while humming to a song.


Suddenly I felt someone at my back.


But the room is empty.


I slowly turned and screamed.


What I saw was really scary.


I turned to run but fell on the floor.


The man is a Vampire, his fangs are so long.


“Please don’t kill me”.


I said pleading.


He kept coming close to me.


“Please…. Rebecca”


I screamed.


I moved back but my back touched the wall.


He laughed and bent in front of me.


“Please please “.


I kept on pleading.


He dragged my head closer to him and bite me.


I felt his fang deep inside my throat.


So this is how I will die?.


Lord please have mercy on me.


My head hurt, it hurt so much.


I slowly close my eyes and loss consciousness.






Elias POV


I smiled satisfied with what I just did.


She is unconscious.


I forcefully woke her up.


I look deep into her eyes and her eyes became black immediately.


“Listen to me, you are on a mission, a mission to destroy the granduwella’s, a mission to be my servant here. You are going to do all I tell you. You have a lot to do. Am now your master so you will obey everything I tell you to”. I said.




I felt some people coming in.


I left her and she fell down unconscious again.


I stood up and disappeared.






Jane POV


I watched as Richard left the house.


Don’t know what is wrong with me.


Don’t know why am feeling like this.


My heart always beat fast when his close to me.


Always feel sad when his not with me.


What is this feeling? .


Is this love?.


Is this what they call love?.


Gosh why am I like this.
















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