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Hot Doctor – Episode 12

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Episode 12


#Chris POV



When I saw her at her school, the way her voice sounded like melody while greeting Alex earlier.


I knew immediately that she’s the one, we both turned around and I could hear her gasp.


That little sexy mouth parted a bit.


Alex excused himself leaving me alone with my baby girl.


I knew that she must be wondering what I’m doing in her school.

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Honestly I didn’t know or planned to meet her there, hell I’m happy that we did saw each other.


The way her tight mini skirt hug up tight on her body.


Her white top that display a little bit of her cleavage begging me to squeeze them.


She look hot, she got me crazy,


All I wanted to do is hold her in my hands and f**k her senseless.


I draw her closer and grab her fitted a** from behind and squeezed it tight, which caused her to groan.


“What….are….you doing…to me Chris?” She asked and I smirked.


I release her ass and my hand trace up inside her thigh, I brushed my hand against her heat and she shivered.

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There is nothing more pleasing to me than finding out how much her body reacts to me, how much her body wants me.


In a swift I pushed her pant aside and plug my hand inside her hot channel.


“Oh f**k,” she moaned out.


Immediately I found out how wet she is I removed my hand, I heard her whimpers but I ignored it.


I grab her hand and drag her out of the laboratory.


I pull her to the parking lot and push her inside my car.


“Where are we going,” she asked me as I get inside the car.


“Somewhere,” I simply replied.


(;Y’all knows what happened next;)


“Turn around and push up your skirt.” I said to her as I create a little distance between us.


“What? Why!” She asked or should I say ‘She yelled’.


“You’ve been a bad girl Arielle, and bad girls get punished. Now turn around and push up your skirt,” I said with a stern voice which caused her to flinch.


“You’re not going to spank me Chris, I’m not your girlfriend nor am I your little girl.” She said as she crossed her hands down her chest.


“You practically called me ‘daddy’ some days ago, doesn’t that make you my baby girl? I asked, staring intently at her.


She bashfully pull her eyes away from mine, I can see light pink color on her cheek.


She blushed!


“I…I just….”


Turn your damn ass around baby girl, I’m not going to repeat myself again.” I threatened.


She quickly pull up her skirt displaying her red thong that hugged up the middle of her ass.


She turned around and hold onto the table as she pushed her a** up.



“The Thong, I want to see your bare a**.” I said. She hesitate for a while but when I groaned she quickly pull it off her.


I tongue slicked out and lick my upper lip.


I walk closer to her and rub her a** cheek softly.


Each time I spank you, you will count and tell me what you did that warrant this punishment. Can you do that for me baby girl? I asked and she nodded.


Seconds later my hand came down hard on her left ass cheek.


“One! I was rude!.”




“Two! I went to the club!”




“Three! I’m arrogant!”




“Four! I disrespected you!”




“Five! I have been a bad girl, oh f**k!” She shouted.


Her cry filling my office, its a good thing that my office is sound proof.


I rub softly at her now red a** and blow air on it.


“Will you be a bad girl again? I asked as I rub her ass soothingly “No!…oh f**k.” She moaned as my thumb brushed against her clit.



She really do enjoy being spanked, her juice was flowing on my thumb.


” You’re so wet for me baby girl, you are one horny bunny.” I groaned.


“Please….please make me cum Chris,” she begged.


“Chris? I growled as my hand hit her ass cheek again.


” please Daddy!” She shouted as I plugged my two fingers inside her hot channel.


“F**k, yes daddy.” She moaned softly.


I keep pumping my finger inside her hot channel.


Her breathing became heavy, she keep pushing her ass back to create the same friction with my finger.


I kissed her neck trailing kisses down her shoulder.


“F**k I’m….am finna cum!” She screamed as I increased my speed.


My other hand hooding tightly around her waist.


“That’s right, cum for me baby girl.” I whispered into her ear and bite on it.


She release a heavy scream and cum on my finger.


Her head fall back as I removed my hand from her p*$$y.


I sucked on my finger as my eyes were glued on her.


Her breathing became normal and she blushed when she saw what I was doing.


“F**k it, I just want to bend you over and f**k you senseless but I can’t, not now, but very soon you will not only cum on my fingers but around my d**k as well.” I whispered and she gasped.


Who would believe that Arielle can submit her body to me like this.









(Worlds apart)







(Summer holiday)


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