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Diary Of A Tormented Husband – Episode 16

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“Tasha, what a pleasant surprise, what are you doing in my house?” Amelia asks when she finally arrives.


I clear my throat, “I came to talk to you.”


“About?” she asks uninterested. Amelia has never liked me, I wasn’t her choice for Fred, she actually wanted him to marry someone else, she doesn’t even hide the fact that she doesn’t like me anyway, who cares? It’s not like I like her, the feeling is mutual she annoys the hell out of me.


“Why have you chosen to interfere in my marriage?” I ask


She laughs, “What is that supposed to mean?”

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“You know what I mean, why did you allow Fred to stay here after he left home?”


“Because he is my brother and I felt like he needed some breathing space.”


I shot her an evil eye, “Meaning?”


“You are toxic for my brother, you suffocate him. Fred deserves better.”


“Well Fred is with me, he is my husband you have no right to interfere in our marriage.”


“You know what, I have had a busy afternoon I need to rest, if you want to talk to Fred, wait for him here while I take a nap.”


“Amelia,” I stand up



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“Let my husband go, don’t interfere in my marriage because it doesn’t matter what you say or do, Fred will always come back to me, he loves me.”


“I know Fred will come back to you and it’s sad that he loves you as much as he does but believe me you, even the nicest people have their limits, when my brother has had enough of your tantrums, he will walk out on you and never look back. Mark my words.”


“You are just bitter that your brother chose me and not the girl you had chosen for him,” I yell


“I feel sorry for Taylor and Talia, it must be exhausting to have a mother like you, you are a disgrace to motherhood and marriage,” she screams


“How dare you talk about my children?”


“Girl bye, you know your way out,” she turns and walks towards her bedroom.


Frustrated, I grab my bag and walk out of the front door, slamming the door behind my bag, I get into my car and drive off immediately, I am heading towards Fred’s workplace. I must talk to him, how dare he allows his sister to talk to me in such a manner, I will not allow such disrespect he has to put her in her place or else hell will break loose.


I get to his work place, step out of my car, I am about to walk towards the administration block when I hear a familiar voice so I turn.




I look at her with a frown on my face I hate this woman why would she even be calling my name like we are buddies.




“What are you doing here?” she asks


I roll my eyes, “I am here to see my husband. Dah!” I flaunt my ring in her face.




I laugh, “My husband dummy, not your husband,” i say before I try to walk past her but she grabs my hand. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I ask


“Give Fred a break.”


“And what is that supposed to mean?”


“Let that man breath, he looks happier and heather now that he isn’t staying with you, can’t you just let him be?”


I laugh, “Unbelievable! Even the old Virgin Mary has the guts to ask me to stay from my husband? Tasha you have seen days oh,” I clap my hands together.


“I am serious, you need to leave him alone, he deserves better.” “And by better you mean you?” I ask


“I am more of a woman than you are, I can make Fred happy if you feel you can’t handle him anymore please let him go.”


“Oh lord this isn’t happening, you want me to leave my husband for you?” She smiles, “I am glad we are on the same picture.”


“Devil,” I scream before I push her aside and head straight to the administration block. I get to the principal’s office and knock twice on the door.


“Come in,” she calls out


I compose myself, push the door open and walk in. She is sitting at her desk having a glass of juice while looking over at something on her computer.


I clear my throat to get her attention, she looks up at me. “Mrs. Sakala,” she smiles. “How are you? Please take a seat.” I pull the chair on the other side and sit down.


“How are you?” she asks again


“I am fine,” I respond in a low voice


“Can I offer you anything to drink?” she asks


“No,” I shake my head


“Are you okay? Did anything happen at home? Are you here for your husband?” “I am here to talk to you.”




There is an awkward silence for a few minutes as I pretend to be searching for the right words to use, I have to make sure she falls for my act or else this will have no effect at all.


She clears her throat after a few minutes.


“I am sorry,” I say


“It’s okay.”


“I have come here because I have no one else to go to, I hope you will help me,” I begin


“I am all ears.”


I close my eyes for a brief second and when I open them next, tears are streaming down my face.


“Are you okay?” she asks again


“My husband hasn’t been home for the past one week,” I say


“What do you mean Fred hasn’t been home for one week?”


“He left home a week ago after we had a little misunderstanding and he hasn’t returned even after pleading with him to do so.”


“That’s sad,” she says


“I need you to help me,” I burst into tears. “You need to beg him to come back home to me and the children, he just can’t abandon us.”


“I am really sorry,” she stands up walks over to me and pats my back, “I would never have imagined Fred to be such a husband, we all think he is responsible.”


“Fred is not who everyone thinks he is that man is a crook, if not for my children I would have left.”


“It hasn’t come to that,” she says


“I am really tired please talk to him for me.”


“I will.”


I sniff, “I will really appreciate.”


“Excuse me,” she walks out and when comes back in, Fred walks in too.


“Tasha,” he says surprised to see me.


I wipe my face with the back of my palm before I get on my knees, “You need to come back home please forgive me,” I cry


“What are you doing here?”


“I came to talk to your boss.”


“You shouldn’t have done that,” he says angrily, “You are embarrassing me please stand up.”


“That’s no way to talk to your wife,” his boss says and he keeps quiet, he helps me up and we both sit down.


She takes about ten minutes to scold Fred for his behavior and asks him to apologize to me, inside I am dancing with joy he got what he deserved. After that she gives Fred the rest of the day off and asks us to go home and talk things through.





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