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The Pink Clouds – Episode 20

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Richard became totally disorientated after seeing Rebecca. More than ever, he regretted why left. He remembered about the good times they used to have and how happy she used to be when she see him. But now, he is just a trash in her eyes. He became silent and couldn’t think about anything but her.





They boarded a taxi and were on their way to the university. Richard leaned his head against the car and was lost in his thought, while Achuba kept talking about happy he was to have finally talked to Tina. Thomas was the only person talking back.





“Hey Richard, what’s the matter?” Achuba asked when he noticed his silence.











“Is nothing, I just feel like going mute for some minutes,” Richard answered.











“So, how many girlfriends do you have?” Thomas asked.











“I have none,” Richard replied.











“That’s lie, do you expect us to believe this shallow lie?” They both laughed.











“For the past five years, I haven’t been myself,” Richard replied with his head still leaned on the car.











“Is something wrong?” Achuba asked noticing Richard’s reaction.








“Is nothing, I just I’m not alive,” Richard uttered.











“Please do tell us what’s bothering you,” Thomas insisted.





They pressured him for minutes, but Richard refused to tell them what’s wrong to the extend that left him alone. They arrived at the university at about 7:30 pm. As they were heading to their hostel, Thomas received a call from his asking him to go meet her.











“Do you know where the female hostel is?” Thomas asked Achuba.











“Well, is quite far from here, is at at the extreme of the university,” Achuba explained.











“Do you suggest we take a taxi there?” Thomas asked.











“We will surely get tired by the time we reach there, but at least you will take stroll around the university,” Achuba replied.











“What do you say Richard, do we walk their or take a taxi?” Thomas asked Richard.











Richard thought about it for while. He thought he can be relieved of his pain if he is occupied having fun.











“I think walking there will be fun,” Richard replied.








“That’s great,” Thomas said and they started walking. They explore the university as they walked. When they come across a fine building, Achuba will tell them more about it.











After minutes of walking, they came across the university staff quarters. It was much bigger than the one Richard had previously seen. There was a very big garden just before staff quarters. There were many trees of variety of fruits planted in rows. There was a stream that divided the university from the staff quarters. A bridge was there the end of the garden. He was suddenly of the garden he usually sit and study in his former school. He remembered the second time he saw Rebecca walking close to the garden and how beautiful she looked. He happiness faded as soon as he remembered how she treated him and happy he saw her with the senator.





There were some few students around the stream who were on some kind of romantic date.





“I guess you will be bringing Tina here soon,” Thomas said to Achuba.











“I hope so,” Achuba replied after he had stopped laughing.











“I heard that there is a waterfall behind those trees over there,” Achuba continued and pointed in the direction of the trees.











“Wow! Can we go and take a look?” Thomas asked.











“Don’t you see that there no is lightening around there? Don’t you think it will dangerous?” Richard asked.





“Relax Richard, this not a jungle,” Achuba replied.











“You will make a terrible hunter had it been you were born in the olden day,” Thomas laughed.











“Thank God I was not born in the olden days,” Richard laughed.





They walked over the bridge to the staff quarters. The house were all similar with even the same flowers and trees planted around them. They looked so similar that one cannot tell them apart. They were arranged in rows with much space between them.











“Wow! Do the occupants of these houses tell which one is their house?” Thomas asked confusingly.





“I guess the houses are numbered, besides, they can’t be 100% similar. There have to be some difference that they can use to know which one is their house,” Richard explained.





“Can you tell me the difference between those two houses?” Thomas requested.











“Is pretty obvious, the tree in the first house is taller and tinner, while the one in the second house is shorter with more branches,” Richard explained.











“Wow! You are actually right,” Thomas smiled after nothing there differences.











They walked for some minutes before arriving at the female hostels behind the staff quarters. There many trees at the front of hostels. Under the were park benches painted black and white.











“Is this a romance university or an academic university?” Richard asked when he noticed that all the benches were occupied by couples on a date.











“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Achuba laughed.





Thomas brought out his phone and called his sister. Some minutes later, she came out along with another girl.








“Wow! You made friends already,” she said as they approach them.











“Yeah, I can see that you’ve also made a friend,” Thomas replied.











“Yes, she is my roommate,” she replied.











“Hello,” the other girl said.











“How are you?” Thomas asked.











“I’m fine, how about you?” Thomas inquired.











“I’m okay,” Thomas smiled.











“So, how did you meet your friends?” His sister asked.











“They are my roommates, and you met with Richard earlier today if you could remember,” Thomas informed.





“I don’t remember meeting anyone that looks like him,” she said as she took a proper look at Richard’s face.





“Of course she can’t remember me,” Richard replied.





“Do tell me where we met,” she requested.





“Do you recall being rude to anyone today?” Richard asked.





“I’m quite a naughty girl, I’m rude to almost everyone,” she said with a smiled. “Oh if that’s the case, then I shouldn’t have taken it personal,” Richard smiled back. “But at least do me how we met,” she insisted








“I will tell you if we meet again,” responded.





“I insist that you tell me now,” she replied.





“You asked me earlier if I have had a shower before coming here,” said Richard.





She thought for seconds before she finally remembered.





“Wow! You have changed completely, I couldn’t even recognize you,” she said.





“I must have gotten more handsome,” she joked.





“Indeed, i’m already falling for you,” she laughed.





“Hey, we could give you some space you know, you don’t have to do it in our presence,” Thomas said.





“Is all a joke,” Richard said feeling somewhat guilty.





“Don’t mind him, he dated almost all my friends in highschool, I think is time for me to payback,” she explained.





“I don’t think you will be able to do that,” Thomas said.





They talked for minutes before they noticed that the sky was getting cloudier.





“It seems like is going to rain soon,” Richard informed and they all looked at the sky.





“You are right, we should probably head back,” Achuba suggested.





“It was really fun having you guys here today,” Thomas’s sister said.





“It was really nice meeting,” Richard smiled.





They looked around and couldn’t find a taxi. At last they decided to walk before they find one. They started walking their way back. When they were around the garden’s bridge, they noticed the headlights of a car approaching. But when it close to the bridge, one of the tires of the car broke and the car stopped moving. They noticed as the driver got down from the car to observe. As they got closer to the car, the passenger door was opened. Because it was dark, they didn’t see whom the person was.





By that time, the sky looked like it will started raining any moment.





“Richard! Is that you?” Asked a female voice. When Richard got to the car, he was absolutely shocked to notice that it was Pro. Grace.








“Is that really you?” She asked as she walked closer to him. He felt guilty about what happened five years ago. He has ruined his life and embarrassed of seeing her.





“Where have you been all these years?” She asked. But Richard remained silent and couldn’t utter a word.





“Good evening ma’am,” Thomas greeted when he realized whom she was.











“Evening,” she barely responded.











“Are you a student in this school?” She asked Richard.











“Yes I am,” Richard replied.











“Okay, it looks like is about to rain now. Make sure you see me in my office tomorrow, we need to talk,” she instructed.





“Okay ma’am, I will be there,” he replied. And soon, another car came and picked her.











“So you know Prof. Grace,” Achuba said.











“Yes I know her,” Richard replied.











“You are more strange than you appeared to be,” Thomas commented.











“You can say that,” Richard smiled.














“Is there something you are not telling us?” Achuba asked.











“No at all, she used to be my lecturer in my previous school,” Richard explained.











“Ohh that explains,” Achuba replied.





They came across a taxi as soon as they left garden. They boarded and made their way back to their hostel. By the time they arrived their room, it was already some few minutes after 10 pm. As soon as it they entered their room, it started raining heavily. Dino had already slept when they arrived.





“Where have you guys heen?” Armstrong asked. He was going through hi phone while lying on his bed.











“We have been to quite many places,” Achuba replied.











“I finally talked to Tina today,” Achuba continued.











“Really? How did that happen?” Armstrong asked as he sat up.











“Well, it was all thanks to Richard, you don’t happy I am today,” Achuba explanation.





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Rebecca had just left her friends’ place and was heading back home in her car. As she was driving, a thought of Richard came to her all of a sudden. For the first time 3 years, a thought of Richard came to her. She remembered how she was broken for days after she was told that Richard had left school. She thought she had forgotten about him completely, but after seeing him today, she felt something unique that she only felt once in her entire life. It was an old feeling she couldn’t resist only when she was around Richard.








But considering how perfect her life is, she thought it was a good thing that she pretended not to have known him. Besides, the way he appeared earlier was quite obvious that he had lost it. It was disappointing to her that he was like that. She arrived home at about 11 pm and still found her Mum in the living.





“I thought you have slept already,” Rebecca said as she sat beside her.











“I’m about to go to bed, I have had something done,” her mother answered.











“I’m super exhausted, I think will be going to bed” Rebecca said as she stood up.











“Alright dear, sleep well,” Prof. Grace answered.











“Thank you,” Rebecca replied answered.











She headed to her bedroom and was some few meters away from her mother when she was being called. She stopped walking and turned.





“I saw Richard today,” her mother announced.





“I did see him today too,” Rebecca replied.





“What a foolish boy, look how he wasted his life,” mother said.





“Indeed,” Rebecca replied.





“I tried looking for his sister’s phone number, but I couldn’t find it,” Prof. Grace added.





“What do you want to do with his sister’s phone number?” Rebecca asked.





“I will inform her that about his whereabouts of course, she came to the school almost five times after he had left to see if he will come back,” Prof. Grace explained.





“I don’t think you should interfare in other people’s life. He chose to be like this so that’s his problem,” Rebecca said.








Her mother was so surprised when Rebecca said that.





“Are you sure you know which Richard I’m talking about?” Her mother asked.





“I’m very sure I know which Richard you are referring to,” Rebecca replied.





“Have you forgotten what he had done for you? You were able to pass your final year exams at one sitting because of him,” her mother reminded.





“I could have done it even without his help,” Rebecca answered.





“Wow! You are getting more ungrateful every single day, why are you like this Rebecca?” Her mother asked.











“Goodnight Mum,” Rebecca said and walked to her room.



























One week later, Richard and Thomas woke up early in the morning. It was the first they were supposed to have their first lectures in the university. It was also the day the new students will be havimg a welcoming ceremony by the school SUG.





Thomas was super exited because he was expericing it for the first time. He kept pressuring Richard to get ready on time so that they won’t be late.





“Relax, it will come to a time where you will totally get tired of the lectures,” Richard said.





“You are totally right,” Achuba uttered with his eyes closed while laying on his bed.





“Hey, I thought you are sleeping,” Richard exclaimed.





“We are also going to have a lecture by 8 am, but I feel like we will be skipping the class since this is the first,” Achuba said.





“Do as you please man,” Richard laughed













Richard took his bath and got dressed in a black long sleeve shirt and a brown trouser. He wore a black shore that perfectly matched the shirt he was wearing.





“Wow! You look totally amazing,” Thomas commented.





“Thank you,” Richard smiled.





“Have you guys eaten something before leaving?” Achuba asked as they were about to walk out.





“No we haven’t, but we will once we arrived at our faculty,” Thomas replied.





“Okay, I wish you good luck,” Achuba said.





They walked out of their hostel and stopped at a bookshop opposite to the hostel. The bookshop was filled with many kinds of books and photocopying machines. There were many students at there, all trying to buy their materials for the first lectures. Richard and Thomas squeezed through the crowd and found themselves some space in the front. They bought some books and pens before they left the bookshop. They headed to their faculty as soon they were done.





They arrived at the department and were confused on where their venue for the lectures is supposed to be. They walked into the wrong venue with the third year students having their lectures. They sat among the third year student for about 10 minutes before Richard realized that they are in wrong place.





“I don’t think we are in the right place,” Richard whispered in Thomas ear.





“I said it, no wonder I couldn’t find my sister,” Thomas replied.





They sat for five minutes trying to figure out how they could exit the class without embarrassing themselves. At last, Richard finally gained the courage and stood up.





“Where are you going to?” The lecturer asked when he saw Richard leaving.





“I came to the wrong class sir,” Richard answered.





“What do you mean wrong class?” The lecturer asked.





“I’m a 100 level student, so I’m yet to be familiar with the venues of the department,” Richard replied and the whole venue started laughing.





“This is ridiculous, don’t you know which course you were supposed to do? This is a 300 level course, you are supposed to know the moment you walked into this class,” the lecturer criticized.








“Well, I couldn’t tell at first because this course is a continuation of what we were supposed to do this morning,” Richard said.





“Ours is scientific programming, while yours is system programming. Amateurs like us can’t tell the difference,” Richard smiled.





The lecturer was left speechless. He looked at Richard for a while before he gave him the permission to leave.





“Who else is also a first year student?” The lecturer asked and about 10 students stood up and the lecture theatre was sent in chaos with laugher.





“You can leave with him,” the lecturer laughed and the students went after Richard.











Richard asked one of the students he met outside where his venue was and was told that it was on the upper floor. Richard walked to the lecturer and his mates were behind him. He stopped walking when he arrived at the door of the hall. He was hopping that one of the people behind him would walk in before him. But they all stopped as soon as they saw him stopping.











“Why are you guys stopping?” Richard asked.











“You are the leader, you go in before us,” one of the people behind him said.











“Since whe did I become your leader?” Richard asked.





“Since when you spoke to that lecturer,” the boy replied. Richard walked into the hall along with Thomas. Surprisingly, the lecturer didn’t mind. Thomas saw his sister sitting with an empty sit beside her. He quickly went and sat beside her.





“Where you been?” She asked.





“We got lost,” Thomas replied.





She turned behind to take proper look at Richard.








“Hello handsome,” she smiled.











“Hello beautiful,” Richard replied.





“It seems like you were busy with makeup and you forgot about your lecture today,” she smiled.





“I didn’t even want to come out, I was forced by your brother to come out,” Richard replied.





“Really? Why didn’t you want to come?” She asked.





“I’m not prepared,” Richard answered..











At this point, the lecturer caught sight of them talking.





“It seems like those two over there are delivering a lecture more interesting than mine,” the lecturer said she walked to them.





“The two of you should stand up,” the lecturer asked. Richard and Thomas’s sister stood. He asked Thomas’s sister a question about his lesson, but she couldn’t not answer. But when asked Richard, he answered all his questions right.





“What is your name?” The lecturer asked.





“My name is Richard sir,” he replied.





“So Mr Richard, tell me why you are here,” the lecturer asked.





“I’m here to learn sir,” Richard replied.





“No you are not, you came late and did as you like in my class, you should have stayed since you know everything,” the lecturer nagged.





“I’m sorry sir, I’ve made terrible mistake. I promise it won’t happen again,” Richard apologized.





“Of course it won’t happen again, because this will be the last time you will be in my class,” the lecturer declared.





“Now, you should leave my class,” the commanded and Richard walked out alone.





He went to small class opposite to the hall and sat there.








About an hour later, the lecture was over and the students started walking out of the hall. As the lecturer was heading to his office, Richard quietly walked behind him. He waited for five minutes after he walked into the office before knocking at the door.





“Come in,” came the lecturer’s voice.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon button on the bottom of the screen








“You again,” the lecturer said when Richard revealed himself.





“I’m truly sorry sir, my behaviour earlier was truly unacceptable,” Richard apologized.





“Why did you do it since you know is wrong?” The lecturer asked.





“This is the first time I’ve ever offended a teacher in school, you know I’m in a new place, so I’m yet to settle psychological,” Richard insisted.





“Judging by your action, I can tell you are a cautious student. I can forgive you this time,” the lecturer conceded.





“Thank you so much sir,” Richard appreciated.





When Richard walked out of the office, he found Thomas and his sister waiting for him.





“Getting yourself into trouble on your first day,” Thomas as Richard approach them.





“Well, you can blame the lady beside you, she got me into it,” Richard replied, and by that time, he had gotten to where they were.





“What did the lecturer said?” Thomas’s sister asked.





“Let’s say he isn’t mad at me anymore,” Richard answered.





“I’m sorry for getting you into trouble,” she smiled.





“Is okay,”.





“Let’s go and get something to eat, I’m really hungry,” Thomas announced.





“That has been on my mind,” Richard replied and the three of them headed out of the faculty.




























































































*The pink Clouds *



















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