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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 3

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Chapter 3
My alarm buzzed waking me up from my sweet slumber. Yesterday was fun.
I sit up for a moment just to regain myself or else I will feel dizzy once I stand up.
My mind wanders off and drifts to a foreign place, I puff my cheeks out and stood up.
I walk to the bathroom and do my morning rituals, I hate Mondays they suck and seriously who loves going to school.
I dress in my uniform and run downstairs. Ethan, he’s already eating breakfast. He loves food a lot. I sit facing him.
“Morning Big Brother.” I dish myself some breakfast.
“Morning Xandra.” He looks so dull.
Actually, who would throw a party on Sunday when they fully know that the next day they have attend school.
Even though he goes to college.
“Finish up, I will drive you to school.” His tone is dull. When will he get over the hangover?
I dare not disobey him, he will punish me and last time was horrible.
“Yup.” I nod.
We both finish our breakfast and took off to school, he drives in my school.
“Tch.” I sigh, did we have to run to Austin.
“Hey, Ethan.”
“Hey, Austin.” Both they give each other brotherly hug.
I was about to walk out when suddenly I heard my brother says,
“Look over my little sister.” My eyes darken.
Do I fu.cken need a bodyguard or a babysitter, can’t I once breathe. Why is he bent on making my life a living hell ain’t I miserable enough?
I dare not say that aloud, there are things that I can’t say in my brother’s face. I let all my frustrations in my head.
I walk away from there or else
Or else what?
Aaaarrggg! Obviously nothing!
“Hey, babe waits up,” Austin yelled running toward me.
And I increase my speed but he catches up.
“Babe I said wait.” He said coolly.
“You’ll be dead if my brother hears that.” I huff.
“Hears what?.” He grins.
” ‘Babe’ ” I emphasize.
“He won’t know, unless…” He trails off.
“Unless what?.”
“Unless you tell him.” His eyes bore in mine.
I look away.
“Austin can you stop following me.” I walk inside my class and sit on my desk.
“Remember your brother trusts me to guard you.” He said.
“Since when have you applied to be my soldier, can you please give me space to breathe for once.” I smile.
“Why do you hate me.” He said running his hands through his blonde hair.
I was not taken aback.
“My brother’s friends are not my friends, there where the line is drawn, get it.” I simply say.
“And I don’t like blonde guys, they look feminine.” I lie.
I just don’t want him near me, he is a jerk and Ariana has fallen deeply for him and here he is acting all jerk.
Austin is cool but not good for health if he is close to me the more Ariana’s love for him will grow. And hoping that he will once see through her.
I can’t let Ariana get broken like that.
I puff my cheeks out.
The class starts.
Ariana and Ria are in the same class Art.
And I’m in Science.
I walk through the hallway to the cafeteria.
Today was boring, I couldn’t get anything in my head.
My eyes search for two blond girls one short hair the other one long hair.
My eyes land on Ria and she waves at me. I walk to them.
And sit beside Ariana.
“Why are you late?.” Ria asked.
“Well, I have to get my things in my locker first.”
“Okay, What about Zac, has he called you or said something?.” I was taken aback and my mouth dries up.
“My brother’s friends are not my friends why would he call me?.” My palms begin to sweat as my eyes lock with him.
Gosh, why are they here, aren’t they supposed to be in college?

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