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Bad Girl, Big Bully – Episode 17

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Episode 17


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance Story)






Fortunately for me, the vase fell on the floor and broke


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I thought it was gonna break on my head



“are you guys going to release yourselves now” Eliza said and I removed my hands from her waist


She turned to me and I smiled


“I’m ok ” I said and she scoffed


you pervert, how dare you hug me like that ” she said and hit my chest


pervert? Do you realize wat i just did? “I yelled


whatever, who are you to just hug me like that” she yelled back and i scoffed “what’s with the both of you? ” Bianca asked as she and Eliza glared at us


you this ungrateful brat, I should have just let the vase break your head “I yelled and we both glared at each other with frustration

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Gosh, you are so mean ” she said and walked back to the cla*ss








Tracy ” I called but she just looked at me and wanted to leave when I held her hand


Tracy, are you still mad at me? “I asked and she jerked my hand away


you have no right to touch me ” she said and left


I think people are right


First love can be so heartbreaking





Kyle is getting on my nerves


He keeps on getting close with Arianna


I hate Arianna


I hate her so much


Tracy, aren’t you going for basketball cla*ss? ” Justin said as he handed me my gym cloth


thanks Justin ” I said and smile


don’t be late for cla*ss or Mr max will be mad at you ” he said and jogged away I walked to the girls restroom to change my cloth when I saw Arianna


She ignored me and I did the same But her presence was annoying me


my dad will be putting your father in charge of his companies ” I said and she looked at me


how is that my business? That’s between our fathers ” she said as she washed her hands


you must be so happy” I said and she grinned


“that’s right, I’m so happy” she said and I clenched my fist


“didn’t you hate Kyle? Why are you trying to get close to him ” I said and she started laughing


you should have gone straight to the point, are you mad at me because of that? For your information, I hate both you and Kyle ” she grinned and walked out of the restroom


I went to the cla*ss and we started to play the basketball


Girls play first


Arianna was so good that she kept winning


I turned and saw Kyle starring and clapping for her


He was not even looking at me


His gaze was fixed on Arianna


The ball met me on my head and I fell “Tracy, are you okay? “he said as he ran to me ” I’m okay ”


let me take you to the clinic ” he said and tried to help me up but I jerked his hands away


I said I’m ok ” I yelled and it distracted the whole cla*ss


I’m sorry ” he and stood up as he walked out of the basketball court






We went back to cla*ss and I saw Kyle sitting alone


He was probably crying


I went to him


look at you, crying like a baby ” I laughed


get lost ” he said and look elsewhere


you jerk, I thought you guys were in a serious relationship ” I laughed again and he glared at me


you little witch ” he yelled and everyone turned their attention to us



” what? What did you just call me? ”


I called you a little witch, so what? ” he rolled his eyes at me and I took some out of the cake Eliza was eating and threw it at him









you jerk ” I pulled his hair as he groan in pain


hey bitch, let go of my hair ” he yelled as he also pulled my hair


are you guys out of your mind ” Justin said but we ignored him as we pulled each other hair the more


let go of my hair now ” I was already feeling the pain


you should let go of it too ” he said






Arianna, Kyle, you guys are in a lot of trouble today, follow me ” Mr max the P. E teacher said and stormed out


Kyle shot me a deadly glare be4 leaving


Mr max is so strict


I was about to leave when I saw some strands of my hair on the floor


” KYLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! ”




don’t blame Kyle o, she was the one that looked for trouble

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