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Queen high school – Episode 16

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Queen high school




School of a living hell







Episode 16


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Beauty looked closely at the wrist watch. “So, the person I’m waiting for is the one that gave me this wrist watch” she said




“So, Daniel…” she screamed and ran downstairs to coral’s room. She met some maid there also.




“Coral, I have remember that my first love that I use go talk about” she said happily




“Really…” coral stood up from the bed and move closer to her.


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“So, who is that prince charming?” viral asked shaking with Joy




“He’s…..” trying to recollect his face. “w-what? I can’t seem to remember his face


again” beauty said stomped her foot on the ground.




“What? When last did you take your drug?” coral asked folding her hand.




“I don’t remember. But…I remember everything clearly now then why did I suddenly forgot again…” Beauty was moving her head in order to remember.



“Ahgassi, don’t force yourself to remember, it can cause another problem” coral warned.




Beauty shook her head. “No…I have to remember. The face is very familiar like I have saw it several times. And his friend has a nick…..Aaahhhg” she felled on the ground holding her head.




The maid rushed to her. “Ahgassi…Are you okay?” coral asked




“Ahgassi, and Cora warned you now” another maid said




“I-it’s….hu..rt..it’s…v..very..hur..t” her eyed close slowly




“Ahgassi!!!!!” coral ran outside then came back with some guards. One of the guard carry her then they all rushed out.




At school.




Elena was under a tree with her friend, she was trying beauty number, it was ringing but no one picked it up.




“Are you trying beauty number again?” one of her friend asked




“Yes and she’s not picking up” Elena said sadly




“That’s not like her” another one said


“No” Elena said. They saw Derek approaching them.




“Hello” he greeted.




Since they know him that though he is arrogant but there is still some of him that was nice. They answer him back.




“Elena, please have you see your friend today?” Derek asked




“My friend..” she said trying to think. “Oh, you mean beauty?”




Derek head sparked. “W-what did you just said now?” Derek asked unbelievable




Elena grew confused. “I said, beauty!”




“I’m not talking about Daniel fake girlfriend, I’m talking about the girl that you use to walk around. That has long hair and very beautiful” Derek said describing beauty.




Elem narrowed her eyes at him. “So, you two are friend but you never knew her name?”




“She never told me” Derek said




“Well, her name is Beauty Anderson. I have been trying her number but she isn’t picking up” Elena said brought out her phone.


Derek moved back. “You mean that girl is beauty?!”




“Yes. Beauty Anderson” Elena confirmed




“WHAT?! Derek shouted. “Thank you” he said and ran away.




“What is wrong with him?” One of the friend said




“Who cares” Elena said trying beauty number again.










Derek flipped the D4 classroom door open and rushed in. He saw Dylan and Damon chatting and laughing.




“Wow! I miss you guy” Dylan said hugging him




“Come join us, guy” Damon said




“Where’s Daniel?!” he asked




“Why are you panic?” Dylan asked worriedly




“He has gone on a date with his girlfriend, beauty” Damon said


“What?! That’s not beauty!” Derek said




“What do you mean?” Dylan said looking at him




“The girl that Daniel was harassing is the real Beauty Anderson!” Derek said




“Which girl….” Damon looked at Dylan. “WHAT?!” they both exclaimed.




“How did you know?” Damon asked standing up.




“She’s not in school then I went to her friend, Elena. Though, I don’t know her name but she said her name is Beauty Anderson, whom Daniel was messing with!” Derek said felled down on the chair.




“Problem arose” Dylan said sat down




“No wonder she did not recognize us” Damon said




“Then, who is that fake beauty?” Dylan asked




“Only the fake beauty can answer that. We need to find Daniel” Derek said




“Daniel has already f**k up” Dylan said shaking his head.










At one restaurant




Daniel and pearls were eating. Daniel was thinking maybe he should brought up the video that Derek show him but he doesn’t know how to start.




“Em..Beauty?” Daniel called




Pearl looked up smiling. “Yes, darling” She said sexily




“I wanted…” Daniel phone began to ring. He check the callet and saw that it was his daddy.




Hello, sir” he said and pearl phone too, began to ring. She stood up and went away.




Daniel, meet me in the high classy restaurant now. And dress diligently.




Why dad?”




Do you remember the beauty you met in Korea? That little girl, beauty?”




Yes, dad




You’re going to meet her now.



Really, daddy?”




Yes, son. Dress well, bye




The phone was hanged. up. He placed his phone down and pearl came back.




“Daniel, I have to go home now. My parent said we are going somewhere” pearl said




Wow! She’s really beauty. I’ll kill Derek later. She did not know that we are going to meet later at the restaurant.




Daniel smiled. “No problem. You can go” Daniel said smiling at her.




She picked up her bag and rushed out of the restaurant.










Beauty was in her room dressing up by the maid. When she woke up in the hospital. She narrated everything to her parent though she still not remember his face. They told her that, if she was longing to me him, they can arrange that for her. And she said she wanted to me him, that’s why she was dressing.




“Ahgassi, are you happy?” coral asked





“I don’t know but I’m really nervous” she said looking at herself in the mirror.




“Don’t be. You’re going to meet your prince charming. We are done” coral announced.




Beauty looked at herself in the mirror, she was so beautiful. She smiled.










At the classy restaurant




Daniel and his parent were already there, he looked more handsome. They ate eating when Beauty and get parent arrived.




“Mr John, I hope you aren’t angry for keeping you waiting?” beauty father said




“Not at all. We just arrived also” Mr John reply




“Beauty, my dear. How are you? You’re so beautiful” Daniel mother hugged her.




“I’m fine, ma” beauty bowed




“Daniel, sweetie. How is everything?” beauty mother went to him and hugged him.




“Everything is fine, ma” Daniel reply bowed his head



They sat down. Beauty was nervous to look up while Daniel was also nervous to look up.




“Hey, kid. Are you shy to look at each other?” Daniel mother said smiling happily




Beauty gave a small smiled. “No, ma” she said




They both looked up. Their eyes met and widened.




“Who is this?” Daniel asked almost shouting




Daniel father smiled. “Its been long time you have seen each other, I thought you would have met in school at least”




Beauty was stunned. She was shocked. Her lips was trembling while Daniel hand was shaking profusely













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