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Blood Doctors – Episode 13

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Nicole pov.


Today is really stressful.


I work overtime today, and the interns too stayed to assist me.


I got prepared to go home.


I took my bag and left.


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I went to my parking lot and drove my car out.


But I stopped when I came out.


I stirred through my window to see rebecca standing there.



It was raining and she was standing there trying to prevent the rain from touching


her, with her hand.




“Hey. Rebecca”.


I called.

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She looked at me.


“Get on”.


I said.


She smiled and entered the car.


I drove off.


Orchard pov.


Have been at home for the past five hours, I left the hospital early today cause today is my and Freda wedding anniversary today. But I she isn’t back from where ever ah went to.


I really made a nice preparation but its late and she isn’t home.


I removed my lens and signed.


I stood up to go to my from when the door open.


Freda walked in.


She looked at me, signed and began to walk to her room.




I called.


She stopped walking.


“Where have you been”.


I asked.


She turned and face me.


“Have been in non of your business”.


She replied.


“Do you forget what today is.


I ask.


“What is today”.


She asked.


I looked t her surprised.


“Today is our anniversary “.


I replied.




She said.


“I forgot”.


She added.


Well am use to that.


She always forgets.


“Forget again”.


I said.


“Yeah, and besides what so special about it”.


She said sarcastically.


I just can’t believe this woman.


“What’s so special about today? “.


I asked.


“Its not special”.


She said n walked to her room.


I sat on the sofa disappointed.


This always happen every year.


Have been married to her for 200 years now but its as if am still single.


No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get her to love me.


Our marriage was a force marriage.


I really love her, but she don’t.


I closed my eyes sadly.


How will I get her to fall for me.


Have tried my best for 200 years now.


Reena POV.


signed. My parent.


This two always quarrel.


Today suppose to be their anniversary but they still quarreled.


I looked at my father.


I was standing behind the door.


He don’t know I was there.


I don’t like seeing my dad sad.


I don’t like seeing my parent quarrel .


I will do everything in my power to make them happy.



I smiled and left with my dad not noticing.




Ivy pov


I walked round the big boutique.


Its night already but I love shopping in the night.


People where still in the hall.


But I still love it.


The manager already know the type of cloth I love.


He took me to the VIP section.


Expensive clothes.


I look round looking for my type.




A voice called.


I turned.


And there stood in front of me my old friend.


She was my patient three years back, but she became my friend.




I called.


She ran and hugged me.


“Its been so long”.


She said.


“Yeah. How are you? “.


asked. “Am fine”.

She replied smiling.


“You came here to buy clothes”. I asked.


“Yeap”. She said.


“Then let shop together”.


Rebecca pov


The drive to my house wasn’t far.


“Why didn’t you tell me that your house was so close”.


He asked.


“Well if I had told you, you wouldn’t have driven me home”.


I replied.


“Yes cause its not far, its just three buildings away from the hospital”.


He said.


“Je suis desole(I am sorry) “.


I said.


He stirred at me amazed.


“You speak French? “.


He asked.


“Not really, but am learning”.


I said.


“That’s good”.


He said.


The rain became heavy.


“Good night sir”.


I said.


“Bonne nuit(good night) “.


He said smiling.


I came out of his car, but open it again.


“Doctor. Your car tyre is down”.


I said.


He also came out to check it.


“Oh no”.


He said.


Nicole pov.


Oh no.


What will I do now, I can’t drive it home, and I can’t call a mechanic cause the rain is heavy.


“Sir, let’s leave the rain and go to my lodge”.


Rebecca said.


“Well that is a good idea”.


I said.


She smiled and left.


I followed her.


“Welcome to my little apartment”.


She said.


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smiled. “Not bad”. I said.


“Hmm, let me make a cup of coffee”. She said going to her kitchen.


Richard pov.


Its raining heavily.


And am sucked in a restaurant.


Gosh why now.


I brought out my phone to play a game.


“Leave me alone”.


A girl cried.


I look up, to see a girl been surrounded by a group of boys.


“Just do what we ask you to, then we will leave you alone”.


One of them said, while the others left.


Looking at the girl, she look like a nineteen years old.


The guys dress and look like bad boys.


Seems like they are gangs.


“Let go of me”.


The girl said when one of them touch her.


“Strip her”.


The one who seem like the leader said.


“Try that and you all are dead”.


I said.


They all turned to look at me.


“Who are you”.


The leader ask.


“The guy who will break your hands if you touch her”.


I replied.


They all laughed.


“Mind your business”.


He said to me.


“Guts, strip her”.


He said to his friends.


I stood up and punch the leader on his face. He fell on the floor.


The remaining guys came to me, but I beat them all up.


They all stood up and ran in fright.


“Are you okay”.


I asked the lady.




She replied.













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