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Queen high school – Episode 7

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Queen High School




School of a living hell




Episode 7




Beauty looked up and was shocked to see Derek, one of the D4 looking at her lustfully. Derek smiled as he released his grip from her.


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“Aahh…” Beauty landed on her butt. Derek cracked. His smiled was gorgeous.




Beauty stood up and dust her cloth. She looked at Derek with anger but shrugged it off and wanted to pass by her but Derek pulled her back.




“Where did you think you’re going?” Derek said




“And who are you to stop me?” Beauty snapped. Derek was taking aback.


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“Who are you? Oh, you’re the new student right? But haven’t you heard anything about being a food to the rich kid before?” Derek said as he was looking at her lips.




“I don’t get time for all this nonsense. Get out of my way” Beauty shouted as she wanted to pass.




But Derek stood in her way. “Don’t you think you can regret what you’re doing right now?”




“Paapu(Idiot), Boju(stupid). I don’t care” with that she left in anger and walked straight to the class.








Derek smiled and walked to their own personal class. He entered and head to his sit.




“Why are you laughing as someone who just win a lotto?” Damon said




Derek smiled again. “Am smiling? I just saw something interesting right now” Derek said




“And what’s that?” Daniel asked




“I think I just saw an angel right now whom I wish to get in her pant” Derek smirked





“And who is that?” Dylan asked




“I don’t catch her name but it seems she’s a new student here” Derek answered




“Hey, did anyone of you heard anything about the multi billionaire girl that is coming to our school?” Damon said




“Oh yeah. You’re right” Dylan said




“Daniel second love” Derek teased




Daniel smiled. “I just hope she will be beautiful as she is back then” Daniel said




“But she can’t recognize neither you. I don’t think so” Damon said.




“We shall see, then” Daniel smirked






Beauty entered the class and saw Ethan on the seat, she did not say anything, she just turned back instantly. Ethan stood up and ran after her.




He grabbed her hand. “Beauty, please…wait” he pulled her back




Beauty remover her hand from her grip. “Let go of me you asshole”




“Please, just let me explain” Ethan said



“Explain what? That your sister is Carlene and she asked you to find out who I am. And to distracted me from those stupid D4 attention. Or than I am not your type, huh?” Beauty shouted which attract some nearby students




Ethan was out of word but he act like a man and hugged her. “I’m sorry Beauty. Please, forgive me” he said




Beauty pushed him away. “Don’t you f**king touch me. You wanted to be friend with me again, so you can accomplish your mission in my life, I don’t think so. We are no more friend” Beauty said as she turned to go, a sounded slap landed on her cheek.




She looked up and saw Carlene.




“Shit, Carlene what’s your problem?” Ethan shouted at his sister. He turned to beauty. “I’m sorry dear”




Beauty hold her cheek in anger. “What did you just do?”




“Yes, I slapped you, you know why? Because you’re nobody. How dare you allow your freaking, sinking body touch one of our D4? Huh?” She raised up her hand to slap her again but Beauty held it with a strong hold.




“Do you know who you just mess up with right now?” Beauty snapped.




Carlene struggling to get free. “Let go of my hand, you b**ch”




Beauty dropped her hand and gave her two sounded slap that echo in her head.


Everybody gasped.




“How dare you called me a b**ch?” she raised up her hand to slap her again but Ethan held it.




“That’s enough. You will land your self in trouble” Ethan warned.




“Brother, this stupid girl slapped me and you stood there looking?” Carlene said




“That’s how I was looking when you slapped her also” Ethan said and everybody burst into laughter




Beauty pushed Ethan away and pulled Carlene by her hair. “Today, you pissed me off already, idiot. Now it’s your turn to suffer” Beauty pushed her toward Elena.




“This is an opportunity for your revenge, do everything you want, I’ll take the responsibility” Beauty said.




“Wow, for the first in this semester, I’ll feel good” Elena And her friend began to throw eggs at Carlene.




Ethan wanted to defend her sister Beauty signal some of her bodyguard who pretended to be student to grabbed him. They hold him. “Who are you? Let go of me?” he was struggling to get freed but their grip was too hard for him.




They are throwing egg, apple and even flour. All her body was a mess.




“I have been longing for this” Elena move closer to her and slapped her.



“Beauty, stop them. Who the hell are you to be doing this? You will regret it for the rest of your life, trust me” Ethan said struggling with the bodyguard.




“I’ll take your word for it” Beauty said and move closer to Carlene who was crying on the floor.




“You such a big disgrace to rich kid. If you ever mess with me, that will be your last, idiot” Beauty kicked her and walked away.




Elena hugged her from behind. “Thank you so much” Elena said




Beauty smiled. “You’re welcome”




“I’m sorry for ever doubted you” Elena apologize




“You have every reason to be”




“Is there a vacant where I can be your friend” Elena grinning




Beauty giggled. “Sure”




“Thank you” she hugged her again



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