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Dear Jocelyn – Episode 12

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(His birthday)


Episode 12


By: Faith Lucky.


Audrey’s joy knew no bounds. She hurried home immediately to prepare for the night contest and on reaching home, she found her aunt Tessy and Rachel over there.


“Good evening, aunt. Hey, Rachel” she greeted in a haste and ran off to her room to get dressed.


“Why’s she so happy?” Aunt Tessy asked and Rachel shrugged.


Audrey wore a black trouser and a yellow sleeveless shirt. Then she went back to the sitting room and brushed her hair in front of the mirror.


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“So, you’re part of the music contest?” Aunt Tessy asked as Audrey brushed her hair.


“Oh, yes; aunt. I thought you knew about it” replied Audrey.


By this time, she had parked her hair in a fine ponytail.


“I wanted you to run some errands for me, Audrey”.


“I’m so sorry; I can’t. Maybe I’ll come over to the house tomorrow”.


“I’ll be travelling tomorrow”.


“Oh!” She said and paused.


“Well, you can tell Rachel to help you out” she said and rushed out.


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“Me?” Rachel shouted after her as she ran out the door.




As Audrey arrived, and could overhear many of. The contestants taking about her.


Why’s she so inconsistent?.


she comes and goes as she likes


why does Mr Rodney keep giving her. Second chances?


Are you sure there’s nothing going on between both of them?


Audrey walked past them and found a lonely place to sit. She couldn’t afford exchanging words with anyone.


Soon, the contest started and when it was her turn, she sang the song Rodney had requested her to sing. And all the while, he kept . staring at her. She couldn’t tell why, but she felt the song meant a lot to him.


Could it be connected to Jocelyn? She thought.


Audrey came out from one of the lecture halls and decided to call Rachel so they could have lunch together.


“Hello, sis. Wats up?” Rachel said on the phone.


“Rachel, where are you? I’m just thought with my classes and I’m starving” Audrey groused.


“Oh, dear; I’ll be with you shortly. Just wait for me at the cafeteria, okay?’ Rachel replied and ended the call.


Audrey heaved a sigh and turned to go and had almost bumped into Leo who was


coming in front of her.




“Audrey! ” they called the same time and cracked.


“Hey, how’re you doing?” Leo asked


“Oh! I’m fine and you?” Audrey replied and brushed her fingers into her hair, taking out time to admire him.


He was putting on a black Jean with a white long sleeve. He was really handsome, but Rodney still beat him to it.


“I’m okay. Where’re you headed?” He asked.


“Oh! I’m just going to meet up with my sister”.


“Okay. You’re looking good, anyway”.


Huh? Audrey thought and looked from her toes to her chest. How on earth was she


looking good?


“Mmm thanks.


“By the way, thanks for the transport fare you gave me the other day. But I don’t think it was necessary. I mean, you made me feel like you were repaying me for what I did”.


“Really? Well, if you want, you could make it up to me again. Treat me for lunch”.




“Uh…L..Leo” she paused and laughed nervously.


“I…I would’ve loved to, you know? But… the problem is, I’m having a meeting with my sister right now. So….”


“Chill, Audrey. I was only kidding” Leo cut in and laughed.


“Anyway, I’m also having an appointment. So, see you later” he tapped her shoulder and said as he made to leave.


“Bye sir” Audrey replied and watched him walk away.


Gosh! What a jerk” she thought with her hand on her chest and made for the cafeteria.


The cafeteria was a little filled up but it was calm. And since Audrey was famished, she couldn’t wait for Rachel. So, she ordered for a plate of rice pudding and found an empty table to sit.


She was enjoying her sumptuous meal, but not until two ladies showed up in front


of her – Megan and Edith.




Megan wore a black tracksuit and had a pink handbag with her, while Edith hung a crossing bag around her neck.


Audrey swallowed hard as she surprisingly watched them sit in front of her on the same table.


Megan kept staring at her with her soft eyes while Edith chewed a gum, noisily.


“Um…hi” Audrey greeted nervously, trying to. Understand what was going on.


They didn’t reply, but only adjusted on their.their seats.


“Uh…is there a problem?” She asked and that was when Megan spoke up.


“That depends on you. Anyway, I just wanna talk to you for now” Megan replied and kept her bag on the table.


“You’re Audrey, right?” She asked and Audrey nodded.


“Okay, Audrey. Um… so well, I’ve noticed some kind of . activities going on between you and Rodney for a while and it’s really getting me.comfided. So, I was thinking you could, maybe, give me some highlights to clarify me” Audrey itched her head and flinched.


“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about”.


“Come on Audrey; cut the act. Who’s gonna help? First, you didn’t pass the audition, but I don’t know how you were able to creep your way to Rodney to give you a second chance. After that, you didn’t show up for the next stage which. Was supposed to get you evicted, but magically, you showed up last night and sang.



And more interestingly, you’ve gone to his house twice. So, do you still wanna tell me it’s all nothing?”


Like seriously, was Megan confronting me because of Rodney?


“Um…miss Megan, I think you’re getting it all wrong. Actually, there’s nothing going on between Mr Rodney and I…”


“Audrey?” Rachel called from behind Audrey turned to look at her.


Somehow, she felt relived seeing Rachel.


“What’s going on?” She asked as she sat next to Audrey.


“Um…nothing really. We were just…”


“Go on, Audrey” Megan cut in and Audrey cleared her throat.


“Well, like I was saying, there’s nothing going on between Mr Rodney and I.” She continued.


“When he had given me a second chance, it was through the help of his brother”.


“Oh! So now, Leo’s also involved?” Megan asked.


“Hold on” Rachel chipped in.


“Don’t you think you’re questioning the wrong person? Why don’t you ask Rodney yourself?”.


“Hey! She wasn’t talking to you” Edith said.


“And I wasn’t talking to you either” Rachel replied back at her and she scoffed. “You really have some guts, don’t you?” Edith asked and was about flaring up when Megan tapped her.


“Chill, Edith. I don’t think I’ve got the time to exchange words with Commoners in public. Besides, I think my lipstick can buy her three square meals a day” Megan said and stood up with her bag.


“Just one word for you, Audrey; I know Rodney’s every lady’s dream. But you’ve got to know this; he’s not meant for everyone. So, don’t think you can be any different and stop dreaming. Know your limits” she said derogatorily and walked away with Edith while Rachel stared angrily at them.


“Gosh! That Megan’s really something else. Simply because she’s close to Rodney doesn’t make her his wife or something. I should’ve poured ice water on her. “And that Edith that walks around as a friend, she doesn’t know she’s just being a fool…”


“Rachel come on; that’s enough” Audrey said, sounding frustrated.


But Rachel wouldn’t listen as she just kept ranting.







That same evening, there was another stage of the contest and during Audrey’s performance, she had sang Enchanted by Taylor Swift.


Rodney was so engrossed in the song that he kept staring at her the whole time.


And although he was smoking, Audrey could tell he enjoyed the song. After the contest, six people were evicted and one of the judges made an announcement. He announced the arrival of miss Vanessa in the next contest. Rodney turned on the bed and his eyes met with the morning sun that glinted on his windows.


He felt a soft hand on his thigh and turned to see his mum sitting next to him on the bed.


“Hello sweetheart. You were sleeping so sound” Mrs Houston said as she brushed his hair with her palm.


“Good morning, mum” he said in a faint yawn and stretched.


“Morning dear. You returned late last night. Here, look what Megan got for me” Mrs Houston said and showed him a pendant.


“Isn’t it beautiful?” She asked excitedly and Rodney rolled his eyes.


“Megan’s so sweet” she continued.


“She spent the entire evening with me and had even assisted me in making a fruit salad. She’ll make a fine daughter in law, Rodney. Don’t you think?” Rodney looked at her and scoffed. Seriously?


“Do you have any appointments today?” She asked, noticing he didn’t like what she said.


“No”. He replied.


“Okay. Can you spend some time with me? Lets go out together”.


“I…I can’t. I’ll be busy”.


“Busy? But I thought you said you weren’t having any appointments?”


By this time, Rodney had already sat up and was putting on his bedroom slippers. “I just don’t feel like going out today” he replied and left the bed, headed for the door.


“Rodney” Mrs Houston called and he paused to look at her.


She also stood up and stared pathetically at him.


“Happy birthday” she said in a frail voice and Rodney’s eyes drooped.


She walked over to him and kissed him and walked out of the room.


Rodney walked back to the bed and fell on it. He couldn’t believe he had forgotten his birthday – again.


For the past eighteen years; his birthday has meant nothing to him and most especially because Jocelyn had gone missing two days after his birthday.



Each time it was his birthday, he felt so much agony and that was why he didn’t want to acknowledge it. He always forgets it. TBC.








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