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My Prince Charming – Episode 24 & 25

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Episode: Twenty four and Twenty five (24&25)




Aduni’s P. O. V




I went back to confirm if she’s Tomi for real but I was told different people from different kingdom come to buy and sell in there kingdom on their market day. I search everywhere but can’t find her




“She excape again ”


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“Princess use this Adetola’s festival as a chance to have him as your own”Peju said


“Really, will it work ”




“Yea coz the last time I check everything you ask for when it’s time to make a choice is given to you so you just ask for him as your husband that’s all ” She smiled




“Oh thanks “I smiled




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Two weeks later






Tomi’s P. O. V




Dad get the best dress for me and Mum surprised me asking me to pick any jewelry box I want from the one she’s selling, After dressing for the festival even me I don’t recognize myself again all thanks to my big stomach that makes me believe I’m still the one starring at the




“I’m beautiful”I smiled




“Wow you are beautiful daughter “kunle said smiling




“Just like me “Simi added




“It’s obvious “I smiled, I used the necklace my late mum gave me after birth and gold ear ring , bangles and keep the royal bead prince gave me with me


“Shall we “Kunle asked




“Sure ”




There we go is not about the festival but meeting prince and princess again




“Hmm this smile on your face eh “Simi teased




“That’s how you smile to anytime I’m on my way to your town before we get married mum told me everything “Kunle grinned




“Anyhow”She surrender while we laugh at her as Dad drove down to Adetola’s




We are late already we got there when princess is about to ask for what she want and the following day she must have it and that will be main day for their festival, I saw prince sitting among the Royal family they invited and princess looking simple , Adeyeye and Queen wumi also with other kings and their family




I hide my self with my family sitting at the back




“Last year she asked for the latest car in town “Mum (simi) said smiling




“I see”I replied




“Hmm Simi you still remember anyway ten years ago she asked for gold wrist watch “Kunle(dad) added then the person beside started laughing


“Your own worst oo baba (father) “He said




“Abi o”I smile while we laugh making jester of Dad




“Hello, I’m glad to have you all here to celebrate with us, As we all know that every year there is always a time like this, where father will grant my request. I want something different and something you will want know today “She smiled and stared round




“Father should I continue “She smiled looking stunning then I sight the gold that lady brought from me in another kingdom on her I’m using same gold too oh my God so Aduni send her




“Yes daughter”Adetola Said while Queen Adesewa smiled




“Thanks father”She bow and winked at prince while he smile I felt heart broken. That look on princess Ewa is not funny at all I saw her tapping him and I smile




“Are they dating now “I whispered




“Tomi don’t go there stop that thought “Mum hold my hands




“I don’t think so “She said




“I hope so, or else I will kill my self “I whispered




“God forbid ah ah what na”Mum shouted which call other attention to our side while I bow my head to avoid trouble




“Tomi “Dad called




“Just scared ” I replied




“Well I want Adeyeye’s prince as my own “She smiled while prince jaw dropped I feel like fainting sweating




“Hey wait let’s hear him out “Mum said fanning me




“Wow”Everyone chorus surprised I can see Adeyeye and his Queen smiling and princess Ewa stood up




“Princess “Prince called




“You said you will love me if you don’t know her first but now she’s dead and I want you for myself “She smiled




“Ahh”Everyone said surprised




“Not dead okay coz I can feel her present here, so Aduni it will be nice if you ask for something else coz love is not by force and beside Tomi is still alive and here in our mist “Princess Ewa yelled




“Ahh “Everyone shouted while I started shaking, fear took over me how did she know I asked my self


“Will you shut up Ewa “King Adeyeye yelled




“Father I can feel it she’s here or somewhere close to our side”She protest




“Did she saw us”Dad asked




“We need to leave “Mum added I was just crying




“We can’t leave “Dad said




That was how arguments started princess Ewa stood on her point and princess Aduni will never let her spoiled her day . They almost spoil the festival




“Hello my people I know something like this will happen and since princess wish must be granted and she said prince once told her that if his first love doesn’t exist he will go for her, now she’s dead and we expect him to comeback to our daughter and since he refuse to do that Aduni here by announce it here today but princess Ewa here said no for the sake of our beautiful day we make peace here and judge right “Queen Adesewa said




“Good”Everyone shouted




“Prove to us she’s still alive now before king Adetola grant her request “Queen Adesewa said




“I can feel her present here”princess Ewa said





“I’m sorry I think we taking it to far “Prince added




“Prince did you once promise Aduni to love her if Tomi your love never exist “Queen Adesewa asked


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“Yes but she exist just dead but still alive In my heart “he replied while I smile I can’t do anything than to hide my identity I dare not go out




“Hmm nice ”




“Princess Ewa you said you can feel her present call her now to come out now in count of Ten but if you can’t provide her my husband will have no choice than to grant her request,so now Aduni pls use your seat while Ewa will provide Tomi at the count of Ten “Queen Adesewa smiled




“Tomi I can’t feel your present, pls come out if you are here like I feel it “She said worried




That was how people started counting




“1… 2.. 8.. 9″I was hold down by mum who is scared of what might happen if I go out but I pushed her hands away and called




“Princess “as tears dropped from my face








“I’m sorry princess Ewa “Queen Adesewa said while tears dropped from princess Ewa face and Aduni smiling I can’t control the tears dropping freely




“I know you are not dead I can feel your present here Tomi”She cleaned her face then king Adetola stood up




“Now I will say ”




“My king “Dad shouted




“What”Everyone shouted and stared at him




“You have something to say “King Adetola asked




“Yes, princess Ewa is right she’s here”Dad said and grabbed my hands as people make way for us as we stepped out all eyes on me




I feel like the ground should swallow me




“You “King Adeyeye said giving me one look like that




“Tomi why “Princess stood smiling




“Tomi”Prince called rush to me hugging me but my big stomach refuse to allow us to hug each other tight




“I’m scared”


“I won’t take that I want him “Aduni yelled




“I’m sorry daughter we can’t force you to love each other”King Adetola said




“Father”She called




“We have to call it a day tomorrow we will sort things out catch fun enjoy the rest of the day “King Adetola said and call for a meeting between Adeyeye’s family and my new parent




Adetola’s P. O. V




I stared at Tomi at first I notice she’s with same gold with princess then I saw that necklace, I just have to call it a day coz I can’t wait to know about necklace she’s using, I call for another meeting there we will discuss about the necklace and prince




“My lord “She bow while everywhere was quiet like grave yard as she go on her knee




“Hmm I’m calling this meeting because of this necklace “I said and brought out another sample




“But I thought is about princess wish “Queen Adewumi said




“Yes but not now”I replied





“Father did she steal it “Aduni asked




“She can’t steal”Prince, Ewa, Kunle, Simi”chorused




“Says who “King Adeyeye said




“Pls how did you manage to escape, you are back to face the worst “King Adeyeye yelled




“Just cool down and let me talk now I’m directing my question to Tomi no addition from the house “I smiled and stared at my Queen




“I’m scared”Queen Adesewa smiled and hold my hand




“That necklace who gave you “I asked




“My lord she said”She called




“Who gave you that old necklace “I yelled everyone was just staring they expect me to talk about Aduni and prince but I end asking about the necklace Tomi have on her neck I sound stupid but the necklace has a lot to do about me




“A gift from my mum when she die, she gave me the necklace “She replied




“And who is your mother, tell us about her “I said




“According to the history she’s Aduni by name and a slave, die when she gave birth to me but placed this on my neck, and she told the woman who serve as the



midwife to keep it for me and I must keep it safe that’s just it “She explained on her knee




“Aduni, you are my princess Tomi, Aduni Aduni your mother “I rushed to her and hugged her




“She’s my daughter “I yelled and raised her up




“Never” Aduni walked out pissed




“Long live princess Tomi everyone shouted “As princess Ewa rushed to her and hugging her




“I said it you are not just a Queen but a great Queen “She yelled




“Hello I’m telling my story and why I choose to be a peace with you Adeyeye when you fail to keep keep promise




Is all about Tomi’s mum love “I told them everything about my past with my Aduni I told them how she got pregnant, how I hide it from my parent till they find out , she will soon put to bed around that time maybe some weeks to go when they find out I got my maid pregnant they send her out of our kingdom, and left with no choice than to get married to my first wife before she died and later get married to Queen Adesewa but still I still love her and because prince is I love with a maid to I understand and choose to be at peace with him and his lover who happened to be my own princess my missing princess




“Oh my God, I’m sorry Tomi “King Adeyeye and Queen Adewumi said


She hugged prince as tears dropped from her eyes




“I’m sorry I can’t protect you then but now I will be there for you “I said




“I promise you to be there too “Prince said and kissed her head




“My father “She cried as she hugged me




“I’m sorry daughter”




“I understand “She replied released the hug and hugged her new parent




“Pls find it easy to forgive us Tomi and king Adetola we are sorry we have no idea that she’s your daughter “King Adeyeye said




“Tomi we are sorry “princess Ewa said




“I want my sisters free then I will forgive them princess “She said




“They send for them and I asked maid to take care of her now I find my missing princess



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In my room discussing with Queen




“Will you now let Aduni know that she’s not your real daughter that you adopted her “Queen asked




“Now dear she’s my daughter but pls keep it away from her “I said then the door open




“You don’t have to hide it so I’m not your daughter”She asked as tears dropped freely from her eyes




“I’m sorry”Queen said




“Sorry you have her now “She said




“Aduni, you see we still love you “I replied




“No wonder you always use the word that I’m not who I think I am oh my God fake life “She rushed out




“Aduni “I called




“I can handle this “Queen said and go after her




. The following day




I announced Tomi as my missing princess and crown her



“I would like to say sorry to my beautiful princess Aduni coz we have to let them be she’s pregnant carrying his baby” I said




THen Aduni stepped out and announced prince and Tomi as lover and also pick a date for their wedding




“I’m just selfish I’m sorry sis, prince I’m really sorry and princess pls forgive me, I’m so happy it end this way atlease I know my stand, and to others out there I offend pls forgive, sis forgive me “Aduni said walked up to her hugging her as our guest started clapping




“I can’t fight you coz been alive today is just by grace, Aduni thanks”Tomi smiled hugging her too




“Princess Aduni is this you “Ewa asked




“Yea “She smiled




“Wow “Ewa smiled and hugged her




“Next time don’t try to separate lovers “She whispered




“Tomi at last sorry princess”Tehmy said hugging her




“Hmm, h my back “Tomi shouted in pain





“Tomi “We are shouted




“Tomi what sorry princess what “Yemi asked




“My baby coming, call me Tomi silly “She said and hit Tehmy and Yemi while they rushed her down to the hospital




Infact this just a blessing from our gods she delivered twins a boy and a girl’s after 4hours in labor room like I’m scared




Two month later




Tomi and prince got married and Tehmy and Yemi gained their freedom same with the the guard at the big gate that opened the gate for her. Her new parent were asked to live in the palace too




“You remember this”Tomi brought out the royal bead




“Yea “prince smiled holding her waist




“At first I thought its useless but now I understand




“Finally we are together “Prince smile




“And I have my prince charming “Tomi said and kissed him


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Love is precious in many ways, love is embance passion, love is eternal happiness, love is heart felt emotion, love is understanding of one another, love is that special someone, love is flying without wings, love is joy you feelwith someone, caring for someone special, love is that touches your heart, what makes your heart beat, healing the power of your soul and heart, beauty within, what makes dreams come true, the fuel of the heart and soul




Love is foundation of life and meaning of life




Finally she find her prince charming and have him beside her always “Ewa smiled and started singing for the twins



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“Daughter can I have my grand son and daughter in my arm “Queen wumi asked




“Really mum”Ewa smiled




“Ewa “King Adeyeye called as he carried his grand son while Queen carried her grand daughter




“I told you mum there is no way you can change their destine “She smiled and walked out




“She can never change”they stared at each other and smile




“But she’s right at the end of the day Tomi have her prince charming and Prince with the Queen of his heart


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*The End*

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