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War Of The Supernatural – Episode 36

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Episode Thirty Six



Jeffrey’s POV



My eyes turned pale as I gradually turned back into my demonic form..



Too late!



I turned to the fellows who had just hurt my Saphira..


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“How dare you hurt her?” I thundered as the whole building vibrated at the sound of my voice..



I moved my hand to the right and my powers immediately flung them to the wall.



They crash to the wall with a great thud..



All of a sudden I heard a cracking noise over my head..



What could that be?



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“Watch out Jeff!!” Saphira yelled..



Not knowing what she was talking about, I quickly moved back and to my surprise the fan crashed on the floor..






“You’re such a lucky brat” Zach said..



So he is the one behind it..



I didn’t wanted to do this but I think this is the right thing to do..



I screech my hand on the glass window causing me to bleed..



“What are you doing?” Saphira ran to me..



“Don’t worry about me,just use your powers to fling them to the glass window” I whispered..



“What? They might get injured”



“Just do it”



She blew out wind from her mouth and flung them to the glass window..






Blood dripped from the cuts they’ve obtained from the window crash..



“Don’t let them go” I yelled..



“I’m trying my best” she yelled..



“What are you doing? Don’t do this” Zach roared..



“Please don’t do this”Muyo pleaded..



“I’m sorry guys but I think this is the right thing to do” I sadly said..



I sprinkled my blood on their cuts..



“I want you to send them back to Hace” I enchanted..






“You’re gonna regret this you motherfvcker!”



“You’re gonna pay for this you son of a bitch”



They yelled as their image gradually disappeared..



“Are you okay” Saphira who was breathing heavily said..



I heaved a sigh of relief..



“I’m okay and you? Hope you’re not hurt?” I asked



“I’m fine”



“You know what, for a while I was thinking you were gonna kill them..” She added..



“Yeah I would have done that if you hadn’t change me” he said..



“Thanks Jeff! Thanks for keeping your promise” she said..



“Just thanks- I thought you would do something much more better than that” i said..



“Huh! Something like what?” She asked with an arched brow..



“Uhm! I think a kiss will do” I said pouting my lips..



“What? You’re such a spoilt child” she blushed..



“Come on! No one is looking”



“Ok fine! But I’ll only do it if you close your eyes”



“Sure! I’ll do anything for your kiss” I closed my eyes giggling..



I waited for a while but she didn’t kiss me..



“Saph!” I called but their was no response.



I opened my eyes and was surprised to see her sneaking out..



“Are you tryna escape or what?” I asked with a wide opened eyes..



“Escape? No! I was only.. trying to see how bright..the weather is” she chuckled..



“But you are supposed to kiss me”



“Kiss you? That will only be In your dreams” she laughed,running outside..



“Cheat! You cheated!! ” I yelled running after her..



“Everything is fair in love and war” she giggled..



She kept on laughing as she sped..



“If i catch you I’m gonna kiss the hell outta you” I laughed running after her..



“You can’t get me!!”





pumpkin’s POV



We finally got to the palace..



“Stay here..I’ll go in first” I said..



“Are you sure?” He asked staring into my eyes..



If only he knows how scared I am..



“Yeah” I said and turned to leave..



He suddenly dragged me back into his warm embrace..



“I’m scared Jeff! I’m really scared” I cried..



“But why?”



“I don’t know! I have this strange feeling that something bad is gonna happen”



“Don’t be scared Saph! Don’t ever forget that I’ll always be there for you” he whispered as we disengage from the hug..



“You can go now,if anything goes wrong just whistle and I’ll be there in a jiffy” he assured..



“Okay” I said and gave him a peck before running in..



I entered into the palace and fear gripped me at the sight of Lord Andrew’s face..











The fallen Angel











By Authoress Ruthie


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