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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 24

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Chapter Twenty Four.
Theme: Make love to me
Date: 28th, March, 2029.
Time: 8:35pm
Location: Henry’s Mansion.
Cara’s Pov:
Ugh I think I’m going to go crazy after what happened between me and Jason, I couldn’t bring myself to take him off my mind.
I could still taste his lips on mine. His touch lingers on my body, and it doesn’t help my state of mind.
“Hey love.” Henry jumps into bed and lay next to me, and pecks me on the cheek.
“Hey.” I reply letting out a tired sigh.
“Is everything alright.” Henry ask looking down at me, gazing at me softly. Then a plan cross my mind. What if I had sex with Henry, maybe then I could wash away Jason hands off me.
“Well I….I” I stutter on purpose, staring at him sheepishly.
“Cara you can tell me anything, what’s bothering you.”
“I want you to make love to me.” I whisper, looking at everything else in the room but him.
“Really.” He asks quite surprise, staring at me shocked.
“Yes.” I nod meekly.
“Oh my love that’s the best thing you’ve ever said to me.” Henry smile so brightly raining kisses on my face. His hands trails down my back, planting soft kisses on my lips. But all I could think of is how Henry hands feels weird, and Jason hard-
soft hands, how he carressed my face, squeezed my perky breast. How those hands held me firmly when i had my first ever orgasm. I want him.
I tried to focus on Henry but I couldn’t, his touch and kisses disgust me, it’s nothing like Jason.
Not being able to take it anymore, I push Henry off me lightly. “I’m sorry Henry but I can’t. I thought I was ready for this but I’m not, I’m sorry.”
Henry didn’t say anything, he just stands up from the bed and walks out of the room angrily and hurt. Shit
Date: 28th, March, 2029.
Time: 10:13pm
Location: Blue ring club.
Author’s Pov:
“Hey man, I read your text, and I hope you realize that I was actually fu.cking some nice bitch in my house, so this better be good, what’s going on.” Francis says walking into the VVIP section in blue ring night club.
“I see your started the party without me.” Francis comments, watching his friend pour himself another glass of tequila.
“Are you gonna tell what happened.” Francis says sitting opposite Henry.
“She….rejected me.” Henry says gulping down another glass of tequila.
“Who rejected you.” Francis sighs, this is what he gets after leave a plump nice bimbo on his bed.
“My wife that fu.cking bitch rejected me.” Henry slurs, banging his fist on the table.
He piont a finger at his self, trying to lay more emphasis on the ‘me’ point.
“I don’t get it, you said she’s been warming up to you, so how could she rejects your love.” Francis pours himself a glass of whiskey, and sighs the more.
“She didn’t reject my love, she rejected me.”
“That’s literally the same thing.”
“I’ll tell you,” Henry drinks another glass of tequila, while Francis waited not so patiently, he would give anything to be back on his bed, his dick buried six inches it wonder land.
“Well I came back home and she was looking so down, I asked her what the problem is and do you know what she said.” Henry questions his friend staring at him.
“How would I know if you haven’t told me.” More sighs.
“She asked me to make love to her.” Francis spurt out the whiskey in his mouth, staring at Henry in surprise. Then a big grin appears on his face and he gives his friend a very big pat on the back, grinning like he won a lottery for his friend.
“So why are you here, your suppose to be fu.cking your wife.”
“Ohh I was about getting to that stage, that was untill Cara pushed me off her, and said she couldn’t do it.”
“Wow, that’s fu.cked up man. But let’s look at the brighter side here.” Francis grins at his friend.
“Which is.” Henry throws him a confused stare.
“She’s falling hard for you, isn’t she the one that asked you for Se.x, common Henry this means in no time, she will be all yours.” Henry face lits up in hearing his friend words. Well this means he just had to press the right button and he’ll have her exactly where he wants her.
Date: 28th, March, 2029.
Time: 10:23pm
Location: Henry’s Mansion.
Cara’s Pov:
As much as I should have been worried about Henry being upset, I wasn’t. All I can think of right now is Jason hands all over me.
The image of what happened this afternoon keeps on running through my mind, how he made me shiver under his touch. I want him, I want him badly.
Without thinking much I put on my clothes and left the room not dropping a note for Henry about whereabout.
Date: 28th, March, 2029.
Time: 11:20pm
Location: Jason’s Apartment.
Cara’s Pov:

My hands tremble as I press the door bell of Jason apartments. My heart beats against my rib cage. My eyes scan my surrounding nervously. Maybe I shouldn’t have come here, I think I should go back, definitely this is a bad idea.
The door opens once I made my mind to go back home and a surprise shirtless Jason opens the door.
“Cara, you’re here?? at this time of the night” He utters smirking not very surprise to see me.
I couldn’t say any word, not even a sound, seeing Jason shirtless must have shut down my entire system, he is so eatable.
“Cara eyes up.” Jason commands, mocking me with those sexy brown eyes.
“Yeah, yeah of course your eyes are definitely up, you see I was about leaving, yeah, so bye.” What the hell is wrong with you, why are you blabbing.
“Are you sure, I don’t really think you’ll ring my door bell at 11:21pm for nothing. You came here for a reason, what is it.” His eyes gaze into mine and the message, I know why you’re here fu.ck you Jason.
“Why are you trying to fight this Cara, we both want it. Here come inside.” He steps away from the door, allowing me a free passage. After a little bit struggle with my inner self I walked in.
“Do you want anything, coffee, wine, anything.” He offers standing a few feet away from me. I close my eyes and whisper, “I want you.”
“I don’t think I heard that.” I open to see him directly in front of me, his eyes gazing into mine.
“You’re not going to let me off easily right.” I said sighing.
“Nope.” He eyes grinning.
“Okay fine, I said I want you, I want you right now, right here.”
“Are you sure about that, my couch is really uncomfortable.”
“Then we’ll take your bed.”
Jason grins as if he just won a lottery and without warning he lifts me off the ground and carries me to his room. My butt lands softly on his amazingly soft bed, my eyes travels to Jason standing few feet away from the bed, studying me.
“Are you gonna join me or what” I question returning his stare. He smiles at me cockily and start pulling off every remaining piece of clothes on his body. My breaths hitched watching him pull off his trouser, exposing his beautifully strong
manly legs. He pulls of his brief next setting hid throbbing, pulsating dick free, is not as big as Henry but nevertheless I still want it buried into my womanhood.
“Like what you see.” He grins displaying his fully na.ked body in front of my hungry eyes.
“I would like it more if I get to touch it.”I say, returning his grin.
Jason gladly climbs on bed, and eventually mount on top of me.(okay that kind of sounded like I’m some kind of animal, you know the word mount is normally for horses, whatever)
“I don’t think this situation is fair.” He whispers huskly into my ears.
“And what is unfair if I may ask.”
“You clothes are still on.” He pout, making me chuckle.
“So what’s stopping you from taking them off.” I say simply, and in no time every piece of clothing I had on me was being thrown at different direction of his room.
His fingers trace a feather light path from my collarbone to my hip making me moan out in pleasure, every brush, press and twist makes my skin tingles for more.
“I want you now Jason!!!” I cried out.
“Your wish is my command, Ma.” He says giving an exaggerated bow and lowers his manly self deep into me.
I clutch at his back, my nails digging deep into his skin as he rides me, taking me into the depth of utmost pleasure, I drag my hands to his ass as I guide him deeper into me, I want all of him.
“Yes……ohhhhh……..godddddd.” I mean out loudly, I couldn’t hold it anymore, my
body is reacting in ways i have never seen before. This man is driving me insane.
My outburst release a deep sound at the back of his throat, he moves his hips, sinking both of us father and further into his soft matress.
I could feel the pressure in my lower stomach build, increasing with hot fire until it consumes me.
I scream at each mind numbing waves crash over me, I surrender to Jason that night again and again until his cries mingle with mine and all senses of time and place disovled. I thought my first orgasm was mind blowing, I should have know Jason would never stick with only mind blowing.
The next morning I woke up in the arms of Jason, trying to ignore the nagging feeling in me, i quietly got up and put on my clothes, it’s time to go back to my hubby.

Date: 29th, March, 2029.
Time: 7:26am.
Location: Henry’s Mansion.
Cara’s Pov:
I quietly tip toed into the master bedroom, no sign of Henry. Great.
“I pull off my clothes and wore my night gown, muttering a quick thank you prayer to God.
“Where were you last night.” A deep baritone voice stops me in my track to go to bed, I think I prayed to soon. Busted.
A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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