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Wild Obsession – Episode 2

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After crying till she felt her tears had dried up, Gina dressed up and summoned courage to go meet Rose in the sitting room. Rose who was on call quickly shoved her phone in between her thighs and picked up the remote, pretending to watch movie. Gina suspected a foul play but let it slide and sat beside her.


“I’m sorry I disappointed you but what’s the way forward now?”


Rose smiled. This was the time to use her so as to achieve her aim. “You’ll have to come with me to the club tonight.”


“Ah!” Gina exclaimed. “Why naw, I’m not a clubber neither am I a stripper.”


Rose was visibly upset as she rolled her eyes but played along with a fake smile. “You sef, I never said you are. You just come and I introduce to someone who will help you out of this condition, simple.”



Skeptically, Gina scratched her hair and thought for a while. She had never been to a club but if that was the only way she would get help, then she was willing. “Okay but…”


“No buts,” Rose interrupted and jumped up excitedly, forgetting her phone that was in between her thighs which of course fell as she stood but fortunately only got a scratch.

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Gina was confused. Isn’t this the same person that left her angrily minutes ago, looking so excited. As suspected, Rose knew her sudden happiness was gonna cause suspicion, so she quickly put herself in check. “Lemme go prepare breakfast,” she said and left quickly. Gina heaved a sigh and relaxed on the couch. She trusted her friend and was sure she wouldn’t ever think of harming her.


The rest of the day ran smoothly, full of fun and that made Gina temporarily forget about her predicament. Rose made sure she enjoyed her company very well. Soon, night drew near and they began preparing for the club…






“It seems you’re not into me anymore,” Richie complained, while watching Ken who was busy throwing different clothes on the bed. “You no longer crave my presence and I beg tirelessly for your attention. What is going on?”


Ken threw the last cloth on the bed and sat on it with a loud thud “I can’t seem to find what to wear. Gosh! I’m so confused right now.”


“Really?” Richie raised an eyebrow, acting all feminine. “This is how you want it right?”


“What do I wear now?” Ken sighed completely ignoring Richie. “I need some money to change my wardrobe.” He turned to face Richie for the first time since he entered the room “Can you help? just a 100k.”

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Richie chuckled. “Because it’s about money now, you’re talking to me. Did you act like I’m visible since I arrived here an hour ago?” “Will you give me the money. Yes or Yes?”



“You know money isn’t a problem,” Richie smiled seductively and moved closer to him, then planted soft kiss on his lips. “I love you and would do anything for you. I’m sorry for ignoring you that long.”


Ken felt the bulge forming in his trouser. Like one who is possessed, he shifted all cloths on the bed to one side and pushed Richie on the bed, then pulled down his boxer while Richie pulled off his trouser. His dick shoot out like a fierce dog being freed from cage. He held his dick and used the head to rub on Richie’s which is way smaller than his. Turning his ass to face him, his face grew warm with a grin as lubricated the hole with his saliva, then inserted his dick with full force. His muscles bulged as he rode on him like a Knight riding on a stallion, veins casted strands on his fore head and his eyes turn red like an angry bull. He banged and banged like his life depended on it. Soon, he was about to cum. He felt it warming up as his grunts came from deep within his throat, his upward thrusts hard and fast, pounding and shaking Richie’s entire body with their strength. It soon reached it’s climax and quickly, he withdrew while Richie turned to face him in anticipation, then within split of seconds, their hot fluids lubricates each other’s dick, then they lay exhaustively on the bed, facing the ceiling.


“Are you still going to the club tonight?” Richie asked but Ken pretended not to hear him, as he got out of bed and walked to the bathroom…






Downtown club was known all round to be the only place that booms with numerous activities anytime from 8pm. These activities ranging from smoking, drinking, strafing and the likes, it’s participants carried out like the next day wasn’t a guarantee. Subdued moans could even be heard from close by trucks. Every dark corner had black shadows. Walking into such a place was something Gina never imagined even in her wildest dream. Her nervousness explained why she stopped when she and Rose got to the door.


“Come on,” Rose half pulled her arm. “It’s not totally bad in there. Trust me, girl. You know I work here and no harm will come to you,” she persuaded


Gina peered into her eyes for a reconfirmation before allowing herself to be pulled inside the dimly lit hall.


Inside, Rose made her sit at a corner before going to get some drinks.



While waiting for Rose to return with the drinks, Gina caught a glimpse of a very handsome guy who walks into the club with another guy that looks and acts more like a lady. Gina in her subconscious is unable to understand what’s happening to her as she watched the guy’s every move. She felt a tingling sensation down her thighs and a shiver down her spine as he smiles and this makes her shriek in somewhat excitement. The other guy with him seem to be all over him. She had to wait long enough for him to settle and start drinking before she deciding to go have a conversation or more. Making sure her dress is well arranged, she walked towards him.


She prayed her voice cooperates as she stretched a hand for a shake and smiled at her, “Hi.” Glad, he didn’t snub her as he accepted her hand with a “hi” as well. Then gestured at the space opposite him so she could sit.


“Thanks,” she smiled a bit more, exposing her beautiful dentition which sparkled in the dark, “I’m Gina.”


Ken made to answer but the quizzical look Richie threw at him made him loose focus for a second. However, he comported himself and replied with a forced smile, “Beautiful name. I’m Ken.” There was something about her, she looked familiar but he couldn’t remember where he first met her. Her feminine collogue filled his nostrils and the way she talked, with her light, romantic voice, tickled him


“Urh!” Richie’s felt his fingers grow cold. “When did Ken start complimenting girls?”


Gina’s smile widen now as she brought out her complimentary card but just as she was about handing it to Ken, Rose came along.


“Why are you so stubborn, Gina,” she scolded, pulling her up from the sit at the same time. “I told you to wait for me. Come on, there’s no time.”


“I’m sorry, maybe we could talk later,” Gina apologized and dropped the card on the table for Ken before allowing Rose to drag her away.


Ken quickly picked up the card before Richie could get the chance to. He felt very strange within him, a feeling he has never felt for any woman before.


“Hey! Why looking so bright eyed?” Richie jealously asked


Ken smiled fully now and sips from his glass, “Maybe because the wine is bright eyed.”


Richie swallowed the mockery hard and it his pain was visible as his forehead automatically drew the logo of a wifi. “What is wrong with you, Ken. I travelled for just three weeks and coming back, all you deem fit to do is treat me like trash.”


Ken looked around to see if anyone is watching, glad no one was, he puts his hand down and grabs Richie’s dick. “Hey! We’re in public and you’ll do exactly as I say. Stop running your mouth!”


Richie’s eyes flickered and he winced in pain. “Hurt me if you wish but I’ll never let you have her.”


Ken tightened his grip, “And who talked of having her? Look! You need to behave now, after all you lured me into this lifestyle.”


“And you fell in love with it. You got addicted,” Richie tried to be sarcastic but Ken furiously made the grip tighter and he winced uncomfortably.


“Behave, will you?”


He scoffed, “Fine, I’ll behave.” Then as an afterthought, added, “But you won’t have her,” with that he shifted to the far end of the long cushion to avoid Ken’s torture


Ken nodded his head in disapproval and emptied his glass…

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Gina was dragged to the rest room. “Next time, do as I say, okay?”


“I think he made feel sexually attached for the first time,” Gina said, excitedly. “No,” Rose baffled. “That’s not possible.”


“Of cos but you know I can never lie to you. I need to go back and meet him, at least I could get his number,” She turned to leave but Rose held her hand. “Let’s go meet the person who made us come here, first.” “Not yet.”



Time was running out and Rose needed to finalize this deal as quick as possible. “Now or never!”


“Then never!” Gina determined fiercely. She felt something special about Ken, more like they were both attached to a string to form a bond and wanted going back. His facial expression of inward joy flashed her mind and she giggled, covering her eyes like a shy teenager in love would do.


Rose jealousy got the better part of her, “You won’t destroy my plans, young lady,” She attacked. In a jiffy, Gina’s throat was at the mercy of her elbow joint and in a speed of light, a substance adorned her face, making her struggle for breath which caused her to slip into unconsciousness…



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