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The Scientist’s God : Episode 37

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© Opeyemi O. Akintunde


It was a beautiful reunion for everyone on the Island. Ella’s recovery brought back life on the Island. Everyone gathered in Ella’s hut, including Xavier and Henry.


Henry, Anthony’s son did not disclose his identity. He knew his father alongside Professor Glass were the brain behind the Virus. Seeing Ella was a great relief for Him. At least God had heard his secret prayers. He had been secretly praying that God should forgive his father’s sin and have Mercy on the Land…


“ This is God answering my prayer.” Henry said


Everyone looked at him because that was the first time anyone heard him Speak…


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“ I am Senator Anthony’s Son… the man who sponsored the Virus creation. My father was a good Christian but he let his zeal take over him. He had a strong passion for right leadership and he decided to clear away the leaders. When he discovered some people were after his life, he sent me here to hide. He and the rest of my family are dead. So i have been praying all the while for God’s Mercy.”



Xavier couldn’t believe who he had been sharing his hut with, but before he could react, Massai saved the day…


“ Son, He who is without sin should be the first to cast the stone.” Xavier knew that was for him…


“ I am grateful that God in His infinite Mercy has shown us the solution to this


Virus. To the Scientists, it might not make sense but we are sure of what we know… While we are still here, we can intercede for the world … We can be the voice that will change the mind of God… If He can heal Ella, it shows that He is still compassionate. Sharon’s untimely demise reminds me of how God sent Fire into the camp of the Children of Isreal when they complained against God in Numbers 11:1-2. Shortly After Sharon posted those insulting words about God, The fireflies came. Hence we need to reverse what she has done… She insulted God Online, but now it is time we flipped the coin… We must praise God instead.


“ I will start the campaign… I am a testimony of What God can do, I will sensitize people to praise God… I believe our voices of praise will get to heaven…” Ella said


“We are in?” Folabi said…


“ Why Don’t we start now? I have a very high-resolution phone, A video will be more convincing “ Smart said

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Ella sat down and her testimony video was taken. The video could not be sent as there was no signal. Smart and Folabi drove down to the hospital arena and from there they were able to post the video using Ella’s account.


As the post went online, the reaction was electrifying … People who had tested positive started posting the awesome names of God hoping they would get their testimony as well.


Voices of praise were raised around the world. The few T.V stations that were functioning reposted Ella’s video.


In three hours Ella’s post had reached 20 million views around the world…


Never a time had the world praised God together with one voice as one Man in one day.




Juliana and Naito watched Ella’s video after some days and they were so excited.

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“ I want to join the campaign!” Naito said.


“ I want to share my testimony as to How God saved me from witchcraft. Sharing one’s testimony is a way of praising God, I think? Naito said.


“ Absolutely! Testimony is Validating who God is …” Juliana replied. “ Yes… can I do it?” Naito asked.


Juliana and Naito did a video together. Juliana explained all about the Divine Council meeting and how compassionate God is. Naito told her testimony of how God had been merciful to her saving her from witchcraft. They called God amazing names…




The second king started having the reactions on his body earlier than everyone else. The chef still looked healthy thanks to the daily suppressants he took.


“ I think I have the virus” said the second King to the First King.


“ And I am sure I contacted it on this Airship. Who came on this Ship with the Islingbee Virus!” He said screaming.


Lucky almost passed out when he saw the red flame in the King’s eyes…


To be continued















Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


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