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The Best Guys – Episode 4

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Episode 4


At TBG’s Mansion, Four cars drove into the compound, the guards all rushed down


from the cars, Few guards that are at home all ran towards the cars to help out,


Mike came out of the car while a guard collected Axel’s bag from him, Hugo also


came out, Mama Betty and few maids are all standing waiting for TBG’s arrival,


including Pearl and her girls, so also Nora and her girls are all standing outside


waiting for them, After Hugo came out, Axel came out of the car, without looking


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up at the maids or Mama Betty, not even anyone, he went in straight while few


guards followed him, including Mike, the other few guards gathered round Hugo,


He removed his sunglasses and said..


HUGO:Is Everything ok at home?


ALL:Yes Boss!


HUGO:I heard the doctor is inside waiting for him, make sure the camera in his room is working and be very watchful of the doctor and the nurses, understood? ALL:Yes Boss!


HUGO:You are dismissed! (They all went back to thier posts, while Hugo walked up to Mama Betty, He hugged her while she said) MAMA BETTY:How was your trip?


HUGO:Fine ma(Hugo’s eyes went straight to Pearl and her girls, he gave Mama Betty a questioning look while she smiled and said)


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MAMA BETTY:That’s Pearl the new esthetician and Make-up artist for the boys


HUGO:Oh I see, Hello!




HUGO:Hi sis! (Facing Nora)


NORA:You must be tired, you look so stressed out


HUGO:(smilling)Just tired, I will see you later (He walked in straight while two guards followed him, getting to the door, the two guys who were at the post find it difficult to use the card to open the door for him, They were both confused and scared of Hugo who looked so annoyed with thier attitudes, all the maids and Mama Betty and others diverted thier attentions to them)


HUGO:What are you both doing, open the door properly (They found it difficult to open the door, Hugo kicked both guys on thier knees which sent them to the floor, he collected the card from them and at once the door was opened) What the hell is wrong with you guys, what if it’s Axel trying to come in right now, is this the way you guys are going to act in front of him when he can’t even stand for too long, you



should thank God that you opened the door for him at once when he came in,If not for that, you would have get it from me, What’s wrong with both of you,is this the first time you will be opening this door?(He paused for awhile and said)Fifty laps round the house, Someone else should take thier post(He went in straight while two guards came to replace the guards post , they collected the card from them while the other guys start to run round the compound) FIONA:Like am feeling so hot right now, Wow!


NORA:(Smile) Don’t be like that, Hugo is always like this when he is stressed out or when anyone of the boys are not feeling ok, besides the guards made a mistake also, they should thank God it’s not Ivor,If it is actually Ivor he won’t only kick them,he will send them straight to Mr Garrick’s barrack CHLOE: What?


MAMA BETTY:I think Hugo is right, let’s assume that it was Axel coming in and they found it difficult to operate the card to open the door, of course Axel will collapsed over there because when he came in just now, I can feel it that he used his last strength to walk in and he can’t stand for too long, so assuming this happened when Axel was coming in, He will collapse there, it is Hugo and Ivor who will receive the blame from Mr Garrick that they don’t teach the guards well, he had to do that dear


NORA:They can also be greatful that it’s not Aiken


AUDREY:Can we please try not to talk about him, like am scared (Mama Betty and Nora smiled, Suddenly twelve cars drove in the compound, the guards rushed down from the cars, they opened the doors at once, Earl was the first to step out of the car, followed by Jason, Ian and Aiken coming out of the car at the same time, followed by Ivor and lastly Logan, they all stepped out of the cars, they saw Mama Betty and the ladies waiting for thier arrivals, Earl rushed to Mama Betty and hugged her, Ian walked up to her slowly and hugged her too, so also Aiken, at the same time the boys all fixed thier gazes on Pearl…


NORA:Oh!She is Pearl,and these are her employees, She is the new Esthetician


(Aiken just walked in straight)


CHLOE and EVA: Oops!


IAN:Hi am Ian,Nice to meet you (Smilling)


PEARL:My pleasure,Am Pearl(Ian walked in straight while Earl offered an


handshake to Pearl and said)


EARL:It’s good to have you here


PEARL:Oh thank you so much


EARL:By the way you are looking so beautiful




EARL:Just a compliment, I wasn’t doing anything (He smiled and walked in straight, the ladies couldn’t stop smilling, the moment Nora saw Logan approaching them, she walked in straight while her girls followed her, Logan stopped walking at first, He ignored her and moved closer to Mama Betty to greet her, Suddenly they heard Ivor’s Voice calling the two guards who were receiving punishment from Hugo, they all diverted thier attentions to them)


IVOR:Both of you should come here (They both ran closer to him, putting thier hands at thier back) What did you do, Huh?(Chloe,Fiona and Ariel are all getting scared already)


MAMA BETTY: Ivor please, pardon them IVOR:Who gave you this punishment? GuARD:B….Boss!


IVOR:You can’t even talk properly








IVOR:Who did you mess with, Axel?


GuARD:No, T… To Boss h.. himself


IVOR:I asked you to talk properly, Are you deaf?


LOGAN:Ivor that’s ok


MAMA BETTY: Ivor am talking to you (Ivor is ready to punish them but he won’t do that anymore since Mama Betty and Logan are pleading on behalf of them) IVOR:You should thank Mama Betty, you know what am capable of, I hate nonsense and you know that, How many laps did he gave you? BOTH: Fifty laps


IVOR: Make it hundred (He said it and walked in straight while the guards continued with thier punishment without hesitating) ARIEL:(Shocked)Seriously??…..


The Doctor and two nurses came out of Axel’s room, they met Logan waiting for


them in the living room..


LOGAN:How is he?


Doctor:He is sleeping right now, He was only exhausted and he needs to rest for now, I gave him some medicine and injections also, When he wakes up try to get him food, soft foods actually and make sure he uses his medicine in the morning and at night, I gave them to Mama Betty already


LOGAN:Oh that’s good, thank you so much, I will definitely transfer to you before


you get back to the hospital


DOCTOR:No problem, anytime is Ok sir


LOGAN:Thank you so much Doctor


DOCTOR:You are welcome….


The fans who were worried about Axel kept on posting on the page, they are asking Garrick record label to explain to them the reason why Axel left the airport early, after a lot of messages from the fans, The company decided to reply thier comments which was::”We are Very sorry about the disappointment you all received at the airport two days ago, We are very sorry to inform you all that Axel the youngest member is presently sick and he is trying to get better, as soon as he stand on his feet he will make a live Video to you all to let you know that he is ok, if this has hurt you in anyway, we are very sorry… FANS COMMENTS


Do we even need this apology from you, what we need is to give the boys a lot of rest, if possible you should shift the concert…


We accept the apology, but still the boys needs to rest please…


Oh i can’t wait to see his live video…


Axel please get well soon….


Logan, Mike and Jason sat in the living room discussing…


LOGAN:Mike please try to call that company and tell them to cancel thier schedule for the boys photoshoot, They won’t be able to do that again, besides we received lot of comments from the fans, So seeing the boys doing a photoshoot without Axel is another issue,They won’t do it alone and they won’t do it even if Axel gets better, He still needs to rest a lot, tell them to postpone everything until further notice


MIKE:Yes Sir! (He stood up immediately to make a phone call)….


In the kitchen, Mama Betty was with the ladies, She sat down watching how


Audrey and Eva are directing the Ladies, Earl came in to the kitchen, suddenly he


hugged Mama Betty from the back, he brought out his phone from his pocket and


took a selfie of him and Mama Betty, after the selfie, he uploaded it on his Twitter


which went viral immediately…




1)Oh my God! My life without TBG is a mess…


2) Please can someone tell me how to meet this Mama Betty?…


3)Am Dead, like am Dead,Look at his smile, Like I wish to start working in TBG’s house, even as a shoe cleaner…


4)I wish i am Mama Betty….


MAMA BETTY:Are you going to eat now? (Earl was too busy checking out the comments)Earl?


EARL:Yes ma’am, Sorry I was… Yeah I will eat with them (Smilling)


Mama Betty: Naughty Boy, so you heard me before (He winked at her) Told you to stop doing that


EARL:Sorry Ma’am (Ian came in also, unlike Earl who hugged her from the back, Ian just pecked her on the cheek, The ladies went Wow as they are all about to choke, wishing the peck was for them, Ian smiled at Mama Betty who was just looking at him)


MAMA BETTY: Audrey go and call Aiken to come and eat


Ian:Don’t worry I will do that




EARL:Bro I will go with you


IAN: Alright let’s go (They both went out, while Mama Betty said)


MAMA BETTY:Set the dining for Aiken, Ian and Earl, Axel won’t eat with them ALL:Yes Ma’am (Mike came in and said)


MIKE: Please set the dinning for Mr Logan and Jason also, they are going out very soon


MAMA BETTY: Alright dear (He went out while Mama Betty faced the ladies and said)Make it for five people…(Join Group) More stories @


Ian and Earl arrived at Aiken’s room, they found him sitting beside the window staring at what’s going on outside, They both came in while Earl said) EARL: Bro let’s eat together


AIKEN:Am not eating


EARL:Like we want us to eat together, since four days that we came back it’s only I and bro eating alone without you and Axel and that is because Axel is not feeling good, like this won’t be the first time we are going to eat together,when the maids are sent to you to eat with us, you ignored them,and since you are ignoring them we decided to come and call you by ourselves, So why are you not eating with us? AIKEN:Earl stop provoking me, I said am not eating EARL:But this is not the first time we will be eating together



AIKEN:And this won’t be the first time I will be refusing to eat with you guys, can


you just leave me alone?




IAN: Earl let’s go, Leave him alone


EARL: Bro?


IAN:I said let’s go, Just let him be(Ian held Earl out of Aiken’s room, the moment they stepped out of his room, Aiken’s phone rang on the bed, He stood up to check who was calling, it was his Mum, Aiken grabbed his phone and switched it off at once, He laid down on the bed staring at the camera in his room constantly, Suddenly his eyes changed into an aggressive way without taking his eyes off the camera, At the CCTV control room, The guards who were monitoring the cameras in Aiken’s room called Hugo on phone)


GuARD:Sir, it seems the Boss want us to switch off the camera In his room HUGO: Give me one minute, am on my way (After awhile, Hugo and Ivor came in,The moment they came in, all the guards stood up at once, they saw Aiken staring at the camera,and he seems to be impatient) HUGO: Switch off his camera


IVOR:Leave it


HUGO: Ivor let the boys switch it off


IVOR: Let’s see what he is going to do(After awhile, Aiken stood up and went out of his room)


HUGO:He is probably coming here (Suddenly Aiken came in and said) AIKEN:Since you both are here tell your boys to switch off the cameras in my room or I destroy them, I need some privacy


IVOR:But we….


AIKEN:(He cut in and said) Switch off…(he paused and said)The cameras in my room….


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