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Living With Guys – Episode 9

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A month later


“Bright!!.” Zack yells, barging into Bright room with uche trailing behind.


“What did I say about knocking, Zack.” Bright says calmly, her hands on her waist glaring holes into Zack. She even had the ‘knock before entering’ thing hanging right outside her door but the guys always choose to ignore it.


“Sorry B but this is important.” Zack says sounding less angry than when he barged into her room.


“Again my name is Bright, get it Bright.”


“And I still insists that’s a guy name, I’ll never call you that.” Zack replies.

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“Ugh I’ll get back to the name stuff later. Uche tell me, what did you do.” Bright asks frowning at him.


“Wait why are you always insuinating I did something bad.” Uche cries out.


“Just tell me what you did already, I don’t have time for this uche.” Bright snaps at him angrily, feeling annoyed by their disturbance.


“Fine I’ll tell you.” Uche mutters frowning.


“Okay I’m waiting, I don’t have all day young man.”


“Well there was this…..”


“Uche why did you steal the girl Zack was after.” Bright asked cutting uche off, already knowing where the story is going to.


“I just couldn’t help it, you should see her backside it’s really huge.” Uche whines defending himself.

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“You see this the problem he is not even sorry.” Zack exclaims unbelievable.



“Shut up Zack, I didn’t ask you to talk. Now Uche so because of a really large buttocks, you decide to throw away the number one rule, bro’s before hoe’s.” She crossed her hands on her chest, giving him death glare.


“Okay fine I’m sorry.” Uche raised his hands up, surrendering.


“Yeah you said that the last time and the others before.”


“Well I’m really sorry this time.” Uche pleads again, not really sorry.


“Well this time your sorry isn’t enough, you’re not getting off the hook easily.”


“”And what are you going to do, beat me. what are you, my mum?” Uche says mimicking a bratty teenage girl voice.


“Nope I won’t do that, I have the right punishment in mind.” Bright replies grinning wickedly and the smirk on uche face falls, afraid of whatever Bright had in mind.


“I love where this is going.” Zack comments.


“There is nothing you can do to me.” Uche says trying to sound brave.


“Really, uche I’m happy to announce to you that you’ll be sweeping this huge compound for a full week.” Bright says smirking and Uche burst out in laughter.


“And how do you plan on getting me to do that, Bright.” Uche asks once he stops laughing, he stares at Bright smiling hugely.


“Yeah his right B, how do you plan on doing that??.” Zack asked, staring at her confused.


“Bright it’s 12: 0 Clock, you should start cooking, oh hi, are you guys having a meeting.” Bayo says barging into Bright room.



“Seriously bayo, I’ve told you a zillion time that you don’t need to remind me on when to cook and for sake there’s a knock before entering sign on my door, cause I want you guys to knock before entering.” Bright yells exasperated, who knew living with four grown men could be really tiring.


“Hey I just want you to cook on time, beside my stomach is already rumbling.” Bayo says and Bright rolls her eyes at him.


“Uhm bayo, we are in the middle of something here.” Zack says, looking at bayo annoyed.


“Well I’m also on an important mission here.” Bayo says.


“Ugh, bayo I’ll cook when I want to and Uche to answer you question, I’ll just tell Henry that his favorite black shirt didn’t just go missing, that a certain someone wore….”


“Okay, okay, fine. I’ll sweep the stupid compound.” Uche grumbles, leaving Bright room but Bayo stopped him on his way.


“What did you do with Henry’s favorite shirt.” Bayo asks, narrowing his eyes on Uche.


“It’s none of your damn business.” Uche glares at him.


“Well I’m pretty sure it would be Henry’s business once I tell him.” Bayo says in a sing song voice.


“What do you want.” Uche growls at him.


“Simple I want half of your food for three days.”


“Fine, now get the hell out of my face.” Uche says and bayo moves out of the way.


“Wait, I also want something.” Zack calls out.


“Fine what do you want.”



“How about stop taking my women from me.”


“Fine, I will stop, now leave me alone.” Uche yells and walks out of the room.


“Great case close, now you two get out.” Bright says.


“Thanks B.” Zack says and walks out of the room, followed by bayo.


“Great now I can finally watch secret boss, those guys are hilarious.” She says out loud and goes over to turn on the TV.


“Erm Bright, I just….”


“I SAID I DO NOT NEED YOU TO REMIND ME ON WHEN TO COOK, BAYO!!!!.” Bright shrieks really mad at the continuous disturbance.


“Sorry.” Bayo apologize and closed her door.


Bright sighs exaggeratedly and drops the remote of the TV, well she might as well go and get lunch prepared, all thanks to the guys consistently disturbance.




Bright walks into the kitchen and takes a look at the time table, to be sure it’s Eba and oha soup they will be having for lunch and to top it all it’s her favourite food, well every food is her favorite food.


She gets to work and takes the soup she already brought out in the morning and placed it in the microwave and then put some water in the electric kettle.


A life of a rich man is so comfortable, I don’t even need to on the gas. She think sighing contentedly.


“Who are you!!.” A voice asks breaking into her train of thoughts, Bright turns around her eyes comes face to face with an unfamiliar lady she has never seen before in her life.


“I should be asking you that, who are you.”

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