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The Lost Princess – Episode 38B

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“The princess is back” Eze announced to his kinsmen.


“What?” They all exclaimed.


“How come?” Alfred the second son said.


“Yes come” Eze replied “she didn’t die along with her parents in the accident remember?”.


“Yes it true” Oluchi the first daughter said.


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“Now there is no way for me to get to the throne” Eze laments.


“What?” They all chorus.


“Eze you are still after the throne, do you want to get yourself killed, do you not remember Williams?” Ngozi the second daughter asked.



“Maybe you don’t remember let me take you back to the memory lane” Oluchi said.


“Williams the third son grew greedy and very impatient, he felt there’s no need for them to wait for the princess, he called the priest to crown him as the king and the priest warned him against it because of the oath the King had made concerning the throne but all fell on deaf ears he decided to sit on the sacred throne people are afriad of but before he could step to the foot of the throne he was struck down dead, do you want that for your self?” Oluchi asked.


“At least let’s be considerate we killed her parents because of the throne and selfish interest,he has beaten us at our own game, we derived the princess the joy of growing up with her parents enough is enough! I will not take part in any evil again” Ngozi said.


“It’s true though what’s so special about the throne anyways, his family are the ones the Oracle choosed let not try to tamper with destiny because we tampered with it the first time and nothing happened to us doesn’t mean nothing is not going to happen to us the second time,am out too” Alfred stated.


“Shut up all of you stupid people,the throne is mine and no one I meant no one can stop me including you bunch of fools and that foolish daughter of Lawson, her greatest mistake is coming back she shouldn’t have” Eze thundered and walked out of the house.

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“Gosh I need to tell Jessica to stop her stupidity” Oluchi said walking out of the room.




“Marietta is back” Eze told his daughter.


“What? I thought she’s never coming back, she’s going to spoil everything for us” Unice said.


“Am glad we’re on the same page” Eze replied.


“What are we going to do dad?” Unice asked.


“Come closer and let me tell you” he said and he whispered into her ears.


“Dad will it work?” .


“Yes it will just play your part well”.


“Ok dad I will try my best”.


“Please Unice don’t try your best, put your best”.


“Dad! Will I still get married to Maxwell?” .




“Huh” she exclaimed disappointedly.


“Is there something I should know?” He asked.


“Um just that I like him” she smiled.


“You are so stupid Unice” he snapped.


“, What Dad? Isn’t that what you said I should do so if I love him that shouldn’t be a problem I don’t understand you dad” she exclaimed.


“Shut up idiot” he yelled.


“Come on dad, don’t use that tone on me we are the same and we are both selfish so I resemble you,if I can’t marry Max there is no point in doing this anyways am out of here” she said standing up.


Eze seeing that his daughter might back out of the plan called her back.


“Unice am sorry ok you are free to marry him”.


“Now you are talking” she clicked her tongue and walked out.




“How do I address you now Ann? Marietta? Adaobi?, My princess? Your highness?” Max asked funnily when he visited Ann in her parent’s house,she hasn’t move back to the palace.


“Oh Max stop it” she laughed.


“Seriously Marietta Everytime we shared together when we were Young I still remember everything but you couldn’t what happened?”.


“I lost my memory after the accident” she replied.


“Oh don’t worry the memories will Come some day, come here” he says as Ann laid in his arms.


“I still can’t believe I fell in love with my betrothed”.


“Yeah me too because I can’t accept the fact that I will get married to a stranger”.


“You can imagine love, my mum requested to see you”.


“Huh” she exclaimed “won’t she get at me?”.


“Look at you, mom doesn’t know that she was protecting you from you, if you know the relationship she had with you when you were Young you will know her fights were justified”.


“Ok sir” she smiled “let me go and meet my second mother AKA my mother in law AKA my mother’s friend” she laughed.




“My daughter how are you” Choima called walking towards Ann.



“Am sorry” she pleaded “am sorry for treating you like that am so ashamed of myself right now” she begged.


“Mum it’s ok am not angry, I can’t even get angry at you, you are like my mum” Ann smiled sincerely at the woman.


“Oh thank you, thank you my daughter” Choima said pulling her into a hug.


“Um have been waiting to see you since the past eighteen years, have always prayed and hope to God to bring you back to me and when he bought you back I couldn’t even recognize you” she cried.


“It’s ok mum, unless you want me to cry too” Ann sniffed.


“Oh stop it” Choima laughed.


“My daughter do you know what I prepared for you?”.


“Yes I know it” Ann exclaimed happily.


“What?” Choima asked curiously.


“A local dish” she said triumphantly.


“How did you know?” Choima asked happily.


“Mum she’s a sucker for local dishes” Max smiled walking into his room.


“Oh that shows you are the true daughter of this land, I prepared Nkpokirikpo soup with eba”Read some more interesting stories from or get Topster Stories app


“Nkpo what? That will be delicious right?” She asked.


“Yes my dear” Choima replied.





“Ada how do you live since all these years?” Choima asked after they finished eating.


“I was adopted by my parents and we lived abroad for Eighteen years before coming back”.


“Oh I see, do you ever feel connected to this place?”.


“Yes ma I had my connections to this kingdom and even to the throne itself”. “How?”


“My dreams,I was connected through my dreams I even visited the palace in my dreams”.


“Hmm that is intense and I know it will feel so terrific”.


“You can imagine mum” she laughed.


“Am coming” Choima said walking out of the room and Ann’s phone rang.


“Bella, what up?” she said to the phone.


“Babe I have a gist for you” Bella said happily to the phone.


“Madam, the gist couldn’t wait till I get back” she asked.


“Hey don’t use that tone on me your highness am still your elder sister” Bella snapped.


“Yes your highness” Ann laughed “what’s it?”.


“Davis asked me out” Bella yelled.


“So?” He asked you out before what’s so special about that?”.


“Gosh you are crazy, he asked me out says he’s serious so we’re officially dating”.



“Thank God you are back to your senses madam Christan”.


“You don’t know,it could lead to marriage”.


“What? Good for you my sister,am really happy for you” Ann said rolling her eyes.


“Shut up Ann that isn’t sincere”.


“Bella you are stressing me up am with my mother in law” she laughed.


“Shut it, you aren’t married are you? madam princess” Bella asked.


“What the is that Bella, you know what you will meet me at home bye” she said and hung up.


“Marie dear I got this for you since when you were little” Choima said holding a gold bracelet as she walked back into the room.


“Huh this is so adorable” she said looking at the bracelet as Choima fixed the bracelet to her wrist.


That’s not all


“This necklace was given to me by my mother in law when I was getting married, my dear you can have it” Choima said placing the necklace on Ann’s neck.


“And oh your mum and I got something for you and this is it” Choima said as she opened a box filled with gold chains, necklaces earrings and all. “I got that every year in the memory of your mother”.


“Thanks mum” Ann sniffed.


“Ann I want you to know that your parents loves you and it’s not their wish to die”.


“I understand mum” Ann replied wiping the tears off her face.


“When you get your memories back you will understand what am saying”



“Yes ma” she nodded.


“And am sorry you have to call your parents, you aren’t going back to them tonight, have met you,I don’t want you out of my sight”.


“Oh mum,I will love to spend some time with you too” she smiled.


“Oh ok let me go prepare the room we will both sleep in” Choima informed.


“Sleep in as how?” Ann couldn’t help but ask.


“Yes we’re sleeping together darling”


“Ok mum” she smiled.



To be continued







What happened in Anambra

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