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He Is My Mate – Episode 3

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As Produced by Rachel Romo


THEME: My Sister, Your Mate








I’ve always been the heavy sleeper type of person. I love sleeping and I’ve developed this –Phile called Clinophile which means a lover of reclining or simply loves to lie on bed. But with my head throbbing and the anxiety eating me, it was almost impossible for me to sleep. I was tossing and turning, trying to find a good posture for me to sleep in but none worked at all. My eyelids were heavy and I didn’t want to open my eyes.

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So I ended up in a fetal position, clutching on my stomach. The cold floor against my back worsen up my situation. I was shivering and my teeth were chattering due to the coldness I’m feeling. Nevertheless, I tried recalling what happened, regaining my senses.


Dark Monarchy attacked our pack. And we’ve been held captive.


My forehead drew together in perplexity when I heard a continuous clattering of keys. I smelled the air trying to identify the stranger but all I got was the revolting smell of dried up blood and sweat. My stomach churn up upon picking up the repulsive odor, making my nose cringe in disgust.


“Wake up ye worthless wolves! It’s time for your feeding time~ We don’t ye convicts starving to death. Right, mate?” a continuous clangor of pots and men chortling echoed throughout the dungeon, adding the eeriness I’m feeling. I reckon they’re Adrian Clark ‘s men— Dark Monarchy’s Alpha.


A small cry escaped my lips when I remembered what I grasped three days ago. I found my mate. And I’m supposed to be jumping in joy in my mate’s arms but I knew too well that it was downright impossible.


I could just imagine myself running to my mate’s arms in pure euphoria yet before I could even lay a finger on him, my body would be ripped into half.



The thought made me shiver. The scene was feasible. He is a man who does things in his own ways and from what I’ve heard from Hunter, his ways are not that delightful.


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“Eat up, mutt.” my senses were pulled back to reality when I heard a metal clink to the ground. I slowly opened my eyes, adjusting to the sunlight that came from the little cracks on the wall. It upsets me that I didn’t get a chance to see the sky today, the one thing I always do after waking up; sliding the curtains apart and sit in for a few minutes just admiring the vast firmament.


And I never imagined I’d be saying this, but I miss my red alarm clock. I finally understood why Rachel always says that the things you hate will be the things that you will truly miss. I hate, no, despise my alarm clock (you should know that by now) but I missed the infuriating sound of it.


A few minutes passed before I decided to sit up. I rubbed my eyes and took into account my surroundings. Three days has already passed but I still haven’t got used to my setting. One word to describe the place— filthy. You know, the usual get up in the movies where the dungeons looks menacing and you’d find a chained old man that has been imprisoned for years. It was the same as my situation, minus the old man.


I looked at the small metal bowl filled with rice and red beans. They’ve been feeding us the same food every day and I’m getting sick of eating it. Not that I’m complaining about the food’s taste but eating up the same food for three days is making me feel nausea.


‘At least we still get to eat decent food,’ my wolf countered.


She was right. The good thing is, they are still feeding us and we still get to eat an adequate amount of food rather than a bone or something in the likes. But it wasn’t enough for me to say that I’m thankful considering that we are being imprisoned.


“Are ye not going to eat your food, eh? Being picky, are we? Sorry mutt, we only got rice and beans for menu. So, stop acting like you’re high and mighty and eat up what is served to you! You worthless pup,” I was startled when a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere and smote his gun on the bars of the cell, making me flinch.


My wolf suddenly became furious upon hearing the word, ‘pup’. She hate


s being called a pup. As a matter of fact, all wolves hate it when they’re called pups. It’s as if calling them weak and insubstantial. Werewolves are known for being prideful, having self-gratification; and it infuriates them when someone insults or questions their capabilities.



‘Kill that bastard!’ my wolf was itching to take over me and I didn’t stop her. I took a step back and closed my eyes, readying myself to shift. And in a split second, I could hear my bones snapping and reforming. I could practically feel my ears surfacing and my claws appearing. I got on my knees, anticipating; when all of a sudden, my body shifted back to my human form




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Confusion and curiosity flooded in my head as I try to process what just happened. Something is blocking my body to shift into my wolf form. My wolf growled in anger by the thought of it. I was also starting to get infuriated.


They are treating us like the dogs we are and I hate it! Just because we are omegas does not mean they have the right to act hostile towards us. Just because their Alpha despises omegas does not mean they need to feel the same!


“Good try, darling. But I’m sad to say that what you’re trying to do is useless,” my eyes wandered to the man standing outside my bar cells with both of his hands in his pockets, wearing a smug look on his face. His eyes held a cold stare and they bore into mine. Once again, the euphoric scent wafted around the room, reaching to my nose, instantly calming down my raging wolf. But I knew, better.

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“What do you want from us, huh, Adrian Clark? You’ve been keeping us for three days for what? For entertainment? For leisure? For making you feel pleasured while we sit here miserably? Because if that’s what you wanted in the first place, then I would’ve gladly stripped in front of you,” I finally exploded. Who knew, three days of being imprisoned here could make me this mad.


His brows quirked up, still wearing the same smug look on his face. His face remained emotionless and void; and he remained silent.


It took me a few moments before I realized what I just said. My eyes rounded, feeling aghast and I could literally feel my face turning crimson red in embarrassment. Did I literally say those words in front of my mate? Real smooth, Sapphire. You just earned yourself the Embarrassing Award of the year. I never knew that this is the effect of having a mate. I should’ve known beforehand.


My eyes rounded in horror when he suddenly opened the gate and walked towards me with a null expression displayed on his face. His aura was strong as if it was luring me to run into his arms and kiss his soft and re— I bit my lip in nervousness



when he suddenly stopped, five inches away from me. The scent was more evident this time, making my body feel alive after how many days of feeling weary. “Loved to. But…” I was aghast at his next move. He suddenly charged towards me and wrapped his hands around my neck; wringing me. He pushed me to the wall and I felt myself being lifted from the ground.


Tears escaped from my eyes shocked to find out that my mate is capable of doing this to me. I looked at him and his face showed nothing but pure anger. His forehead was creasing and his eyes were clouding with darkness; his fangs were also starting to show up and I could feel his claws digging on my neck. “A-Adrian… I c-can’t brea—”


“I don’t have a mate and you are never going to be!” he shouted, right at my face. My wolf whimpered in pain, hearing those words from our own mate. To say that I’m hurt is an understatement. I was wounded and torn.


I was starting to lose my conscience. I could already see black spots appearing in my vision and I knew that I was nearing my end. Who would’ve thought that my mate will be the death of me. All my fantasies and dreams of having a loving mate and build a beautiful family instantly burst like a bubble.


Tears continuously escaped from my eyes upon realizing the aftermaths of this supposedly rel


ationship, then again, I doubt if we’ll even have one. I’ve always looked forward to meeting my mate. He was supposed to be my one way ticket out from the despair and anguish I’ve built up after all the years of being solitary. He was supposedly the man who will become my refuge and my home. I’ve always assumed that he was THAT one person who will never abandon and intentionally hurt me.


But then again, I should’ve expect the unexpected. I shouldn’t have given myself false hopes. Because, truth be told— Assumption is the mother of all fu.ck ups. Darkness started eating me, slowly. I had no energy left to gasp for air and Adrian looked like he wasn’t going to stop until he assures that my heart is not beating any longer. I slowly closed my eyes, welcoming death in my arms. I’ve always been anticipating for my end. I was alone for 10 years. There’s nothing left for me to lose any longer. I lost my parents, I lost my brother and it seems that I also lost my way.


“I hate you, Adrian…” I whispered knowing that it was the last words I said before death conquered me.



“Adrian, that’s enough!” I heard a voice from the background and in a matter of seconds, the pressure on my neck suddenly vanished. I held onto the wall when I felt myself falling. Gently caressing my neck as I coughed; I struggled to catch my breath. I kept on shaking my head several times and blinked my eyes constantly to regain my senses but it was completely useless at this point. I was too weak.


I fell on my knees, feeling as if my wolf left my body. The clamor of voices at the background worsen up my situation. But I was too weary to even pry. I allowed myself to fall on my back, eyes half-opened and senses wandering. Tears were still falling down from my eyes and my breathing was still uneven. I was a complete mess.


“Sssshhh…It’s okay, I’m here. I’m sorry,” was the last thing I heard before darkness swallowed me.




As Produced By Rachel Romo








I washed my face with my hands, controlling myself. My knuckles were trembling and my teeth were chattering due to the fury I’m feeling. I’m so close to wrecking this whole room but I’m restraining myself from doing so. But damn it, I was so close to killing her!


I plump down on my leather couch and open a few buttons of the blue Giordano polo I’m wearing. I rest my head back and closed my eyes, still composing myself. I prop my right arm over my eyes and clutch my fist. I found her, my mate. But I wasn’t less pleased in meeting her. I hate her. She’s too good for me. “I hate you, Adrian…”


I couldn’t stop myself any longer. I grabbed the vase that was in front of me and threw it to the other side of the room. The shattering of glass echoed throughout the four-sided room and it made me want to break more. I started throwing the things on my desk and shattered each one of them at my own entertainment. The feeling of smashing and breaking things somehow eased my anger but it wasn’t enough. I shifted my gaze to the body-length mirror that was hung on the wall beside me, without hesitation, I punched it as if it was at fault of my infuriation. The pieces of mirror shred and my knuckles started bleeding. But the pain was absent.



‘You’re an asshole, Adrian’ my wolf was staring at me the whole time while I was throwing tantrums but never did he say a word until now. He gave me a low growl before retreating to the back of my mind.


I looked at my reflection through the stubborn pieces of mirror that didn’t come off. Veins on my forehead were visible and my eyes were clouding with darkness. My lips twitched at what my wolf said. A slight pain crept through me hearing those words from my own wolf. But he’s right. I am an asshole.


“Adrian!” I didn’t bother to turn my head when the door flung open. I’m aware of his arrival even before he opened the door. Not because I can sense him but because I know so. Yesterday, when I found out who she was to him, a part of me was devastated. But I knew it was better. At least the


re’s a reason for me to distance from her.


But, who am I kidding? Somehow, I couldn’t manage to stay away from her. I had clean intentions when I decided to see her in her cell. I promised to only see her and not touch her in any way. It was never in my plan to see her but my wolf was persistent and he was being meek for three days already. I felt guilty knowing that my wolf is upset because I prohibited him from seeing or contacting his mate. Yet, seeing her earlier made my blood boil. I couldn’t accept the fact that she’s my mate; I have an omega as a mate. Seeing that she was going to shift, my wolf was jumping in joy. I wasn’t. So I asked one of my men to turn on the Bane Smoke—-


Wolf’s Bane in a gas state, however, does not kill and instead blocks the wolves abilities to shift, mind link and see in pitch black.


I couldn’t control myself earlier. I let my emotions take over me and the next thing I knew, I was strangling her. I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to. I am intolerable when I’m mad and even I cannot tolerate myself. My wolf was trying to control me but I shut him off my mind. I would’ve killed her if my Beta didn’t come and pulled me away from her.


“You bastard! How could you do that to your own mate?!” he pulled my shoulder so I could face him and the moment he did, he punched me in my right cheek. His punch was hard but I didn’t even budge. I tasted somewhat like a metal on my mouth at it made my nose cringe; I spit the blood on the ground and looked at him with a blank expression. His knuckles were trembling and his eyes seemed as if they were going to pop out. But I wasn’t scared. Not even a bit.


“Bear in mind, Skyler that I am still your Alpha,” I bluntly said and wiped the blood dripping from the side of my mouth. To tell you honestly, his punch was hard and it hurt like a bitch. I knew that. I did not chose Sky to be my beta if he



wasn’t strong aside from the fact that he is my best friend. Sky is a rock and I am a steel, they’d say. We’re the best of buds and partners in crime. We always agree on everything and never did we fought with each other, not even once. But I’m not a bit surprised why he’s acting this way.


“Fuck that, Adrian! You almost killed her! Your own fu.cking mate!” he yelled as he grab the collar of my polo. Veins were popping out from the temple of his forehead and neck and I know that any moment from now, he’s going to shift into his wolf. Well, this is a first—- Us, arguing.


“It’s none of your business,” I said in a low voice. His grip on my collar tightened and he leveled his face with mine. He was shaking and I’ve never seen him this mad since his xbox got broken.


“None of my business? Fuck it, Adrian! She’s my sister , she’s my fu.cking business! And you almost killed her,” he growled at me and threw another punch. This time, I fell on the ground. His eyes were clouding with darkness and his claws started appearing. Once Sky gets mad, he doesn’t give a fu.ck. I knew too well that he doesn’t get scared of me despite of me being the Alpha. ‘ You may be the Alpha but you’re the still the boy who cried when I kicked him in the shin’ he’d say. “Don’t worry, Skyler. I’m not going to promise you that I won’t hurt her but I tell you that this is not going to be easy,” I said and stormed out of the room. ***



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