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The Lost Princess – Episode 24

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Chappie Twenty four


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“Celia how could you!” Max yelled at her when he tried calling Ann back the other day she didn’t pick up in fact she switched off her phone.


Max was so furious that he took his anger out on Celia well he made to warn her away from Ann anyways and this seems the best opportunity and the best place to Carry this out is her house.


“How could you attack an innocent girl”.


“Max she insulted me, she called me a prostitute” Celia cried.


“I don’t care what she says, why can’t you attack me when I told you am done, I guess too much of care and money i gave has your brain isn’t it” he stated.


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“Max don’t talk to me like that ok, I might be a prostitute but you have your limits” she snapped angrily.



“Will you keep your damn mouth shut, I made you what you are and I know it has gotten into your head but guess what you have stepped on the wrong foot this time around”.


“What do you mean? Celia asked fearfully.


“Forget about what I would do to you, you have to think about what Ann or Bella would do to you”.


“Who are those people?” .


“They are the Richards”.


“You mean the famous Richards, Richards of R law firm” she asked wide eyed.



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“What about them” she rolled her eyes


“It seems you don’t know the gravity of what you did” he shook his head.


“Ann is their second daughter and she’s just back from the states, she’s very crazy but her sister Bella is crazier,so the devil in you pushed you to slap her”.


“Haa am doom” Celia went to her kneel immediately.


“Max please have mercy on me, help me beg her,i was just trying to scare her away from you” she pleaded.


“Well you fu.cked it up,as Ann wouldn’t listen to me anymore and it’s all your fault! He left the crying Celia there on the floor and storm out of the room






“Bella I can’t believe I was humiliated by one idiot” Ann seeths.


“Madam what happened?” Bella asked with an eye roll



“A swine slapped me” .


“What?” Bella asked whilst sitting properly on the couch


“Yep she slapped me”


“What happened what did you do to her?”.


“Nothing, I mean I did nothing to her,she practically came to warn me to stay away from Max and while we’re at it, she became despicable and the devil in her push her to hit me” Ann explained.


“And what did you do?” Bella asked with pimped interest.


“Nothing sis, I let that slide am not in for too much drama yesterday but Max got it really big from me” she smiled.


“That’s true he should better warn the lady cause if we start with her she’s not gonna know what be fell her” Bella scoffed angrily.


“Yeah” Ann agreed.


“Least I forget Dad said i should inform you that we are all going to Anambra next week” Bella informed.


“Oh I can’t wait to go there” Ann squeaked.


“So all necessary arrangements should be made” .


“Sis what will Anambra be like?” Ann asked eagerly.


“I also don’t know, never been there before, sis what about your dreams”.


“Yeah it’s true for some reasons it stopped coming”.


“And how do you feel?”.



“What do you mean how do I feel? I feel so good like am finally free but I can’t help but think that the dreams are trying to pass a message across to me”.


“Hmm guess what?” Bella asked happily




“Dave asked me out on a date tonight and am so happy” she smiled cheekily.


“Wow is there a phrase that says I love you” Ann teased.


“Shut up silly it’s just a date”.


“Don’t forget I and Max started with it just a date” Ann replied giving her a knowing look.


“Huh Bella am not you okay” Bella replied with an eye roll


“Isabella please don’t call me Bella it’s cheeky”.


“It’s ok madam”.


“That reminds me what about Christan”.


“Christan is fine,did you hear from Steven?”


And on and on like that the sisters chatted on




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“Don’t wear a blue heel,a coloured will do, you will compliment it with lipstick, don’t go flashy” Ann corrected while Bella was preparing for her date they heard a knock on the door.


“That must be him” Ann smiled.


On getting to the door she was surprised to meet Max by the door.


“Anderson what are you doing here” she asked irritated.


“Ann am sorry” Max begged holding her hands but she was not paying attention to him as her attention was fixed on the man walking towards them


The man is so handsome and he looked so cute in his black suit Luckily he was putting on a bow tie to compliment his looks.


“Good evening” Ann smiled completely ignoring Max.


“Good evening sis, you are Annabella right?” Dave smiled back at her


“Yes how do you know” she flushed


“Isabella told me everything about you and it’s a pleasure seeing you in person,I can commend you look so beautiful than how she described you” Dave said sweetly.


“Oh thanks” she blushed “let me go get my sister”.


She rushed into Bella’s room leaving the two guys to themselves.


“Good evening guy” Dave greets the stunned Max


“Good evening guy” Max replied.


“Davis” Dave said stretching out his hands for an handshake.


“Max” he replied collecting the handshake.


They both look towards the staircase and behold Bella walking down in all her glory.


“Wow” Dave muttered with his mouth agape.


“You look beautiful”he whispered stretching his hands out to her.


“Thanks” she blushed .


“wow who do we have here, Max” she said icily.


“Bella I know she told you everything am very sorry please” Max begged..


“You don’t have to beg me, you didn’t offend me but Ann is pretty angrily with you”.


“Am sorry please help to beg her”.


“Well Max I will help you,see you some other time and good luck with her” she replied moving out of the house with her date.


After sitting for what seems like forever in the parlour and he sees no sign of Ann, he decided to look for her in her room and he found her typing furiously on her laptop, she was so engrossed with what she was doing that she didn’t notice Max was in the room with her.


“Ann” he called.


“Oh” she jerked “Anderson you are still here?”.


“I am, stop calling me Anderson it’s some how” he complained.


“Oh is that not your name?” She glared.


“Ann please stop being harsh” Max replied taking the laptop from her and placed it on the table, then he bends down in a way that both are facing each other.


“Ann am sorry, I don’t know Celia would go extreme, have spoken to her and she’s sorry, have broken all ties with her”.


“Ok ” Ann shrugged.


“And about my other flings have cut off with them” he convinced pathetically.


“But why do I feel like you’re lying” Ann asked.


“Ann I swear aren’t lying, you can listen to this conversation” he says bringing out his phone.




“Fredrick tell those girls am not interested again” .


“Including Sharon?” Fredrick asked


“Yes including her” he replied.


“But what happened?” Fredrick asked curiously.


“I found love” he replied.


“Huh good luck with the love”.


The conversation ends


“Hmm” Ann smiled.


He played another conversation




“Celia am done with you for good and don’t disturb Ann ok”.


“Yes am sorry Max, please tell her am sorry” Celia sniffed


“I will”.


Conversation ends


“Ann you see am true with you, please forgive me”.


Ann shut him up with a kiss and off they went kissing passionately.


“Huh” Max groaned breaking from the kiss .


“You don’t know how you make me feel, you don’t know how I feel about you” Max said cupping her face in his hands.


“I love you Maxwell Anderson” Ann replied kissing him again.


“Huh I want to be the first one to say it, you cheated, I love you so much Annabelle and you have no idea, Will you be my girlfriend?” Max proposed.


“With all pleasure” she replied laughing.


“How about we go on a date too, you know like Davis and Bella” Max asked looking at her as if she was the best thing in the world.


“Yeah” she smiled “it’s a splendid idea, let me go change my clothes”.


And indeed she is his best thing in the world.






“Max where are we going?” Ann asked for the umpteenth time that evening.


But Max keeps telling her ‘it’s a surprise’


And it’s indeed a surprise as Max took her to his pent house.


“Wow this is so beautiful” she gushed when they got inside.


Max prepared some food for them and this he did of course with the help of Ann, they kept on talking non stop and Ann informed him of her trip to Anambra with her parents the following week.


“I will join you” he simply stated.



After few hours of eating,gisting and catching up Ann decided to take her leave.


“Please stay with me for this night” he begged.


“Hmm what do I stand to gain” she asked biting her lips mischievously.


“This” Max replied and captured her lips with his




It’s really going to be a long night.





It’s not gonna be the end when it hasn’t started To be continued


Which team are you on?



Team Davebella or Team MaxAnn




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Lost princess


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