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My Crazy And Erotic Romance – Episode 3

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chapter 3






My private investigator found some info on the guy that tried to step on my toes earlier on.


He should be here any minute to fill me up on his info before I think of the best way to deal with him.


Just as I thought he came right away.


“Good day madam ” he bow slightly


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I only nodded telling him to go straight to the point.


“According to what have gathered about him Name:davis king monteiro Number one player


Age 28


Feiho monteiro is his father


Valerie monteiro is his mother


Currently looking for a job as a personal assistant He stays at Collins street 3flat on the right. More interesting stories available at Topster Stories


“Wait did you say feiho monteiro? I asked unable to believe my ears “Yes ma’am that’s his picture over there


“Good gracious I can’t believe my eyes that arrogant jerk is the son of my fathers friend, unbelievable.


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This sure is gonna get interesting and have got the perfect plan. Nobody insults me and get away with it never not even a family friend


I need to pay the fool a visit have a preposition for him


I took my car keys and catwalk to my ride





You know what happened next,


I teased her pu**y lips for a while making wiggle holding on to my hair pretty tight.


Sucked her clit like the pro I was, she was busy making funny sounds that I don’t understand. “Urgh oh shit am Cumming she said” as max organism came splashing


right at my face but ain’t done yet. “You want to feel me deep into you yeah? I said with lustful eyes.


“Yes yes me to hell baby ” she said more like a whisper.


Not yet I wanna torture her alittle with my beast, I use my d**k to rub her pu**y entrance but I didn’t penetrate just yet I want her to say my name first..


“Say my name bitch! I spank her ass making her moan in pleasure. “Davis” she moan out


“Beg me to you bitch” I said with a grin “Yes please me please ” she begged.


I put her two legs on my broad shoulders before thrusting into her,. It was slow at first but later increase the tempo, I know she is loving it,,..


She was moaning like the whore she was


“Oh hit, yeah me harderrrr” he moaned.


Am gonna you till you beg for more


I added more speed thrusting into her pu**y hole roughly till she starting begging me to stop but ain’t done yet.


“Turn around bitch I wanna your ass” I commanded


She turned with shaky legs but I care less just wanna



I spanked her ass repeatedly making her moan out loud..


I kept thrusting deep into her ass hole till pee on her body..


I could feel my cum building up so I pulled my d**k outta her ass and inserted it in her pu**y hole, fu.cking her with full speed till she fainted


that was when my cum came out with a blast.


“Stupid bitch”I cursed and entered the bathroom to clean myself up.


Came out later clad in shorts, she was no where to be found not that I care tho


I don’t feel pity for ladies, mine is the hell outta them and dump their stupid ass.


Am this way because of what one of their breed did to me.


I jugged downstairs to the kitchen am famished, and tired too


I don’t think I can prepare a meal instead let me order kacy’s pizza.


After ordering for pizza I sat down on the couch in my mini sized living watching Netflix. The pizza guy came and left.


Later on another knock disrupted my thought I wonder who is that cause am not expecting anyone today.





my crazy and erotica romance





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