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Oh! This My Husband – Episode 26

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Part 26




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I asked Pastor, did you study medicine too?


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He smiled and said let me continue my story about my own marriage. Then we would talk about the medicine.


Smiling, Pastor continued his story, have I told you I love stories? Yes oooo Pastor said; I made the house look like a club house for my clubbing wife, she stayed at home for a week then went back into clubbing outside the house.


For three months I kept using all the methods I can think of, I even followed her to the club once but discovered I will only end up in hell with her.


I don’t have to break God’s law because I wanted to save my wife from breaking God’s law.



After three months of no luck, I went back to Baba Jay and told him that I was tired and fed up.


I have spent the last three months working on my wife and she hasn’t change. So, I am giving up.


Baba Jay laughed me to scorn for the way I spoke. If I didn’t respect him as an older man, I would have walked out on him.


Baba Jay told me bluntly. Your wife is not the reason why your tactics to get her failed. You are the reason you failed.

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I felt offended, me!!!! Am I the one going clubbing or sleeping with other people, what is this man saying….?


Baba Jay continued….. You think you are saving your wife, no….. she is not the


only one that destroyed the marriage. Both of you worked on it together to destroy your home.


Baba Jay was very blunt and honest with me that day.


Baba Jay said; Stop looking at your wife as the problem, you are also a problem in your marriage.


You guys had spent over four years together. In these four years you have both been selfish, you have both told lies, you have both worked very hard to destroy your marriage.


Can you swear before God that you never said anything wrong, you never made a mistake, you never hurt your partner, you never did something you knew your partner doesn’t like?


How can you expect four years of damage to heal within 3 months?


Pastor sighed… that was a very tough question for me to answer.


Pastor continued, at this point I asked Baba Jay, what can I do?


Baba Jay simply said,


“Go back and find reasons to love your wife again”. “Stop looking for errors, stop justifying yourself, stop deceiving yourself, JUST LOVE AND KEEP LOVING BECAUSE LOVE CONQUERS ALL”


So that day, I went back home and sat down to write hundred things my clubbing and fornicating wife had done for me that will make me love her. I was able to write forty-seven.


I also wrote down things I discovered in her that made me marry her, I wrote down seventeen….. Kindly share out more interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons below….


I photocopied all these good points and placed it in my room. I laminated it and placed it in my bathroom. In the kitchen, in the hall.



I determined to love her again. I endured seven more months before my wife finally gave up clubbing and drinking totally.


Three months after she stopped clubbing, my wife gave her life to Jesus.


Today, I am glad that I loved her till I won her over. It’s over nine years now, I’m enjoying the fruit I painfully sowed for one year, one month.


Pastor stopped talking and gave me a serious stare…..


He asked me with all sincerity…


“Sister Joy”


“Yes Pastor ” I replied. “Do you love your husband enough?” He asked. Hmmmm Can I lie to a Pastor?









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