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The Lost Princess – Episode 17

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Chappie seventeen


:O Labby:O


“Bella am so not going to work today” Ann whinned to her sister the next morning.


“What happened Cinderella and how was your date last night?” She asked with keen interest.


“Firstly don’t call me Cinderella am some six years old, secondly I did what I was not suppose to do yesterday” she complained again.”oh okay what did you do?” Bella asked with a raised eyebrow.


“We kissed” she blurted.


“You and who?” Bella asked blankly.


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“I and Max idiot, we kissed I couldn’t even tell him to stop” she cried..


“Woah” Bella exclaimed wide eyed “tell me how did it happen?”.


“We were dancing and the next thing I know butterflies up and down then boom we kissed, I can’t believe I kissed Max am so ashamed of myself” Ann cried again.


“Huh sorry poor you”Bella replied mockingly.


“Do you know the funny part of it, he kept his cool as if he was not affected by it, like it wasn’t a big deal, huh what have I gotten myself into” she groaned.


“Ann cool down ok, nobody is above mistake besides you guys are adult you should how to sort it out” Bella advised.



“Huh” Ann cried again “what are you saying” she glanced at her watch “what?” She exclaimed “7:30 AM, am going to be late” she jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom.


“Crazy girl” Bella laughed.

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“Hello is Ms Richard in yet”.


“No she isn’t in”.


Max just couldn’t get her out of his head since the scenero Last night,he was equally surprised at what happened that night, he has never felt like that with any lady before, he longs to see her face so badly that morning.


Ann stood inside the office watching his features.


She didn’t know when she starts fantatising about him ‘ how would it feel like she could just kiss the handsome man sitting few feet away from her senselessly’,.


She can even imagine his lips on hers ‘oh so delicious’ she thought.


She had to stop when she heard a small voice in her ears “are you thinking about me Anabelle?”.


Just like a snap she jolted out of her reverie only to find Max staring appreciatively at her.


“Good morning sir” she whispered her voice barely audible enough as Max was standing in front of her noses apart distracting her.


“Good morning Ann” he replied kissing her cheeks Ann stood there dumbstruck.


“Hello?” He called “what are my schedules?” .



“Oh schedule” she flushed ” you have meetings with Zimnc INC and you have lunch with miss Anabelle Richard” she stated.


“Ms Anabelle Richard?” She asked blankly.


“Yes” Max smiled at her.


“Does that Ms Anabelle Richard happens to be me?” She whispered as he has closed the distance between them again.


“Who else did you know any miss Annabelle Richard aside from you?” He asked as he played with her knuckles.


“Um nope” she replied nervously “hum I have to go” she whispered as the room


was becoming too much for her




Max wasn’t allowing her to think with the proximity between them.


“Oh yeah, you have to go but you are not leaving without this” he replied.


“What?” She replied smitten by all he has been doing


He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead he was still tracing the kiss down to her lips.


She suddenly jolted out of the room holding her chest


Max smirked after seeing her reaction he was so sure she felt the same too, he was happy.


“Ann get hold on yourself” she cautioned as she splashed water into her face in the bathroom.






“Sir I would like to take the rest of the day off” she informed him before their proposed lunch.


“Ms Richard what’s the problem?” Max asked concerned.



“Nothing just feeling a little bit under the weather” she replied hastly.


Max stood from his sitting position,he went to where she’s standing and touched her forehead.


“Ann from the the look of things you actually looked okay to me” he stated.


“Nope sir, I just have to go home” she replied.


“Hmm” he smiled placing his head at the crook of her neck


Ann closed her eyes forcefully so as to keep her feelings in check.


“So why does it feel like you are running away from me” he asked with all sincerity.


“No sir why would I run away from you” she replied.


“So the day off it is, you can take the day off”.


“Thanks sir, I want to take my leave” she stated uncomfortably.


“Yeah take your leave” he replied softly.


“I don’t understand sir” she replied licking her lips.


“I know you are licking your lips right now” he whispered.


“Hum how can I leave when your head is on my shoulder” she said softly.


“Oh sorry” he replied moving away from her.


“Thanks sir” she replied flushed.



To be continued .



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Lost Princess


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