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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 24

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29|05|18 (Unedited)




‘Hey you.’ I said pulling Azure into my arms but she didn’t look too happy ‘Did I do something wrong?’


She took a deep breath then handed me my phone ‘It has been ringing for hours.’


‘I will see who has been calling tomorrow morning.’ ‘Jason you need to leave.’ She said much to my surprise ‘What?’


‘It is twenty three, you can’t spend the night out of your matrimonial home. At least not with me.’

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‘You are joking right?’ I asked


‘Jason I don’t know what just happened and trust me I don’t want to think about it but I also know that your wife must be worried sick, whatever happened between the two of you; please go home and sort it out.’ She said now handing me my clothes


I was at a loss of words, I had never done this before – cheating on a lady. But from what I heard, the other woman was supposed to be mean and she was going to talk ill about the wife; but here was someone that was behaving otherwise. ‘Can I at least take a shower?’


‘I prepare water for you in the bath tub, please don’t use the towels on the shelves but those that are hanged.’ She said and got up


I slowly got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom, it was the only room different from the rest of the house. It was painted in mauve and it smelt like lavender.


I had not taken a bath in a long time as I always showered.


I soaked my body in the water for about five minutes before the door opened. ‘Not yet done?’ she asked


I noticed she was wearing a different t shirt from the one she had on when I came ‘It smelt like you.’ She said as if reading my mind

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I smiled


‘So what happened at home?’


I sighed, I really didn’t want to talk about it.


‘Can we not talk about that?’






‘Jason you came into my house as a wounded man, if your wife comes here and finds you; at least let me have some information on why you are here. I hate being left in the dark.’


‘You won’t give up right?’


‘We just had sex, you can as well just tell me what is wrong. Our dignity has already been lost.’


‘Ouch.’ I said touching the part where my heart is supposed to be and making a


face in the process


She laughed


‘You look beautiful when you laugh.’


‘I know, now spill the beans.’



I narrated everything that had happened at work and how Oswald had my study bugged but leaving out the part that Melisa is the one that had allowed him into the house. She was still my wife and I didn’t want to talk bad about her.


‘That Oswald.’ She said clicking her tongue ‘I hope he is not hitting on you.’


‘He wouldn’t come close enough, I honestly don’t like him.’ She said


I laughed, she excused herself and I finished up bathing. By the time I was going back to the bedroom she had changed the beddings and my clothes were nicely laid on one of the bedroom couches.


‘You changed your beddings?’


‘I won’t be tormented by your scent the whole night.’ She said causing me to laugh I dressed up crushed my lips on hers before leaving, she had been considerate enough to call a cab for me and by the time I was getting home; it was already mid night.


The leaving room light was on, Mel was probably awake and I didn’t even know what to tell her.


‘Babe.’ She said running into my arms


I stood there frozen not knowing what to do or say.


‘I need to get some rest.’ I said after clearing my throat


‘I know you do baby, let me run your bath then prepare you something to eat.’ She said heading towards the bedroom


I sighed deeply then paced about the room with my hands shoved deep in my pockets, I couldn’t just take Azure off my mind. I could clearly remember how we whined together, our bodies dancing to the rhythm that only us could understand. ‘Your water is ready.’ Mel said


I nodded my head and headed for the bedroom, I didn’t want to look her in the eye or to say a word afraid that I might say things that I was going to regret. **

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I watched as my husband disappeared into the bedroom, I could feel the devil in me coming to life. I didn’t want to believe the obvious, he didn’t drink neither did he have any friends so the only thing that came to my mind was that he had either gone to see that Azure of a girl or any other lady.


I walked to the kitchen and put some water on the cooker, my husband liked his food straight from the pot and so I had taken it upon myself to always make sure that I only cooked once he got home.



I put some rice on the cooker whilst the meat was cooking in the grill, my heart was troubled but I refused to think that Jason the man that had been faithful to me all those years could just decide to start cheating.


‘Aren’t you coming to bed?’ he asked from behind me


I turned around and smiled at him, he was in his pajamas.


‘I am almost done with your food.’ I responded


‘It is quiet late.’


‘You never go to bed without eating, are you okay?’ He just looked at me with wondering eyes.


‘It has been a long day, let us go to bed.’ He said and walked away without waiting for me to respond.


I felt my heart break into a million pieces, my husband never went to bed without food and this kind of behavior was scary.


I switched off the cooker and told myself that I would not think too much about it, I would wait and see how his behavior would turn out the next few days.
















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