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Love Of My Life – Episode 14

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Episode 14






“Maami….bamidele is also my husband,prince charming, my king,my crown,my wealth…” Annie was interrupted


“Oti to…we are not here for competition. Dele my son,you know I and your mother are getting are my only son and we need grandchildren” Mr Ayo said as Annie started coughing


“Cough well my daughter.Mrs Ayo said….


Annie look at richard


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well maami,you see…it not up to a year I and Annie got married. So there is still time.”richard told his parent



“Time wait for no man oko mi” Mrs Ayo told him “We will look into it” Richard replied to end d topic “Eh eh that what we want to hear

.look into it well.” Mr Ayo said


**At Home***


Annie moaned slightly as Richard kissed her neck “Sweety wait” Annie said as Richard look at her “I have a confession” Annie bit her lower lip


“Can’t that confession wait” Richard lowered and kissed her on her cheek “No it can’t wait” Annie slightly push him away from her body


“You just know how to ruin my mood,what is the confession” Richard said in an irritated tone”


“Hmm…promise me you won’t get angry” Annie sat up


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“Did you do something bad” Richard smirk as he watched her face


“Actually Richy I haven’t been on pills since last month” Annie blurted out as she played with her fingers.


“So? Richard ask without a tone of surprise in his voice


so am sorry and….” She was interrupted as Richard planted a deep kissed on her lips.only moans could be heard afterwards




After so many rounds,Richard and Anita tried to catch their breath.



“That was gooood” Richard said with a smile as Annie rested on his chest. “So you are not angry I stop the pills? Annie said as she caress his chest


no,if that is what u want I won’t stop you.I just wanted to have you to myself and I was selfish not to think if that is what you want. Am sorry” Richard apologized


“Shhhh .. It not your happy you love this much” Annie giggled


Richard move his hand into the blanket and twined his fingers around her ni****ple leaving Annie to moan…


“Aaah,Richy not again”


Richard smirk


“am just starting” he moved to her top as he kissed her ear This is going to be a long night **Saturday Morning *


“Damn,how did I wake up this late” Annie stood up from the bed and wore her nightie


“Is Richy still home?


Baby”she called out as she went downstairs. Richard turn to see Annie heading from the stairs “Morning sweetheart” he peck her “Morning…aren’t you going to work? Annie asked him



no.I want to spend the weekend with my darling wife” Richard said as he caressed her fingers


“Hmm…you should have ask me if I will be less busy,guess you didn’t plan this well” Annie said as she patted his chest


“What do you mean” Richard ask suspiciously

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“It weekend and I have to go to the market to get food stuff,then later in the evening I will go to the plaza to get d sales record


Can’t you just postpone going to the market to next Saturday and send one of the girls to bring the sales record book home”Richard convincingly said


I can send a girl to bring the sales record book but I must go to the market today, we barely have anything in the kitchen” Annie told him


“Hmm okay,,I will go with you” Richard said


“Go with me? It not something that will take me 5 minutes o,I might spend an hour there” Annie informed him


“Hour? To just get provision…hmm okay I will endure” Richard replied


“It not a supermarket o, it the main market” Annie said as she look at him


“Main market? What happen to all the supermarket ? Richard asked as he fold his arms


it kind of cheap there,and I need fresh food.not the one that was preserve in a fridge or something” Annie said


“So you mean the food I have been eating are all from the main market” Richard asked


“Yea,it crowdy there…so it may be stressful to you” Annie said


“Don’t worry I will manage” Richard said as he move his gaze from her to the TV


“Let me prepare breakfast”




“Hmm….hun you have to park the car here. “Annie said as she unbuckle her seat belt


” here? We aren’


t in the market na? ” Richard said as he park the car


“We can’t drive into the I said the market is crowdy. There won’t be space to drive in” Annie explained


“Oh…ohk..Richard said as he step out


” damn,this place is filled with different kind of people ”


“Hunny please can you Go the butcher place to buy some meat,let me rush to buy vegetables. I won’t be long.”


“Okay” Richard said





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