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The Bad Boy Diary – Season 2 Episode 3

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Chapter 3







[Next day]


I packed up my books into my bag and pulled into my sneakers.

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I wore a black pullover over a white shirt cos today was pretty cold.


I wore my backbag and walked out of the dormitory.


Heading out of the dormitory hallway, I heard my name being called from behind.


I turned to see it’s Delia.


Delia is a finalist like me but in science.


We haven’t spoken before only last night.


I stopped and waited for her.


She got to me and smiled. She has black wavy hair just like me.

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“Hi Delia,” I smiled back trying not to remember the reason we are now talking.


“It’s cold this morning,” she said.


“Yeah it really is,” I said.


“Let’s go,” she said and we walked out of the dormitory towards the school.


“What are you having today? I have Chemistry,” she said.


“Practical Literature,” I said. She nodded.



“Danelle I hope you don’t mind us being friends,” Delia said.


Friends! That word.


“I don’t mind,” I said with a smile which she returned.


We entered the hallway and she suddenly held my hand. I glanced at our hands, wondering.


“Let it not get to you,” she said and I didn’t understand until I saw them; Tessy and Neil coming towards with their hands intertwined.


“Just be strong ok?” Delia said.


I smiled bitterly.


“I know. I promised myself that last night,” I told her.


They walked pass us. I couldn’t help it. I turned back to see them enter the way leading to the Library.


“Hey Danelle,” Delia’s voice made me face front.


“Yeap?” I said with the bitterness that was heavy within me.


“You’ll be fine okay?” Delia said.


I smiled and stopped in front of my class.


“Thanks Delia,” I said.


She smiled. “Nop don’t thank me, don’t do that. Come on we are friends now and-” she touched my hair. “-I love your hair and your blue eyes,” she said.


I chuckled.


“Thanks, you have that as well,” I said.


She smiled.


“I’ll come call you for lunch,” she said.


“Alright,” I said.


“Goodluck with your exams today,” she said.


“Thanks and I wish you same Delia,” I said.


She smiled and walked away, towards her class. I went into mine but bumped into someone at the door. He was coming out of the classroom. His book fell. I had no idea it was the newbie until I looked up at his handsome face.


I don’t know if I should say this but this guy is really cute.


He slide his hands into his trouser pockets, chewing his gum with a lopsided smile that appeared too sweet not to admire.


“Sorry about that,” I found myself saying. Then I tried going into the class but he pulled me back.


Huh? I looked at him.


He was still smiling and chewing his gum. He raised his brow.


“My book,” he said not unveiling that smile he wore.


I looked down to see the book still there. I bent, picked it up and stretched it to him.


“Turn to the back cover,” he said and I did to see the three words beautifully written on the thick white cover.


‘You Are Beautiful’ with a rose drawn beside the words and the words beside the rose.


You are beautiful.


I am beautiful?


I looked at him with a narrowed eyes. He smiled more.


I can’t deny that his smile is just too charming.


His blonde hair is wow.


“That’s what you are,” he said then took the book.


I inhaled and went into the class room.



I had no idea he was following behind me until I sat on my seat. He was standing infront of my desk.


He smiled and looked from the empty seat at my left to mine.


“Woww I guess that would be my seat henceforth,” he said.


“That’s someone’s seat, you can get one at the empty back seats,” I said.


“Did they write the someone’s name on the seat?” he asked.


I ignored him and opened my bags and got out my books.


I would have gone to the library to read but those two..


I inhaled.


He grabbed one of the two novels that we will be having questions from.


“Wow, you are a literature student.. Great great, and this novel,” he showed it to me and shook his head.


“I am totally sick and tired of reading this boring novel. Tell me, what did they say Baima did to her grandfather?” he asked and pulled the chair of the empty deak to my front and sat down.


I inhaled.


“Where is your novel?” I asked.


“I burnt it cos I wasn’t grabbing anything,” he said.


“Well Baima took her granfather to the church and hide him at Rev.Theodre’s house,” I said.


“Why did she do that?” he asked and I widened my eyes.


“You don’t know why?” I asked.


“I don’t,” he said.


“Which means you didn’t even read the novel,” I said.



“Yes I only know it was written by Jackson Lo- uhmmm what’s his surname, I forgot,” he said and scratched his hair, chewing his gum.


I shook my head.


“You better know even if it’s just a little, fifty questions are coming from this particular novel,” I said and he smiled.


“Tell me then, see I don’t wanna fail this practical Literature,” he said.


I sighed.


“Please,” he begged.


“Alright,” I said.


He smiled.


“Open to first page of chapter one,” I said and he did.


“As you know the novel is an america Prose and written by Jackson Lorryson. Baima Lavigan is the main character in the novel. Baima was born out of wedlock in the small city called Danti…” I began but soon I stopped because the owner of the seat the newbie that I don’t even know his name yet sat comfortably.


The most annoying thing is that he’s still chewing the gum when im here talking out my saliva.


The guy by the name ‘Harry’ tapped the newbie on the shoulder.


The newbie took a whole lot of time, before he turned to see who tapped him. He raised his brow at Harry who pointed his finger to the seat the newbie sat down.


“My seat,” Harry said.


The newbie rolled his eyes at Harry.


“Get some other seat,” blonde hair newbie said.


“Let me have my seat,” Harry said.


The newbie relaxed more comfortably on the seat.



“From today, I have that desk and this seat so use your number six, calculate and find out that if you really love your face, then you’ll obey me and get out of my face,” the blondie said to Harry who rolled his eyes at him.


“What do you think you can do to me huh! Who are you for me to obey you? You have no right to my seat. I need my seat this minute,” Harry said.


The newbie chuckled and shifted my books away and placed his legs on my desk and crossed them.




He turned to me. “Danelle, go on. What were you saying about Alberto and Baima?” he said.


Wait, how did he know my name?


I stared at his legs and he raised his brow at me, chewing his gum.


Harry was still standing there, fuming.


“Your legs are on my desk,” I said, vexed up.


No matter how handsome this blondie here is, he is a pure replica of arrogance.


“Forget about my legs and continue the story,” he said.


“I said get up from my seat! Are you even deaf?” Harry yelled.


I think that got the blondie furious and he brought down his legs from my desk, stood up and before I blinked twice, Harry was on the ground with bleeding lips. Everyone gathered. My mouth went ajar.


“This is to tell you that I can tolerate any other thing in the world but not noise, I hate noise,.. You don’t yell at me,” The blondie said to the bleeping lips Harry who layed painfully on the ground.


Justin the school badboy who is from Art class 2 came in and stood a bit away from the blondie.


The blondie turned to him.


Justin keeps very low cut and sincerely speaker his more taller and more muscular than the blondie.


He’s a bully. Rumor says he’s a gay and maybe he got a thing with Harry.


“Hey where the damn ass did you bring yourself from into this school,” Justin questioned in his deep baritone voice. He look deadly. Everyone fears him in Hamilton even the school heads and teachers. But looking at the newbie, he doesn’t even appear like there’s any form of fear in him. Maybe cos he’s new and haven’t heard of Justin.


He wanted to sit back on the seat but it was instantly kicked off in a swift by Justin.


The blondie chuckled.


“I asked you a question,” Justin said with a jeering smile.


Blondie rubbed his neck, then rubbed his hands together before smiling at Justin. A plain smile.


“You see, I don’t make troubles. I hate troubles. If I tell you a simple sentence, follow it. I hate war but if you bring me into a war with you, then you gonna die by my sword,” blondie said to Justin’s face.


Justin laughed scornfully and turned to the crowd.


“Haven’t you told this bitch here about me huh! About who Justin is huh!”


The class was silence like a graveyard.


Justin turned to the newbie.


“Bitch, go and get me that seat,” Justin ordered him with deadly eyes and sneering voice.


The newbie chuckled, glanced at the seat thrown far away. He turned back to Justin.


“You go get it asshole,” he said to Justin.


I hurried to him and took his hand. He looked at me.


“He’s very dangerous. Just do what he says and he’ll leave,” I whispered to him. He smiled and touched my hair.


“I love your hair and your blue eyes and you see that asshole over there, he can’t kill a fly,” he said out loudly and pushed me away.


“Go get that chair asshole!” he barked at Justin who began advancing towards him. The newbie got ready for him. Before Justin got to him, the newbie had punched him on his temple and when Justin tried using his own fist on him, he slide down and grabbed Justin’s wrist and began twisting his arm..More of this kind story available on TOPSTER STORIES….. Justin yelled out in pain.


Everyone gasped in total shock.


“I told you I hate war but if you bring me into a war with you, you gonna die by my sword,” Blondie said, twisting Justin’s arm more and Justin yelled out in pains.


Everyone’s mouth was ajar. No one believed that Justin could be defeated! I felt happy.


Justin thought he is some lord!


“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!” Mr Hansburg and his clicking shoes barged into the classroom.


The noise died down immediately. The blondie still held Justin’s arm.


“Let go of his arm this minute Jayson!!” Mr Hansburg said.


Oh he’s name is Jayson.


Jayson let go of his hand and in a blink, Justin pounced on Jayson, punching him severally on the cheek without minding the principal standing and yelling.


Jayson didn’t see it coming.


Justin rushed out before Jayson could retaliate



Jayson’s lips was bleeding.


I felt sad.


“Jayson, see me at my office now!” Mr Hansburg said.


“What about the asshole?” Jayson threw at him.


“I will get him” Mr Hansburg said.


“Follow me now,” he added then turned to everyone, “Go back to your books! Your exams starts in the next hour,” he said and walked out.


Jayson looked at me with some eyes I couldn’t guess. He looked at Harry who’s lips had stopped bleeding.


He then walked out.


I felt sorry for him. I mean, he got wounded. I felt bad like he shouldn’t have let go of Justin’s arm. Now Justin had ran out and he’s the only one to be punished for fighting!


I walked back to my seat as everyone did too. I picked up my books on the ground and dropped them on tmy desk


Harry picked up the chair and sat down on the desk that Jayson had said he now owns.


He touched his lips with a sigh.


I don’t even know who is to blame but the truth is that, Jayson would be blamed.


He started this all by taking Harry’s seat and then hitting him.


Everyone is gonna blame him but I felt like defending him.


Just then I saw Neil and Tessy walk into the class.


They weren’t holding hands again.


Tessy followed Neil to his seat and they began chatting and laughing.


Two of Neil’s friends (guys) went to them and began telling them about the fight.



I opened the novel and focused my eyes there, even though I wasn’t reading.


I was bitter but I felt more sad for Jayson.




[G.A hospita]






“…his surgery is scheduled by 10:30am tomorrow and Mr Tomson Hayler by 3pm,”


I wrote down on the record as Dr Rosh talked.


“Mr Ramond Walker health record had been gone through and his surgery is re-scheduled from 9am on wednesday to 12pm today. He needs to be operated today,” he said and I wrote down.


“That’s all, prepare for the first surgery in fourty minutes,” he said. I closed up the surgery record file.


“Alright doctor,” I said and walked out of his office.


I used the elevator and came down to my office.


Getting in, my phone rang. I picked it out from my trouser pocket.




I smiled.


Seeing his call gladdened my heart. I wonder why.


I picked up the call.


“Claraa,how are you doing?” his voice came on, soft and just lovely.


“Im fine, what about you?” I said.



“Im happy to know you are fine. I got some good news. Im gonna tell you when im back,” he said.


Good news.


I smiled, “Alright.”


“Take care of yourself ok,” he said.


“I am, you too.” I said.


“I will… I love you so much,” he said.


I inhaled. “Thanks Drake,” I said and the call ended.


Drakee.. Im I aready loving him?


What about Noah? im so selfish. I’ve not gone to see him.


I love Noah but im also starting to love Drake or im I already in love with him?


Im so confused.


I don’t know what to do.










How did Jayson get to know Danelle’s name?


Let’s know the genius here



All right reserved©


The BadBoy Diary


(A New Romance )




Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C




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