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The Fallen Angel – Episode 7

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Chapter 7



JUN Pyo’s pov



( Back to present)




The alarm rang, cutting my sweet dreams..


Mtcheeew.. college can be really stressful and annoying….


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The maids has already prepared my bath, clothes,shoes, jewelleries,car e. t.c. ….


because failure to do that will lead to instant”firing”…



I quickly took my bath and dressed up for college..I rushed downstairs and she was already there, eating in the dining table..


“Hey!! what the heck do you think you’re doing”I asked feeling irritated..


“Eating of course”she answered feigning ignorance


“Why in the world do you think I will share the same table with someone like you”I asked angrily


Have you forgotten our deal



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Pls, try to be still



Or are you a chick



Jun pyo is a freak


She sang, using her spoon to drum on the table…


Wow!!! This is the best voice I have ever heard,I think I should call her Ange cus her voice is really angelic…. angelic???… which angelic?? Her voice is demonic..


“Just shut up!! ye ye.. must you sing it.. mtcheeew” I said


This lady is a thorn to my flesh..I have lost my appetite..


“Am off to the college”I announced


I was about getting to the door when i noticed that she was following me..


“Ahjumma!! Where do you think you are going to” I asked


“Am going with you of course,or have you forgotten am your body guard?? She replied with confidence



I felt like punching her.. but after taking a second look at her dressing.. smiles clouded my face..


She was still putting on the same clothes she wore when I met her.. should I call it cloth or rags?? Am sure she will be ridiculed…


“Fine!! You can follow me but don’t ever come close to short, once we get to the college,act as if we have never met” I said warning her..


“ your body guard..I have to stay close to you in order to protect you” she reasoned


“Body guard my foot..I don’t care to know who you are, my name is Jun pyo and I don’t keep sluts like you close”i said walking off


She is so full of what if she is my bodyguard, that doesn’t make her special





His words struck my heart like a piercing wonder he has a lot of enemies..


I sadly nodded…


We didn’t enter the same car rather he asked his driver to take me to the college..we got to the college at the same time but with different car…


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He has already registered my name,so it wasn’t hard for me to gain access to the gate ..


Finally we got to the class,he just acted as if he never knew me…


“Class! Let me introduce you to our new student” the teacher said


Before she could continue, the class burst out laughing..


“What is this thing doing in our class???


“She looks like the pig in our farm”


“Who even registered this ugly duckling into this school”


“What is she putting on??is it some kind of clothes or rag”


I could hear the students say.. instead of Jun pyo to help me he was busy laughing…


I tried to stop the tears from dropping..I just bowed my head praying for the grace to quickly accomplish my duty here on earth.. because am already fed off..


“Shut up!! She is now part of us and there is nothing anyone can do about it” the pissed off teacher said…


“That’s your seat” the teacher said pointing to a seat at the back of Jun pyo


“What!! How can you allow this thing to sit close to me”he said and the class burst into another round of laughter




“But what ma??.. she can sit on the floor,on the roof.. anywhere but not close to me” he said


“That’s rude Jun pyo” the teacher said trying to speak some sense into his dumb head


“With due respect ma..if you don’t want to change her seat,fine!!.. but i will leave this school and you Know what that means”he said threatening the teacher


“Am sorry dear, but you have to sit at the back” the teacher said and hurriedly left the class..

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Jun pyo must have scared her..


The teachers kept on coming in one after the other, to lecture us.. since i have an high IQ answering questions were never my problem.. since am not free with other humans,I decided to keep quiet with my head bowed whenever am asked a question…


JUN PYO kept on making fun of me, through out the class… this guy will never give up..


I have to teach him a lesson..


During break,I was about leaving the class when I heard him say ..


“Uhm.. guys did a pig just passed” he said and the class burst out laughing


Okay.. enough is enough


“Hey guys!! I have something big to tell you”






“I stay in the same house with Jun pyo” I said with a smirk..



Fast forward


“Oops!! Is he your boyfriend” they asked


“Sort of”


Jun pyo angrily dragged me to a secluded place..


“You’re hurting me” I cried


“What was that inside” he thundered..I have never seen him this angry


I just kept quiet


“Answer me!!!! He angrily screamed, raising his hand to slap me..












The fallen Angel



Written by authoress Ruthie.C



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