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Painful Revenge – Episode 1

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I sat there on the sofa,dint know what to do or the direction to take.I had read the pregnancy results a million times but still it didnt sink in my mind that i was Pregnant .How on earth did this happen …i never wanted it to take that turn i didnt know the game i played will end up hurting me this bad. I slept with tonie to hurt dave not to get pregnant for him.I knew deep in my heart there was no way i can ever fall in love with tonie .What happened between us was supposed to hurt dave,besides i never liked tony,but he was the only guy i knew in that room.The only male friend the only person who would make revenge so sweet.When i saw Dave flirting with stacy tonie’s girlfriend that night i got really jealous i tried to ignore until they started kissing all this long i knew stacy always had a crush on dave but it never crossed my mind that dave can betray our love.

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