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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 17

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Moses & Patricia P. O. V.


(In the I. C. U.) “Wow! I see you are exercising. You are now walking now, even with the help of no one. I guess you are more determined to recover faster “said Patricia as Moses returned back to how bed. “Yes you are right Patricia. I’m much more determined to recover faster because of you “said Moses. “What do you mean by that? “asked Patricia. “Well I know we haven’t been seeing often. But during the little time we spent together, I see nothing but care in your eyes. I see how much


you care for me………….. I know am not worthy to say this but I really have to. Ever since I arrived at this hospital, you’ve never showed me anything except kindness and concern for me……….. And that also give me more reason to be with


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you. Because I believe you are the person meant for me. I love you Patricia. Will you be my girl? “Moses confessed. “Umh? “Patricia got shocked. “I’m not asking you to say yes immediately. I know it’s so sudden. But I want you to think about it. I really love you Patricia. And I promise to take care of you. And also provide for all your needs “said Moses. “No that’s not it. You don’t understand. The thing is

that……… “said Patricia as Moses interrupted. “Don’t worry. I do understand where


you are coming from. You are not ready for it yet, right?………… Of course I do


understand. In fact, I don’t expect you to respond back just yet. I’ll wait for


you………… Anytime you are ready “he said. “Try to listen to me first. I’m afraid it’s


a No “she said. “Why? “he asked. “The truth is…………… “said Patricia as Ronato


enters. “Hello my love……… I know I would find you here. Just like I thought, you


are with your favorite patient “said Ronato. “Oh common “shaking her head on


Moses’s direction. “Oh wow. You are awake Moses. Congratulations……. Finally

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“said Ronato. “Thank you “he barely responded, looking confused. “By the way, I’m really sorry for disturbing you……….. I just can’t bear to stay much longer away


from Patricia. She’s the only one I’ve got. She’s the love of my life. I’m sure you understand. I know you’ll feel the same when you are with the right person “said Ronato. “Yes doc. I totally understand you “he replied. “Alright Ronato. You should get going now. I still have to attend to Moses “said Patricia. “Alright my love. But I won’t leave until I………….. “said Ronato at he gave her an unexpected



kiss. “Common Ronato. You stole that kiss, you know “said Patricia, smiling a little. “So what? It’s not as if I’m doing anything wrong……………. Even your patient

understand how I feel “said Ronato. “Just get going………… We’ll see Later “said


Patricia as she smile. “Alright honey…………. I’ll see you around. I love you “said


Ronato with a big smile on his face. “Me too “she replied, then Ronato left. “He’s so silly “Patricia said to Moses. “No he’s not “Moses replied. “I’m really sorry about what just happened. I apologize on his behalf “said Patricia. “No you shouldn’t be. I should be the one apologizing. I didn’t know you already have a boyfriend. Then I didn’t ask. I promise if I had known, then I wouldn’t have push through with it. Sorry about that…………….. You know what Patricia. I’m really


impressed with Ronato. He valued you so much. He couldn’t even bear to leave your sight. Just like him, I can also do the same thing for the woman I truly love. I must say, you both suit each other “said Moses as he smile. “Thanks Moses. I’m sure you will also find the right person for you one day. Thanks for your understanding “said Patricia as she smile too.


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Alfredo P. O. V.


(In his office) Kamila knocks. “May I come in? “she asked. “Sure Kamila “he replied. Then she entered. “Good afternoon Alfredo “she greeted politely. “Good afternoon Kamila. How’re you doing? “he asked. “I’m doing good. How about you? “she said. “Same here dear………….. Hold on! What’s up with you today? Why did you suddenly change? I thought we are friends. So why are you behaving this


politely. It’s a kind of strange “said Alfredo. “Well you can say that again. I guess


it’s the right thing to do. Most especially among friends “said Kamila.


“Really?…………….. Well it’s up to you then. So what brings you here by the way?


“he asked. “I just came here to say my goodbye “she replied. “Goodbye? Where are you going? “he looked surprised. “I’m leaving for U. K tonight. So I just decided to say goodbye to all my friends. And that includes you “said Kamila. “But why are you just telling me this now?………….. You must have been planning this for such a


long time, am I right? “he asked. “No you are wrong about that Alfredo. I just planned it yesterday. That’s why I decided to come see you before I leave “said Kamila. “Buy why are you doing this? “he asked. “Because you are my friend. And I always want the best for you. Even if to make a sacrifice is the solution. I want you to be happy. But by doing that, I’m also getting hurt in the process. That’s why



I really need to leave “replied Kamila. “I still don’t u you. What do you mean by that? “he asked again. “I know whatever happens, to you, we would always be friends. That will never change. But the truth is I love you so much. I love you right from the bottom of my heart. But then, I also know that you don’t feel the same way. It’s Innocencia whom you actually love. And I’ve learned to accept that


already “said Kamila as tears rolled down her eyes. “I’m really sorry Kamila. I’m sorry if I can’t reciprocate your feelings. But I want you to know that you’ll always have a special place in my heart. Because we are friends “said Alfredo. “Common. Don’t be sorry. In fact I should be thankful to you instead. You stood by me even though I’m not your girlfriend. Thank you so much. Thank you “said Kamila as she went ahead and hug Alfredo. “Alright then. I have to leave now. Take care of yourself “said Kamila. “You too. Be safe, okay? “said Alfredo. “I will “she replied. As she was about go, Innocencia also came in and met them together. “What’s happening here?……….. “she looked into Kamila’s eyes. “What’s wrong


with you Kamila? Why are you crying? “asked Innocencia. “It’s nothing. Forget about it……….. You know what Innocencia, to be honest, you really are so lucky.


But even if I’m not here anymore, I still want you to take care of him “said kamila. “What are you talking about? “she asked looking surprised. “That’s all I have to say. Alfredo will tell you the rest of the story. I gat to leave now “said Kamila as she hugged Innocencia and left the office. “Hold on Alfredo. What happened to her? What was the story she’s referring to? Is there something you want me to know? “she asked. “Well all I can say is that, she sacrificed herself for the both of us. She’s leaving the country? “he replied. “For the both of us? What do you mean by that? “she asked curiously. Then Alfredo moved closer to her. “She left because she knows that I love you. And I know that you love me too “said Alfredo as Innocencia burst into smile. “What? You are so arrogant, you know? “said Innocencia. “Common Innocencia. You know I’m not kidding. So what did you say? “he asked. “Well I admit……….. Yes I do love you. But you know I’m still


studying. I still have a long way to go “said Innocencia. “Of course I know that. And I’m ready to wait for you. But the question is; Will you wait for me? “he asked. “Yes Alfredo. I will surely wait for you. We’ll surely be together “replied Innocencia as they both embrace each other.





After the end of the day, Ronato brought Patricia home. And he was welcomed by the rest of her family including Antonio (Patricia and Innocencia’s would-be father.



And also Sabrina’s would-be husband). “Your face looks familiar young man. I suppose this is not the first time we are meeting, right? “said Sabrina. “Yes ma’am. I accompanied Patricia this morning at the time your former house got burnt. I’m really sorry about that “said Ronato. “No it’s okay. Let’s forget about that……………..


So what brings you here? “she asked. “Well it’s late already. So I just thought of bringing Patricia home “he replied. “Is that all. Is there something you are not telling me? “she asked. “Well to be frank, apart from bringing her home, I also came her to see you personally. I would like to ask for your daughter hand in marriage “said Ronato whose word caught Patricia by surprise. Sabrina smile and continued. “Well to be honest, I already know that. I’ve seen it in your faces. I knew you are more than friends………… But you see, only Patricia can agree about


this…………. Are you ready for this Patricia “asked Sabrina. Then Patricia replied


happily. “That’s good to know then?…….. What about you Antonio? “she faces her


would be husband. “Well Ronato is a good kid. He’s such a lovely man. All I can say is that I don’t want anything to happen to her. I want you to take care of her. Do you hear me? “said Antonio. “You can count on that, director “said Ronato. “Well then, you are free to go. Our answer is Yes “said Sabrina as Ronato and Patricia got excited and they ended up hugging each other.












Nurses P. O. V.


“Guys, have you all heard the latest news? “asked Lucia. “Well if you are a talking about Doctor Patricia and Ronato’s wedding. Including doctor Marcesa’s wedding. We already know about that “replied Delia. “Really? “she said. “Of course Christina. Not every news you bring is a surprising one “Christina added. “That’s why we want to talk to you guys. You and Laurette. Don’t you think it’s high time to end your differences? Especially now that an auspicious occasion is approaching. Will you just continue your fight on that day “said Delia. “Delia is right. You guys aren’t kid anymore. You are an adult. So you should behave maturely “Christina added. “You guys are right. And to be honest, I’ve thought about it as well. And I’ve made a decision. I really want to patch things up with her. But it’s up to her if she’s ready to let everything go “said Laurette. “Of course.



Lucia is a good person. I’m sure she has agreed already “said Delia. “Will you guys just let me decide for myself? “said Lucia as she frowned her face. Then she smiled afterwards. “Sure guys. Everything is okay between us. And as from now on, we’ll never fight again “said Lucia. “And we’ll be friends forever “Laurette replied as they all got excited. “GROUP HUG “said Christina as well they all assembled and hugged each other.



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On that auspicious day, they really felt so happy. It’s like that day was not going to end. The story ended when the Pastor said “YOU MAY KISS YOUR BRIDE “. Then the both kissed each other passionately.



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