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The Fallen Angel – Episode 37

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Chapter 37



Jun pyo’s pov


I slowly opened my eyes,expecting to see pumpkin’s pretty face close to me..But to my utmost surprise,she wasn’t on the bed..


Where could she have gone to so early in the morning?


For some strange reasons I felt restless..


“Maybe she is in her room” I thought..


I checked her room but she wasn’t there..

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I knocked at her toilet and bathroom but it was empty..


“Pumpkin! Pumpkin!!” I called out but there was no response..


I quickly rushed down and saw the helpers busy with their duties..


“Good morning young master” they chorused..


“Have any of you seen pumpkin?” I asked,ignoring their greetings..


“No sir, the last time we saw her was yesterday night” Mrs Nina replied..


But how is that possible? She isn’t in the house and no one saw her leaving..


Has she been kidnapped?

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I have to call the police..


I quickly ran back to my room and was about picking my phone from the table when my eyes fell on a letter..


Who could have dropped this letter here?


I quickly opened the letter and was shocked at its contents..


Dear bestie, i know you will be shattered after going through this letter but I want you to be strong for me..


The doctor was right,I am not a human.I was only sent to protect you..I know you will be angry at me for lying and betraying your trust but believe me i always wanted to tell you the truth but couldn’t because it was against the rules of our kingdom..


I am aware of your feelings for me but unfortunately we can’t be together. we were never meant to be together,so you have to move on without me.



I once promised to be your best friend forever but unfortunately I am breaking that promise because I will be going somewhere far away today..


I have one last favor to ask from have to give love another chance.Am sure there are a lot of women out there,who are yearning and dying for your love..


And one more thing,learn to live without me..just see me as a dream that will never come through.


Your pumpkin will forever miss you..GOOD BYE


The world stopped for a brief moment as I tried to comprehend what I’ve just read.


This is a fare well letter,that means pumpkin has left me..


I brushed my hands into my hair,my feet felt heavy to carry my body.


I slumped into the floor as tears welled up in my eyes..


it felt as if my heart will explode anytime soon..


“Pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed with all the strength left in me..


“Young master! Young master!! What’s wrong?” Mrs Nina worriedly asked,rushing in..


I couldn’t say a word..


“I heard you screaming,what’s wrong? And why are you on the floor?” She asked again..


“Pumpkin has..she..she has..” I trailed off..


“What happened to my lady? You’re scaring me already”


“Take a look at this letter”I said,acting like someone who had just seen a ghost..



She quickly grabbed the letter and went through it..


“Oh my God ” she gasped..


“Mrs Nina pumpkin has left me,she has left me” I cried,clutching my chest..


“Take it easy my son” she replied,patting my back..


“Why did she have to hurt me this badly? Why did she have to break my heart? She is a betrayal” I yelled..


“You have to get a hold of yourself”


“You know what? Yesterday she asked me to sleep beside her,I was happy hoping that today I’ll confess my love to her..Not knowing that she has already planned to dump me..Mrs Nina I don’t want her to leave me,I can’t live without her” I cried..


“Easy my son,maybe she doesn’t want to leave you too”


“But she has already left me, I am now alone..there’s no need of living without her,I want to die” I said crying intensely..


“Can you stop saying such words” Mrs Nina scolded..


“No! I will rather kill myself than live without pumpkin” I violently said,standing up..







Jun pyo wants to commit suicide






The fallen Angel



By Authoress Ruthie


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